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Most Texas fans have been telling Austin American-Statesman writer Kirk Bohls what they think of him for some time now. Last night after his big awards haul, Texas quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] also got in on the act.

Bohls sealed his fate in the hearts and minds of Longhorn fans when he put Reggie Bush over Texas quarterback [tag]Vince Young[/tag] on his 2005 Heisman ballot. It’s an even more disputed race this year and once again, in a slightly less egregious error, Bohls again didn’t put the Texas QB number one on his ballot. Colt noticed, and had some smart comments for the local journalist:

McCoy said his awards couldn’t be viewed as an indicator that he’d win the Heisman. “I don’t think this has any impact on the Heisman,” he said. “At the same time, I’m very thankful.”

Later, after commenting that he didn’t play for awards and that they’re a credit to the team, McCoy still took a jab at Austin (Texas) American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls, who did not vote for McCoy for the Heisman.

“Tell Kirk Bohls thanks for all the votes,” McCoy told a few writers. “You can put that on the air or anywhere you want.”

We’ll find out if Bohls’ unimportant vote (his thoughts not mine) cost McCoy the Heisman Trophy when the winner is announced Saturday night.


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Thanksgiving night, the Heisman race looked like it might be over with after Texas quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] put up an incredible show passing and running to a primetime win over Texas A&M. But there were still games to play on a long, wonderful rivalry weekend of college football. Friday and Saturday’s games saw one candidate fall out of the race (Alabama’s Mark Ingram) and two others (Stanford’s Toby Gerhart and Florida’s Tim Tebow) put up buzzworthy performances.

So what does it all mean? Well there’s still one weekend of football remaining, but the Heisman Pundit has almost called the race for the good guy:

The weekend’s games are done and here’s how I think the Heisman race looks right now:

1. With one week to go, Colt McCoy is the current front runner and likely winner. Pending a status report on the health of Mark Ingram, I am close to calling the race in his favor.

2. With his monster game against Notre Dame, Stanford’s Toby Gerhart has assured himself of a trip to New York and he has a shot to finish a strong second in the race.

3. Ingram is fading fast, but he could rebound with a heroic performance against the Gators. As it stands, he had his least-productive game of the season at the worst possible time: When Heisman ballots had gone out and many voters were seeing him up close for the first time.

4. With his emotionally-driven performance against Florida State, Tim Tebow might’ve solidified his place at the Heisman ceremony. He won’t win, but he’ll get one last go-around in the Big Apple.
He won’t win, but he’ll get one last go-around in the Big Apple.

If Colt goes out and puts up his typical performance and the Horns win the Big 12 title, the trophy is likely his. Tim Tebow would have to put up incredible numbers (300+ yards, 3 TDs) in an exciting SEC Championship game to win his second Heisman. Colt is likely to get a lot of first places votes across the country, but more importantly he’ll probably snag no worst than second place on most ballots and those votes should carry him over the other competitors.


Watch this hilarious video of ESPN’s Chris Fowler, Jesse Palmer and Craig James having an absolute blast mocking a [tag]Clemson[/tag] fan who is taking a loss a little too seriously:

(via Awful Announcing)


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Unlike the offense, Chykie Brown and the Texas defense played 4 great quarters. (AP photo)

Unlike the offense, Chykie Brown and the Texas defense played 4 great quarters. (AP photo)

It wasn’t pretty for a half and I’m still not sure if the offense knows what it’s doing sometimes, but thanks to great defensive play and of course overwhelming talent the Longhorns pulled out the win over the Wyoming Cowboys. A win is a win, but in the sad era of the BCS the Horns have to play better if they want a chance at another national title.

Check out the links below to see what everyone is saying about the game:

40 Acres Sports

Local Media

Wyoming Media

Texas Media

National Media


The first official college football poll of the 2009 season is out and the Longhorns are sitting at a great position debuting at number 2. They sit between the reigning champs #1 Florida Gators and the hated #3 Oklahoma Sooners in the top 5. This preseason spot puts a lot of expectations on the team but also leaves it where an undefeated season (even with a weak non-conference schedule) will guarantee the Horns a shot at the national championship.

Coaches’ preseason poll top 5

  1. Florida
  2. Texas
  3. Oklahoma
  4. USC
  5. Alabama

View the full top 25 preseason rankings.


Richard Justice is a University of Texas grad, but more recently he spends his days trying to write blogs for the Houston Chronicle that will tick people off. His latest, Aggies to Conference USA? Just do it, A&M! attempts to convince the forlorn fans of that team in College Station to go ahead and quit trying to even compete. They should leave the Big 12 and try Conference USA on for size.

