Texas wide receiver Marquise Goodwin had a huge game running and catching the football on Saturday against Ole Miss, but his busy week started with a visit to the White House with his fellow Olympians om Thursday. Even better Marquise had the good sense to video his interaction with President Obama and get the commander-in-chief to flash the hook ’em horns as well. Check it out:


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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against the Cowboys.

DJ Monroe touchdown vs Wyoming

DJ Monroe showed speed AND strength on his TD run against Wyoming. (AP Photo)

Pre-Game (15:00) WTH WHY-O?! Not exactly a uniform statement like Oregon. The Cowboys had the letters WYO on the front of the jerseys. Way to step out on the cool side. While on the subject of uniforms I hate the Longhorns practice jerseys. Never replace the Storm Trooper White uniforms when we go on the road.

1st Quarter (4:02) WTH LHN?! The LHN camera crew had a rough night. The Godzillatron went pink, then fuzzy, then out for a few minutes. The camera crew kept missing highlights of the plays for the video board. The LHN group must have been partying the night before after AT&T U-Verse decided to pony up for the network.

2nd Quarter (15:00) WTH Putters?! It was great to recognize the UT Golf Team for their accomplishment of winning a National Title. Glad we can beat Alabama at something.

2nd Quarter (9:40) WTH Vaccaro?! Kenny Vaccaro was all over the place, and he picked off his first of many footballs this season when he jumped the route to get the momentum back for the Horns.

2nd Quarter (4:48) WTH Statue?! The play that keeps OU fans up at night. Nice execution by David Ash to Malcolm Brown. It was great to see Joe Bergeron and Malcolm Brown each post 100 yard games.

2nd Quarter (3:44) WTH Tightrope?! It was nice to see the Wild Formation which Bergeron gave the ball to a streaking DJ Monroe for a touchdown. Are we going to call it the Wild Joe?

4th Quarter (14:50) WTH Ash?! The only turnover of the game put a little scare into most of the 101,142 fans in attendance. David Ash did have a solid game 20-27 for 156. If only one of his long distance connections to Mike Davis would have made the state line look a lot better

4th Quarter (4:28) WTH Jordan?! We are going to have a lot of sleepless nights if the field goal kicking does not get better. Nick Rose can definitely handle the kickoff duties, but so far Nick Jordan leaves something to be desired when trying to split the up rights. Misses of 46 and 44 plus a botched extra point is not the legacy of kicking on the 40 acres.

Thanks for following my WTH articles throughout the season. I appreciate the opportunity to rant about the greatest University sports program in the country. You can continue to follow comments on all of UT sports on twitter at @40AcresSports or follow me at @Horns1991. HOOK EM!!


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Well, the rivalry is over…at least for some time. The tussle between the Aggies and the Horns ended this year which also put to rest the State Farm Lonestar Showdown between both Universities. The made for internet contest was 19 events across women’s and men’s sports where the teams competed head to head for a possible 19 points for a trophy as big as Texas (it was a gaudy trophy at that). If the schools tied at the end of the year (which happened twice), the team that won the series championship from the previous year would be awarded the trophy. Check out the complete history at lonestarshowdown.net.

The contest went from 2004 until 2012 (8 years) where the Horns won 6 of these series over the Aggies. The two years the Aggies won were 2007-08 and 2008-09. Here are a few stats from this contest.

The biggest margin for the Aggies was 2 points in 2007-08
The biggest margin for the Horns was 10 points in 2004-05

Here are the teams that dominate during this 8 year span:

Texas Volleyball 6-2
A&M Women’s Indoor Track 6-2
Texas Men’s Cross Country 6-2
Texas Women’s Swimming 6-2
Texas Men’s Swimming 8-0
Texas Women’s Tennis 6-2
Texas Baseball 7-1

A&M won the following head to head battles during the 8 year time frame.

Soccer – Women’s Basketball – Women’s Indoor Track – Men’s Golf – Women’s Golf – Women’s Outdoor Track – Men’s Outdoor Track

Texas won the head to head battle on the following sports.

Volleyball – Men’s Cross Country – Women’s Swimming – Men’s Swimming – Men’s Basketball – Men’s Indoor Track – Men’s Tennis – Women’s Tennis – Baseball – Football

The two teams tied with a 4-4 record in Softball and Women’s Cross Country

A&M should feel proud about their sports program during this period because the program collected 8 of their 12 national championships during this time. (1) Men’s Golf (3) Men’s Outdoor Track (3) Women’s Outdoor Track (1) Women’s Basketball

Compare that to the Longhorns who secured 5 of their 48 National Championships during this series. (1) Baseball (1) Football (1) Men’s Swimming (1) Women’s Outdoor Track (1) Women’s Indoor Track

The Aggies will be quick to point out to that their football program since 1975 finished with a record of 19-18 against the Horns. We all know how the final game of this series ended to help Texas establish a decisive 76-37-5 record. During the Lonestar Showdown timeframe the Horns held a 5-3 record over the Aggies.

