Richard Justice is a University of Texas grad, but more recently he spends his days trying to write blogs for the Houston Chronicle that will tick people off. His latest, Aggies to Conference USA? Just do it, A&M! attempts to convince the forlorn fans of that team in College Station to go ahead and quit trying to even compete. They should leave the Big 12 and try Conference USA on for size.

This week Texas A&M was picked a very distant last place in the Big 12 South by the media. Yes, behind Baylor. Nearly 40 points behind Baylor. Sad.

Of course, this is the same genius who just two seasons ago tried to claim the Aggies had passed the Horns in football. So yeah, take anything Justice writes with a grain of salt and just enjoy some choice quotes…

Sometimes you’ve got to be slapped up in the head region four or five times before you get the message. Eventually the message gets through, but the process can be painful. I’m writing today in the hope of shortening the process for the good people at Texas A&M. I’m writing because I care.

One of my favorite things about Aggies is that they pretend they were once a respected football “power”…

The Aggies are resigned to finishing last in the Big 12 South, and that’s why I’m writing my annual plea for the Aggies to finally look in the mirror and see their football program for what it is instead of what they’d like it to be. I know, I know. The Aggies did such and such in 1912 and then they were really good in 1934 and wow you should have seen us in 1832.

They’ve got the facilities but not the coaches, and certainly not the players to compete in the Big 12 South…

One thing we probably can all agree on is that the Aggies can’t be a contender in football as long as they’re in the Big 12. They seem unlikely to ever pass Texas or Oklahoma in the standings. They’re probably not going to pass Texas Tech or Oklahoma State, and they’ve fallen far behind Baylor.

Moving to Conference USA won’t be an immediate panacea either, they’ll have to hope for some breaks to knock off might SMU…

In terms of winning football games, A&M isn’t beating UH or Rice anytime soon, and if June Jones is doing his usual magic, A&M isn’t going to be beating SMU. But A&M won’t finish last, either. A&M will be competitive, and eventually A&M could work itself into position to be one of the better teams in C-USA.

And now finally, the pièce de résistance…

Bring on Southern Miss!

Well done Richard, trolling at it’s finest. But at least the target was a fun one.

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