This week Texas A&M was picked a very distant last place in the Big 12 South by the media. Yes, behind Baylor. Nearly 40 points behind Baylor. Sad.

Of course, this is the same genius who just two seasons ago tried to claim the Aggies had passed the Horns in football. So yeah, take anything Justice writes with a grain of salt and just enjoy some choice quotes…

Sometimes you’ve got to be slapped up in the head region four or five times before you get the message. Eventually the message gets through, but the process can be painful. I’m writing today in the hope of shortening the process for the good people at Texas A&M. I’m writing because I care.

One of my favorite things about Aggies is that they pretend they were once a respected football “power”…

The Aggies are resigned to finishing last in the Big 12 South, and that’s why I’m writing my annual plea for the Aggies to finally look in the mirror and see their football program for what it is instead of what they’d like it to be. I know, I know. The Aggies did such and such in 1912 and then they were really good in 1934 and wow you should have seen us in 1832.

They’ve got the facilities but not the coaches, and certainly not the players to compete in the Big 12 South…

One thing we probably can all agree on is that the Aggies can’t be a contender in football as long as they’re in the Big 12. They seem unlikely to ever pass Texas or Oklahoma in the standings. They’re probably not going to pass Texas Tech or Oklahoma State, and they’ve fallen far behind Baylor.

Moving to Conference USA won’t be an immediate panacea either, they’ll have to hope for some breaks to knock off might SMU…

In terms of winning football games, A&M isn’t beating UH or Rice anytime soon, and if June Jones is doing his usual magic, A&M isn’t going to be beating SMU. But A&M won’t finish last, either. A&M will be competitive, and eventually A&M could work itself into position to be one of the better teams in C-USA.

And now finally, the pièce de résistance…

Bring on Southern Miss!

Well done Richard, trolling at it’s finest. But at least the target was a fun one.

Lake Travis' Garrett Gilbert will continue the spread quarterback lineage at Texas.

Lake Travis' Garrett Gilbert will continue the spread quarterback lineage at Texas.

ESPN has several excellent articles this week on the spread offense in college football and some on it’s origins as well. Their articles feature Longhorn QB’s all over, from several generations. They think the perfect spread quarterback starts with Colt McCoy’s accurate arm and their history article gives a lot of love to future Horn [tag]Garrett Gilbert[/tag] and former Horn and current UNT coach [tag]Todd Dodge[/tag].

ESPN Spread Offense Articles


The 2009 college football season is quickly approaching and with it brings the annual ritual of naming the [tag]Red River Rivalry[/tag] as one of the top games of the upcoming season. This time it is ESPN blogger Bruce Feldman putting the [tag]Texas[/tag]/[tag]Oklahoma[/tag] match-up at the top of his list for “must-see” games of the year:

1. Texas vs. Oklahoma, Oct. 17

You won’t find a better QB battle this year than when Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy get together. It’s no stretch to think the Heisman, the Big 12 title and possibly a BCS title game berth will be on the line here. Oh, and there’s also the jilted feeling from the Longhorns for being passed over by the Sooners last year, a team they beat in this one in 2008. The Sooners, who have lost three of the past four, need to reassert themselves in the rivalry.



In the last couple of weeks, Sports Illustrated has been releasing “Thrill Lists” across the various major sports and their list for college football has quite the burnt orange tint to it. According to writer Austin Murphy, former Longhorn greats [tag]Earl Campbell[/tag] and [tag]Vince Young[/tag] are the two most electrifying players to ever play the game.

Check out the writeups on the two Longhorns at the top below or see their list to find out all 10 players:

These lists are not mere compilations of all-time bests in their respective sports but all-time bests at quickening the pulse and evoking a visceral response from those fortunate enough to have witnessed their artistry. […]

2. Earl Campbell, Texas
The Tyler Rose rushed for 4,443 yards — the bulk of them at the expense of defenders he head-butted or stiff-armed or trampled underfoot. The two-time All America and 1977 Heisman winner was, according to Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, “the greatest player who ever suited up.”

1. Vince Young, Texas
Even before his near-miraculous, national-title-clinching performance in the ’06 Rose Bowl (VY passed for 267 yards and rushed for an even 200, including a game-winning, nine-yard scramble with 19 seconds remaining), the rangy dual-threat QB specialized in leading outrageous, you-cannot-be-serious comebacks: from 28 points down against Oklahoma State in 2004; from 10 down against Michigan in the 2005 Rose Bowl, after which he had the prescience to promise, “We’ll be back!”



If they all cheat, why is OU the one always getting caught? Richard Justice points out Oklahoma’s lost storied history of cheating.

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