Isn’t it when you really want something bad enough, aren’t you suppose to get it? Many Aggies may have said that I need it, I really want it and I have to have it. You can possibly say that the Aggies wanted it more this year than the Horns, but as it turned out THE UNIVERSITY of the state took home the state title. Just don’t tell Baylor.


Texas wide receiver and world class long jumper Marquise Goodwin is coming back to the Texas football team. Goodwin was originally going to sit out and redshirt this season to focus on his Olympic dreams, but after watching the Rice game Saturday he texted Coach Mack Brown and told him he wanted to come back to the team. He’ll back on the practice field tomorrow with the rest of the team.

Goodwin’s return is a huge boost to a very young (but talented) receiving corps. Goodwin probably slots behind Mike Davis and freshman Jaxon Shipley but he’ll bring gamebreaking speed and good hands to a team that can never get enough of either. He’ll look great running the jet sweep.

Quotes from the official MBTF press release:

“Words can’t even explain how I excited I am right now to be getting back on the football field,” Goodwin said. “When I was overseas, I was missing football, the guys and being a part of the team so much. I thought about how they were getting ready for the season, working hard and pulling together, but it really hit me when I was in the airport on my way back from Seoul. People were texting and tweeting me with updates from the game. I don’t know how anybody could feel what I was feeling at that time. I just was missing being there terribly and didn’t want to wait a year to play again. I just wanted to get back out there and didn’t want to be saying ‘what if’ after the season.”

“When Marquise talked to me and our coaches about coming back and playing this year we were 100 percent in support if that was what he wanted to do,” Brown said. “He had decided earlier to redshirt and focus on track and field, and we backed him then just as we are now. He’s a tremendous young man who is blessed with a lot of ability in both football and track and field. Marquise has had great success in both sports and will continue to, but at the end of the day, what I heard from him was that he really missed football and wanted to play this year. We want what’s best for him and know he’s in great shape, is a fast learner and can help us, so we’re glad to have him back.”

Goodwin’s junior season in track and field was a stellar one as he won the U.S. Outdoor National title, set the UT indoor school record in the event, earned three First Team All-America honors and swept the Big 12 long jump titles.

Goodwin leaped 27-4 to claim the U.S. title in the long jump and earn a spot in the World Championships. Competing at that meet in Daegu, Korea last week, he finished 13th in the qualifying rounds with a leap of 26-3.75 (8.02m). The top 12 finishers advanced to the final round, but despite being tied with the 11th and 12th-place jumpers, he did not advance due to a tiebreaker based on next best jump.

“I really appreciate coach Brown, (men’s track and field head) coach (Bubba) Thornton and all of my coaches for being so supportive of me through all of this,” Goodwin said. “They stood behind me when I decided to redshirt and couldn’t have been more understanding and agreeable when I wanted to come back. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you have those kinds of people — my family here at UT — believing in and standing behind you.”

“We’re really happy Marquise is going to come back and play football this year,” Thornton said. “We’re excited about the experiences he had this summer with track and field and are going to support him 100 percent in anything he does. He still has a dream of winning a medal at the Olympics and being part of the U.S. Olympic team, and we’ll be there to help him work to achieve that, but right now he wants to make the most of this time and we couldn’t be happier for him.”

Prior to the World Championships, Goodwin captured the silver medal on the final day of the 2011 World University Games with a jump of 26-4.25 (8.03m) in Shenzhen, China in August.

“I texted Coach Brown after the game on Saturday and told him how much I missed football,” Goodwin said. “I said was having second thoughts about redshirting and he said, ‘We miss you and need you, so come out if you want.’ That was so nice to hear so I called Coach Thornton to clear it with him first. He was very supportive, as he always is. We had a really nice talk and he just made it clear that he wants whatever is best for me. So, after that, I decided to make the move and get back on the football field.”


Football player or track star? How about both?

Little more than a week after the BCS Championship Game, Texas wide receiver [tag]Marquise Goodwin[/tag] is already receiving track & field honors. This week, the Big 12 named him the Big 12 Indoor Track & Field Male Athlete of the Week:

In his first collegiate meet, Goodwin notched two provisional qualifying times and two titles at the Arkansas Dual meet. The freshman clocked a 6.69 in the 60-meters and posted a mark of 7.72 meters (25-4 ft.) in the long jump. Both marks currently rank third in the nation.

Goodwin, who snagged 3 passes for 70 yards in the title game versus [tag]Alabama[/tag], is expected to be one of the Longhorns’ top wide receivers for the 2010 season.

Link: Goodwin, Pinder and Lucas Named Big 12 Track Athletes of the Week


The Texas Longhorns will be playing for a national championship on the East coast. You say wait a minute; Pasadena is on the West coast. You are correct, but the Longhorn women’s volleyball team is one win away from reaching the title game in Tampa, Florida.

