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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against the Buffs.

The Whole Game WTH Davis?! – I know that execution has a lot to do with our running game. I can see that it is difficult to sell to a UT offense lineman that firing out and hitting your man at the snap of the ball can be as successful as back pedaling and protecting the quarterback who is completing 73% of his passes. But Coach Greg Davis needs to stop falling in love with solving a non-existent running game (62 yards with an average 1.8 yards/carry) with throwing more. Texas was up against the 111th ranked run defense in the country with Colorado which does not bode well for our next meeting against OU. If we cannot stop the opponents’ interior run blitzes (thanks for trying with the shovel pass), we will not be going very far this season.

2nd Quarter (2:55) WTH McCoy?! – I know that you are not supposed to pull on Superman’s cape, but I do not like the trend that I am seeing. This scenario is occurring way too much with Colt McCoy giving up an early turnover for the opponent to jump on for a score. I now that he was rushed out of the pocket on this play but his handling of the football caused the fumble to end up in the Buffs hands. He cannot continue this type of results if the team wants to contend for the title.

3rd Qt & 4th Qt. (13:37 & 14:13) WTH Tucker?! – I know the coaching staff loves that fact that you’re ambidextrous with your feet, but Justin Tucker (28.8 yards/avg.) you have to be able to punt better than the 25 yard & 5 yard efforts respectfully that you gave on your rugby style kicks. I know that our lack of covering skills on kickoffs makes you feel that much better about your style.

3rd Quarter (12:32) WTH Muckelroy?! – Your tip of QB Cody Hawkins pass early in the 3rd quarter ended any type of momentum that the Buffs were trying to establish in the second half. Roddrick Muckelroy was clearly the defensive MVP with 11 total tackles and 1 crucial sack to start the fourth quarter.

The Whole Game WTH Shipley?! – Not only did you single handily put your stamp on the Horn’s offense ( 11 catches for 147 yds.) with incredible catches (1st Qt. 7:33 & 2nd Qt.:46) but you changed the momentum again with your ability to take it to the house (3rd Qt. 12:29) on a 74 yard punt return (thanks for blocking referee Cooper Castleberry) to end the Buffs hopes. You can start talking about Jordan Shipley in the same breath as Michigan’s Desmond Howard when he was starting his Heisman run back in 1991.

3rd Qt. & 4th Qt. WTH Punt return unit?! – Great job by the Longhorn punting unit to set up a back breaking return for at touchdown by Jordan Shipley and a crowd raising punt block by Marquis Goodwin that resulted in Ben Wells running it in for the score. We need more great special teams next week!

4th Quarter WTH Hawkins?! – Coach Dan Hawkins changed his Colorado family and his nuclear family at the same moment with the pulling of his son Dan Hawkins for redshirt freshman Tyler Hansen. The move came along with 5 false start penalties in the quarter which added to the Buffs accumulating 20 penalties for the game which resulted in 140 penalty yards. Thanks Coach Dan for pulling the plug on your season with your son who will definitely want to join you for Halloween festivities at your house later this month.

Next up for the Longhorn football team is Oklahoma at 11am at the Cotton Bowl on October 17th.


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