What little respect I had for Bob Stoops goes right out the window at about the 0:45 mark of this University of Oklahoma rap video:

I particularly liked the fingerless gloves and letterman’s jacket with the sleeves cut off. Classy. There’s also an extra rare non-awful YouTube comment that I needed to share: “Just in case anyone was wondering just? how white OU is.” Haha. It’s also funny how scared and embarrassed the girl that they’re trying to convince to go to OU looks the entire video.

I’m so glad Texas hasn’t yet had one of these videos pop up anywhere.


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Well, the rivalry is over…at least for some time. The tussle between the Aggies and the Horns ended this year which also put to rest the State Farm Lonestar Showdown between both Universities. The made for internet contest was 19 events across women’s and men’s sports where the teams competed head to head for a possible 19 points for a trophy as big as Texas (it was a gaudy trophy at that). If the schools tied at the end of the year (which happened twice), the team that won the series championship from the previous year would be awarded the trophy. Check out the complete history at lonestarshowdown.net.

The contest went from 2004 until 2012 (8 years) where the Horns won 6 of these series over the Aggies. The two years the Aggies won were 2007-08 and 2008-09. Here are a few stats from this contest.

The biggest margin for the Aggies was 2 points in 2007-08
The biggest margin for the Horns was 10 points in 2004-05

Here are the teams that dominate during this 8 year span:

Texas Volleyball 6-2
A&M Women’s Indoor Track 6-2
Texas Men’s Cross Country 6-2
Texas Women’s Swimming 6-2
Texas Men’s Swimming 8-0
Texas Women’s Tennis 6-2
Texas Baseball 7-1

A&M won the following head to head battles during the 8 year time frame.

Soccer – Women’s Basketball – Women’s Indoor Track – Men’s Golf – Women’s Golf – Women’s Outdoor Track – Men’s Outdoor Track

Texas won the head to head battle on the following sports.

Volleyball – Men’s Cross Country – Women’s Swimming – Men’s Swimming – Men’s Basketball – Men’s Indoor Track – Men’s Tennis – Women’s Tennis – Baseball – Football

The two teams tied with a 4-4 record in Softball and Women’s Cross Country

A&M should feel proud about their sports program during this period because the program collected 8 of their 12 national championships during this time. (1) Men’s Golf (3) Men’s Outdoor Track (3) Women’s Outdoor Track (1) Women’s Basketball

Compare that to the Longhorns who secured 5 of their 48 National Championships during this series. (1) Baseball (1) Football (1) Men’s Swimming (1) Women’s Outdoor Track (1) Women’s Indoor Track

The Aggies will be quick to point out to that their football program since 1975 finished with a record of 19-18 against the Horns. We all know how the final game of this series ended to help Texas establish a decisive 76-37-5 record. During the Lonestar Showdown timeframe the Horns held a 5-3 record over the Aggies.

Isn’t it when you really want something bad enough, aren’t you suppose to get it? Many Aggies may have said that I need it, I really want it and I have to have it. You can possibly say that the Aggies wanted it more this year than the Horns, but as it turned out THE UNIVERSITY of the state took home the state title. Just don’t tell Baylor.


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Red Out Around the World

Apparently Nebraska doesn’t like to let things go. Some fans (I assume) are starting a campaign called “Red Out Around the World,” showing the “world” (does anyone really care) how mad they are about the Big 12 Championship. I guess it was all just to much to handle and they had to up and leave the conference.

Nebraska. A place of integrity, family, commitment. Where traditions are forged in the furnace of July. But hardened on Saturday nights in November. A place where the best thing about summer, is when it turns into fall. These last few months, thunderstorms weren’t the only power building over the Great Plains….

Wait? What?!? Forged in the furnace of July? An 85 degree furnace? Since apparently the summers are pretty boring there, it looks like they had nothing better to do than make this video.

And you know what else is sad? I could have made a better video with my iPhone 4.

Updated the video below. The first one was taken down.

Red Out Around the World


Yes Longhorn fans, it is that time of year again. We will all huddle up around TV’s, radios or file into the stands at College Station to watch our beloved Longhorns play the Aggies. Once again the mighty Horns come into this game with everything on the line and the Aggies have nothing to lose. The Longhorns are having a dream season where we are in the hunt for another National Championship. While the Aggies have been hot and cold and are just hoping to make a bowl game at this point of the season, so here we go again!

While in recent history of this rivalry has leaned the longhorns way, there have been those games where Texas comes in needing a win to achieve their goals. And the unthinkable happens a dreaded loss. [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] has led the longhorns down the undefeated path this year, and with the win last week, he is now the winningest quarterback in college football history. So what better feather to put in McCoy’s cap, than to beat A&M, win the Big XII, and win a National Championship? Once we get our fill of turkey, let’s hold our horns up high and root loud and proud. This years game looks to be a good one, but I expect the Longhorns to walk away late and win big.


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Apparently Aggy loves YouTube. Who can forget the classic singing videos of the years past? Thankfully they have decided to continue their YouTube tradition, providing us with another instant hit.

