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Mack was on the Dan Patrick show Monday and said that he feels that since Vince came in second after the 2005 Heisman Trophy vote, he should get it now.  Quoth Mack:  “I think you have to go back and really give that choice to the Heisman Trust. If they take it away, I think Vince should be awarded the trophy.  Vince was second in the voting, so even if they re-voted I would like to see Vince get it.”

The Heisman Trust would have to re-vote then.  They haven’t even taken it away from Reggie Bush yet – SC’s new AD just shipped the school’s statue back to New York.  So of course all of this is hypothetical.  It’s also really unnecessary.  If you think about it, they vote and award the trophy before the BCS bowls in the first place.  The Trust has never wavered from doing that, so awarding a trophy on a re-vote after the player’s greatest moment came in a bowl game – even five years later – is opening them up for some criticism down the road.

I guess that having another Heisman on display could help with recruiting and adds to Vince’s list of accolades collected as a player, but to me, I want the program to be concentrating on what’s in front of them.  This to me sounds like something a school stuck in the past would do.  Vince already got the most important trophy available – after beating Reggie and ESPN’s “greatest team of all time” in their backyard.  Besides, Vince is not a college kid anymore.  He needs to concentrate on leading his NFL team and not another trip back to Austin to get honored.  His legacy is putting an entire program back on top of the world five years ago.

I also don’t want any asterisks associated with the greatness that was the Longhorn’s 2005 BCS Championship run.  That lame 2008 Big 12 title asterisk on the wall at Moncrief-Neuhaus was embarrassing.  If Mack wants a Heisman to show off, let’s see if one of our current guys can pick one up after an awesome season.


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Garrett GilbertThe 2009 Heisman was only awarded a week ago and we’re already moving on to 2010. College Football News has released a very early list of next year’s top contenders for college football’s biggest award and it’s mostly pretty solid. Sitting at number 15 is a quarterback who had less than 30 attempts and had no touchdowns passes this year.

Wait don’t get upset yet, that player is the likely 2010 starter at quarterback for the Longhorns. Here’s their blurb on why [tag]Garrett Gilbert[/tag] could already be a Heisman candidate:

15. Garrett Gilbert, QB Texas
Remember, Vince Young couldn’t be replaced, either. Gilbert might be the most talented quarterback Mack Brown has ever coached.

Overall not a bad list, but think there are some weird names near the very top. [tag]Ohio State[/tag] quarterback Terrelle Pryor has shown zero flash of Heisman-caliber performance and appears to be getting worse (or being used worse by OSU coaches) each year. I also wonder if [tag]Alabama[/tag] defending winner Mark Ingram will be able to repeat with stud Trent Richardson taking more carries away next season.


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Most Texas fans have been telling Austin American-Statesman writer Kirk Bohls what they think of him for some time now. Last night after his big awards haul, Texas quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] also got in on the act.

Bohls sealed his fate in the hearts and minds of Longhorn fans when he put Reggie Bush over Texas quarterback [tag]Vince Young[/tag] on his 2005 Heisman ballot. It’s an even more disputed race this year and once again, in a slightly less egregious error, Bohls again didn’t put the Texas QB number one on his ballot. Colt noticed, and had some smart comments for the local journalist:

McCoy said his awards couldn’t be viewed as an indicator that he’d win the Heisman. “I don’t think this has any impact on the Heisman,” he said. “At the same time, I’m very thankful.”

Later, after commenting that he didn’t play for awards and that they’re a credit to the team, McCoy still took a jab at Austin (Texas) American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls, who did not vote for McCoy for the Heisman.

“Tell Kirk Bohls thanks for all the votes,” McCoy told a few writers. “You can put that on the air or anywhere you want.”

We’ll find out if Bohls’ unimportant vote (his thoughts not mine) cost McCoy the Heisman Trophy when the winner is announced Saturday night.


WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas game against [tag]Nebraska[/tag] in the Big 12 Championship game.

