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The WNBA has finally decided to come to an end and let Game 2 of the College World Series Championship Series get under way.

First inning

Will Crouch batting in the top of the firstKyle McCulloch is having a bit of trouble getting his fastball into the zone. Struck out the first two batters but he’s overthrowing his fastball a little bit and its tailing out of the strike zone.

Umpire seems to have a pretty small zone so far today, not giving much space off the corner. McCulloch got a little more of the plate on that one and strikes out the side in the first.

How do you figure Texas has more pressure? Florida is the seeded team and the team facing elimination with their number 3 starter on the mound.

Seth Johnston rakes one to left field but the ball looked like it might be caught for a moment and Nick Peoples has to hold at third. First and third with one out and the middle of the order up.

Will Crouch grounds into inning ending double play and Texas doesn’t score. ESPN’s announcers made it sound like a great play by Florida’s middle infielders but I think it was more of a case of Crouch being really slow. It was a good play, but the throw beat him by a step and a half. After one inning we’re still scoreless.

Second inning

McCulloch threw well in the first but he also threw a ton of pitches. Got through the second a lot easier, looks like he’s settled down and is pitching within himself more now. Two more strikeouts in the inning and he already has four through the first two innings.

ESPN takes nice short commercial breaks between the innings, really makes the game more enjoyable to watch.

Good tough throw on the sacrifice bunt by Taylor Teagarden by the Florida pitcher. He fielded the ball right near the line and had to throw a dart around the runner to get him at first. Difficult play under pressure.

I bet David Maroul wishes the draft were next week instead of two weeks ago. Another two out hit and an RBI. I think Florida’s third baseman has my grandmother’s range. After two innings, Texas leads one to nothing.

Third inning

Another quick inning, I could stand to go the whole game with this little excitement when the Gators are on offense.

Good to see the UT girls that came all the way to Omaha have no clue, great play by Florida to make a catch and they go nuts. Quick inning for Florida, one of the few times in two games that Texas didn’t get the leadoff man on base. Through three innings, still 1 – 0 Texas.

Fourth inning

One, two, three. McCulloch is absolutlely on autopilot right now, but the Texas offense has to get a little insurance and give him some breathing room.

In an inning that started off pretty uneventful the Horns strike for another run when Florida leftfielder Gavin Dickey misplayed a ball off the bat of Maroul and Teagarden comes all the way around to score Texas’ second run. Big break for Texas caused by the fact that they’ve had a ton of runners on base. Keep getting guys on and putting the pressure on a young Florida team and good things will happen. After four innings, Texas now leads 2 to zip.

Fifth inning

First base hit of the game for Florida by Brandon McArthur. Kid went through some tough circumstances and it’s great that he made it back, but no Texas fans are rooting for him this weekend. Good luck next season, in your career, and in life but we hope you strike out every at bat this weekend. Kyle McCulloch leaves him standing on first by getting the next three batters easily.

Texas goes quickly in the bottom of the inning and after five, it’s still 2 – 0 Texas.

Sixth inning

By far McCulloch’s toughest inning. Gave up a solid basehit to the leadoff man and then struggled through the rest of the inning. Florida hit two more balls real well, including a deep fly ball just a few steps short of the left field wall by Matt LaPorta. Just maybe 10 feet from this being a tie ball game.

Home run by Chance Wheeless, who gets taller every time Harold Reynolds mentions him. He’s listed at 6’5″, he was 6’6″ yesterday, and today he’s a massive 6’7″. Didn’t expect him to be able to drive a ball that way with his should problems, but I guess since he’s now seven feet tall it’s an easy shot.

Did I mention Harold Reynolds and I are officially card-carrying members of the David Maroul fan club?? Three run bomb by Mr. Maroul gives Texas a big six run lead. Kid is on fire right now.

After six innings, Texas now has a 6 to zero lead.

Seventh inning

McCulloch struggling again. Infield hit and then a two run homer gets Florida back in this thing a little. Game is not over by any means and McCulloch is tiring. No need to stick with him too long in this game if he’s wearing down, Randy Boone has been great for you this year and he’s bound to be warm. Get a fresh arm in there before it’s too late and get through the 7th and 8th, and then get J. Brent Cox out there to close things down.

Well that wasn’t much fun at all. Boone came on and walked a man before getting a mile high pop up to end the inning. Ball looked like it might cause trouble up in the sun but Wheeless hauled it in. Let’s not make this one too exciting guys.

Notthing really doing in the bottom of the inning for the Horns, but they didn’t go down too quickly and hopefully broke up Florida’s momentum a little. Six more outs to go, Texas up 6 – 2.

Eighth inning

Tough bouncer up the middle but Robby Hudson makes the play this time. Last night he tried to barehand a similar ball and let the leadoff man in the eighth get on base.

I know LaPorta has a ton of power, but a one run homer doesn’t hurt you right now. I’d much rather have him earn his way on then set up a bigger inning by walking. And there’s the start of a bigger inning, now runners on first and third with just one out. You’ve got to throw freaking strikes. Now we’re bringing on Cox with people on base instead of with a nice lead to start off the ninth. If he throws strikes he’ll do well, just don’t walk people and get the tying run up there.

Great job on batter number one. Easy strikeout and was ahead of the batter the whole time. Two outs now. A couple of big foul balls from Leclerc but Cox gets him to ground out to short to end the threat. Three more outs to go.

Another easy bottom half of the inning and it’s now all up to J. Brent Cox. Texas 6, Florida 2.

Ninth inning

Throw strikes, throw strikes, THROW STRIKES!!! Walks the leadoff guy on four pitches. Double play! One out to go!

Strike three! Texas wins the 2005 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Longhorns celebrate their 6th national championship


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    Why do they always make it stressful in the 8th? Wheeless could have easily been the most outstanding player.

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