Have you ever wondered how Texas A&M yell leaders prepare for football games? Well obviously they sing and dance on their way to the stadium. And from what I gather from this video, this is a pretty regular occurrence. Too bad this didn’t help them against Kansas St, since they lost 62-14. The sideways video angles are a nice touch also.


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Of course this week wouldn’t be complete without including the usual funny audio and images from the years past. I mean who can forget the crying Sooner kid so perfectly captured by ESPN HD? Time to celebrate this week with music from the band Apollo XVIII. Still not sure if they are still a group, but their music is timeless.

Apollo XVIII – None Suck Better

Apollo XVIII – OU Sucks

If anyone has any other funny pictures or audio/video, please feel free to link them up in the comments.


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Well this weekend is the game we have been waiting for since last season. Texas versus Texas Tech in a huge revenge game. Honestly there really isn’t much else on this Saturday, so make sure to plan your day around the night game. Let’s see what else can fill the time:

Tennessee at (1) Florida (-30) – 3:30 PM EST on CBS. I don’t expect this to be much of a game (either does Vegas), but I am interested in seeing how serious Florida takes this game after the comments Lane Kiffin made last season towards Urban Meyer and his team. Florida has probably had this game pinned up in their locker room for quite some time now, and they will probably take out all of their frustrations on a weak Tennessee team. Enjoy the beautiful CBS HD picture and take Florida in this one.

(19) Nebraska at (13) Virginia Tech (-5) – 3:30 PM EST on ESPN. If you are looking for a physical game, this is the one for you. Both of these defenses fly around the ball and expect to see many big collisions. This is Nebraska’s first big test of the season and I think they will get off to a slow start. Virginia Tech is really tough to beat at home, and with an early lead I expect them to cruise to victory. Take Virginia Tech and give the points.

Texas Tech at (2) Texas (-18) – 8:00 PM EST on ABC. One question I have hear is how badly do we have to beat them in order to stop seeing the Michael “Oh My Phong is Ringing” Crabtree highlight from last year? My guess is 30, and honestly that could happen tomorrow. Muschamp has had a whole year to prepare for this game and I think our defense is faster and smarter from a year ago. Taylor Potts may be like Chuck Norris and we know how crazy the Tech fans can get, but I think Texas pulls away easily late in the game. Take Texas and give the points.


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11. Taylor Potts will break every collegiate record known to man, afterwards go undrafted in the NFL, and then end up working at a car dealership.


Richard Justice is a University of Texas grad, but more recently he spends his days trying to write blogs for the Houston Chronicle that will tick people off. His latest, Aggies to Conference USA? Just do it, A&M! attempts to convince the forlorn fans of that team in College Station to go ahead and quit trying to even compete. They should leave the Big 12 and try Conference USA on for size.

This week Texas A&M was picked a very distant last place in the Big 12 South by the media. Yes, behind Baylor. Nearly 40 points behind Baylor. Sad.

Of course, this is the same genius who just two seasons ago tried to claim the Aggies had passed the Horns in football. So yeah, take anything Justice writes with a grain of salt and just enjoy some choice quotes…

Sometimes you’ve got to be slapped up in the head region four or five times before you get the message. Eventually the message gets through, but the process can be painful. I’m writing today in the hope of shortening the process for the good people at Texas A&M. I’m writing because I care.

One of my favorite things about Aggies is that they pretend they were once a respected football “power”…

The Aggies are resigned to finishing last in the Big 12 South, and that’s why I’m writing my annual plea for the Aggies to finally look in the mirror and see their football program for what it is instead of what they’d like it to be. I know, I know. The Aggies did such and such in 1912 and then they were really good in 1934 and wow you should have seen us in 1832.

They’ve got the facilities but not the coaches, and certainly not the players to compete in the Big 12 South…

One thing we probably can all agree on is that the Aggies can’t be a contender in football as long as they’re in the Big 12. They seem unlikely to ever pass Texas or Oklahoma in the standings. They’re probably not going to pass Texas Tech or Oklahoma State, and they’ve fallen far behind Baylor.

Moving to Conference USA won’t be an immediate panacea either, they’ll have to hope for some breaks to knock off might SMU…

In terms of winning football games, A&M isn’t beating UH or Rice anytime soon, and if June Jones is doing his usual magic, A&M isn’t going to be beating SMU. But A&M won’t finish last, either. A&M will be competitive, and eventually A&M could work itself into position to be one of the better teams in C-USA.

And now finally, the pièce de résistance…

Bring on Southern Miss!

Well done Richard, trolling at it’s finest. But at least the target was a fun one.


The 2009 college football season is quickly approaching and with it brings the annual ritual of naming the [tag]Red River Rivalry[/tag] as one of the top games of the upcoming season. This time it is ESPN blogger Bruce Feldman putting the [tag]Texas[/tag]/[tag]Oklahoma[/tag] match-up at the top of his list for “must-see” games of the year:

1. Texas vs. Oklahoma, Oct. 17

You won’t find a better QB battle this year than when Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy get together. It’s no stretch to think the Heisman, the Big 12 title and possibly a BCS title game berth will be on the line here. Oh, and there’s also the jilted feeling from the Longhorns for being passed over by the Sooners last year, a team they beat in this one in 2008. The Sooners, who have lost three of the past four, need to reassert themselves in the rivalry.


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