Did James Kirkendoll's drop cost Colt McCoy the Heisman? (Image: Statesman)

Did James Kirkendoll's drop cost Colt McCoy the Heisman? (Image: Statesman)

Pregame WTH Jerry’s World?! Heading into the stadium, Husker and Longhorn fans (76,211) were ready to celebrate the Big XII season’s accomplishments with a cold beverage. Unfortunately, some one decided to lock up all the beer coolers to the dismay of many fans. Good thing since the 2001 Championship at Texas Stadium ([tag]Chris Simms[/tag] – Oh no moments), UT fans drank their sorrows away. Just so you know for future trips to the Death Star, Sec 431, Row 22, Seat 1 is the highest possible seat in the back of the end zone that you can occupy.

1st Quarter (14:24 & 8:07) WTH McCoy?! [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] has limited his penchant for the early interception that last few games until the biggest stage. His two early interceptions (one tipped and another desperation heave) were a product of excellent coverage and the desire to make something happen. Unfortunately, Colt’s Heisman coronation was thwarted with only 202 yards, 3 interceptions and 9 sacks. Fortunately, his last completions of the game to [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] proved to be the game clincher.

2nd Quarter (15:00) WTH Bo?! Bo Pelini has to get a better agent after coaching the Huskers to the championship game. I have never seen someone work a piece of gum which he even threw a mangled piece in disgust at the direction of his team. Big League Chew or Hubba Bubba needs to sign this guy up!

3rd Quarter (12:07) WTH Suh?! Ndamukong Suh (name means house of spears) had a tremendous game with 12 tackles and 4.5 sacks. He single handily threw Colt to the ground with one arm after beating a Longhorn double team. He literally put himself in position to sweep every major defensive award and earn a trip to New York for the Heisman presentation.

4th Quarter (14:04 & 4:50) WTH Pass Catchers?! You rarely get more than one chance during the game to hit a stop and go pattern. Colt McCoy sold the pump fake and [tag]James Kirkendoll[/tag] went flying down the sideline for an apparent score. I guess catching the ball would have been an important step in that sequence?! I hate to say this but that completion would have made the score 17-6 which would have sewn up the game and the Heisman. [tag]Dan Buckner[/tag] had the ball ripped away from him by Husker Dejon Gomes that ended another sure scoring drive.

4th Quarter (:01) THE Ultimate WTH Mack?! I heard the explanation from [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] on ESPN. He and [tag]Greg Davis[/tag] agreed to run a hook pattern to get a little closer for field goal kicker [tag]Hunter Lawrence[/tag]. Colt McCoy decided to let the clock run down like a point guard until it was dangerously close. Referee Tom Walker immediately motioned Bo Pelini and the Huskers to get back to the sidelines because replay confirmed that there was one second left. Joe Thompson (official time keeper) should not expect a Christmas card from the Longhorn faithful. I would hate to think of Brown’s legacy if time would have run out. Thanks to Hunter’s 46 yard boot the Horns are 2009 Big XII Champions!

Next up for the Longhorn’s is the National Championship Game against [tag]Alabama[/tag] in Pasadena!


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Can other candidates such as Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram, Toby Gerhart, and Ndamukong Suh catch Texas QB [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] in the Heisman race? Nah….

Colt McCoy outruns Tebow, Ingram, others for the Heisman

(via The Sporting Blog)


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Thanksgiving night, the Heisman race looked like it might be over with after Texas quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] put up an incredible show passing and running to a primetime win over Texas A&M. But there were still games to play on a long, wonderful rivalry weekend of college football. Friday and Saturday’s games saw one candidate fall out of the race (Alabama’s Mark Ingram) and two others (Stanford’s Toby Gerhart and Florida’s Tim Tebow) put up buzzworthy performances.

So what does it all mean? Well there’s still one weekend of football remaining, but the Heisman Pundit has almost called the race for the good guy:

The weekend’s games are done and here’s how I think the Heisman race looks right now:

1. With one week to go, Colt McCoy is the current front runner and likely winner. Pending a status report on the health of Mark Ingram, I am close to calling the race in his favor.

