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Now that we are at the quarter point of the football season, coaches are trying to find just the right words to get their team motivated and to explain the season so far to the media and fans. One such coach that has left his legacy on the 40 acres is well known for his quotes and phrases. Darrell K Royal is a living legend around these parts. Some may have negative thoughts about him as depicted by the book “Meat on the Hoof.” Others may remember him as the shy Oklahoma boy that later took young men to the heights of college football while at the University.

Let’s take a look at some of his insights that coaches could still use today.

“All the white meat is gone. There’s nothin’ but necks on the platter.”

“Dance with the one that brung ya”

“Will Rogers never met Barry Switzer”

“Football doesn’t build character. It eliminates the weak ones.”

“Breaks balance out. The sun don’t shine on the same ol’ dog’s rear end every day.”

“You never lose a game if the opponent doesn’t score.”

“If worms carried pistols. Birds wouldn’t eat ’em.”

“Three things can happen when you pass and two of ’em are bad.”

“I don’t know if Earl’s in a class by himself, but it sure don’t take long to call roll.”

“He runs faster than small town gossip.”

“He’s not very fast, but maybe Elizabeth Taylor can’t sing.”

“Don’t matter what they throw at us. Only angry people win football games.”

“Winning coaches must treat mistakes like copperheads in the bedclothes – avoid them with all the energy you can muster.”

“That guy is a big ol’ cuss…look at him rumblin’ down the field… looks like a grizzly bear haulin’ a walnut.”

“A head coach is guided by this main objective: dig, claw, wheedle, and coax that fanatical effort out of the players. You want them to play every Saturday as if they were planting the flag on Iwo Jima.”

“The tail should never wag the dog, but as long as football is in its proper place on the campus, then it’s good. I want to be remembered as a winning coach, but I also want to be remembered as an honest and ethical coach.”

It will be a sad day when we lose Coach Royal, but we know that God will have a great college coach and an even better story teller.


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