The Longhorn volleyball team has made it to the Final Four in Tampa after beating the #10 ranked [tag]Nebraska[/tag] team in Omaha on December 12th. Despite the home field advantage for Nebraska, the #2 ranked Horns (28-1) won with the impress play of senior [tag]Destinee Hooker[/tag] and junior [tag]Juliann Faucette[/tag].

The win helps Texas reach the NCAA semifinals for the second consecutive season. Last year the Horns finished the year 29-4 with a loss to Stanford after reaching the Final Four with the winningest record since 1993. This year marks the 4th straight Big XII title for the volleyball powerhouse. This senior class has improved its four year win total to 108 wins which is the most for Head Coach Jerritt Elliott’s in his eight seasons in Austin. The 1993 senior class is the winningest in school history with 111 wins. The last championship for the women’s team was in 1988 when they went 34-5.

The Final Four starts on December 17th at 6PM central with the Horns taking on Minnesota (28-8). The other end of the bracket (interesting concept having a tournament to decide a championship) has Hawaii (31-2) taking on two time defending champion Penn State (36-0). The Horns contributed to one of Hawaii’s losses earlier this year. Penn State is coming into the Final Four with a record 100 consecutive wins and not dropping a set the entire tournament this year. The championship game will be on Saturday evening on December 19th.


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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ football bye week.

WTH Buffs?! – Coach Dan Hawkins proclaimed double digit wins for his team which is now mathematically impossible unless they go to a bowl game (yeah sure!). With losses to Toledo and Colorado State the Buffs are 1-3 as they come into Austin this coming Saturday. Hey RB Darrell Scott (91 total yards through 4 games) still happy about choosing to attend Colorado.

WTH Sooners?! – You get a slight pass due to the injuries that you have sustained, but come on now. You were supposed to be undefeated (2-2 record) instead you lose to Miami and BYU heading into conference play. They say a wounded animal is dangerous. I hope the rest of the BIG XII sees this as an opportunity to shoot you instead of run away from you.

WTH Aggies?! – I know that the Razorbacks are from the SEC, but you do not need to be scared of them. QB Jerrod Johnson looks more like Reggie McNeal than the second coming of Vince Young. I wondered watching Coach Mike Sherman with his huge plastic menu/play sheet which section told him to teach blocking for his QB.

WTH Raiders?! – Be on the lookout for more insanity coming from the mad scientist/pirate that is Coach Mike Leach. He banned twitter from his players after it was posted that he was less than punctual to one of his team meetings. He now has the opportunity to have a junior QB carousel in which to play with after Taylor Potts went out with a concussion and in stepped Steven Sheffield to lead Texas Tech to a 3rd win of the season (3-2).

WTH BIG XII?! – The conference stands with a 34-12 non-conference mark which is hardly something to write home about after our chief rival, the SEC, ended up with a 24-3 non-conference mark and the SEC held a 6-3 advantage over BCS conference foes. Throw in that the Big XII finished with a 4-7 record against BCS teams that included a 0-3 finish this past Saturday. (UT did not schedule one BCS non-conference game this year which is a concern). The beginning of the season the BIG XII had 3 in the Top 10 in the Associated Press poll which as of Oct. 4th we only have one – the Longhorns.

WTH SHOUT OUT?! – To the University of Texas No. 2 ranked women’s volleyball team lead by Coach Jerritt Elliott and senior Destinee Hooker who are now 11-0 overall and have a 6-0 conference record. The biggest props go to the team for beating Nebraska Cornhuskers on their home court last Saturday the 26th which snapped their 82 match home winning streak. Next up for the Longhorn women is a showdown with OU this Saturday October 10th at 12pm at Gregory Gym. See the women play in the afternoon and finish the day up with the men later that evening. Go Horns!

Next up for the Longhorn football team is Colorado at 6:15pm at DKR on October 10th.


Longhorn multisport athlete [tag]Destinee Hooker[/tag] has been honored as the female representative for the 2008-09 Big 12 Athletes of the Year. From the official Big 12 press release:

Hooker excelled in volleyball as well as indoor and outdoor track and field during her junior season as a Longhorn, leading all three programs to top five NCAA Championship finishes. She was a Honda Award finalist for volleyball, named to the AVCA All-America First Team and the All-Big 12 First Team. The outside hitter helped lead UT to the NCAA Championship semifinals where she was named to the All-Tournament Team after earning all-tournament honors the previous week at the NCAA Austin Regional.

Hooker was the 2009 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor high jump champion, the first athlete since 2004 to capture both titles in the same year. She also won both events at the Big 12 Indoor and Outdoor Championships in addition to the NCAA Midwest Regional. The San Antonio, Texas, native was an indoor and outdoor All-America as well as USTFCCCA Division I Indoor Female Field Athlete of the Year.

Congrats Destinee!


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Future Longhorn track star and possible slot receiver [tag]Marquise Goodwin[/tag] won this week’s 100m at Texas Relays with a blazing fast 10.38 time. Watch the race below:

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