2. With his monster game against Notre Dame, Stanford’s Toby Gerhart has assured himself of a trip to New York and he has a shot to finish a strong second in the race.

3. Ingram is fading fast, but he could rebound with a heroic performance against the Gators. As it stands, he had his least-productive game of the season at the worst possible time: When Heisman ballots had gone out and many voters were seeing him up close for the first time.

4. With his emotionally-driven performance against Florida State, Tim Tebow might’ve solidified his place at the Heisman ceremony. He won’t win, but he’ll get one last go-around in the Big Apple.
He won’t win, but he’ll get one last go-around in the Big Apple.

If Colt goes out and puts up his typical performance and the Horns win the Big 12 title, the trophy is likely his. Tim Tebow would have to put up incredible numbers (300+ yards, 3 TDs) in an exciting SEC Championship game to win his second Heisman. Colt is likely to get a lot of first places votes across the country, but more importantly he’ll probably snag no worst than second place on most ballots and those votes should carry him over the other competitors.


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Colt McCoy – University of Texas
Quarterback – 6-2, 210, Senior

2009 NCAA Rankings
McCoy by the Numbers

3: His three seasons with at least 3,000 yards passing is half of the Longhorn all-time total of six. No UT player has ever thrown for more than 3,000 yards in a season more than once in their career.

28: NCAA leading consecutive games with a TD pass streak.

36: Has accomplished his numbers in 2009 despite watching from the sidelines in many Longhorn blowouts. He has played in just 36 of a possible 44 quarters on the year.

45: Longhorn records held by McCoy.

20-3 (87%): McCoy’s career record in road and neutral-site games (includes loss at Kansas State when he was injured on first series of game).

McCoy Heating Up: Over the past five games, Colt McCoy has completed 130-of-169 passes (76.9%) for 1,487 yards (297.4 ypg) and 12 TDs (2 INT).

That works out to a 171.9 pass efficiency rating. Excluding sacks, he’s also rushed for 146 yards on 35 carries (4.2 ypc). He’s led the Longhorns to scores on 30 (23 TDs/7 FGs) of 47 drives (64%) in those games.

Going Deep: Colt McCoy has completed 16 passes of at least 30 yards this season with 10 of them coming in the last five games. Of the 10 completions over 30 yards, six have gone for 40 or more, three for 50 or more, two for 60 or more and one for more than 80.

Did You Know?: McCoy is averaging 27.7 yards per TD pass on his 23 scoring throws.

Climbing the NCAA Charts: In addition to breaking the NCAA record for career QB victories (43), McCoy improved his career total offense numbers to 14,172, sixth on the NCAA all-time list. He also has 12,756 career passing yards (7th in NCAA history), 108 career passing TDs (7th), 126 career TDs responsible for (6th) and his 70.9 career completion percentage ranks as tops in NCAA history.

On a Roll: McCoy has led the Longhorns to victory in 24 of the last 25 games (.960). That record includes two bowl-game victories and eight wins over ranked opponents. In those games, McCoy has gone 639-of-856 (74.6%) for 7,057 yards (282.3 ypg) and 58 TDs (18 INTs) for a 162.1 passer rating, while rushing for 838 yards and 13 TDs. He is averaging 315.8 yards of total offense and nearly three TDs per game. McCoy has thrown for at least 250 yards in 18 of the 25 games, at least two TDs in 19 and completed at least 70 percent of his passes in 19. He also has posted a rushing and passing TD in 10 of the games.

I’ll Second That: McCoy joined Vince Young as just the second QB in Longhorn history to post back-to-back 11 win seasons. He is seeking to become the first Texas QB ever to register consecutive 12 victory seasons.

(Source: University release)


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The Statesman ranks the top Texas quarterbacks of all time. Where does Colt McCoy rank?

Link: McCoy needs to win a title before topping the likes of legends Young, Street.


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Fans knew it would be close but the final 2008 [tag]Heisman[/tag] voting came down to 151 points between the first and third place finishers. Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford ended up edging out Texas quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] to take home this season’s Heisman Trophy. The two Big 12 QBs didn’t get the most first place votes (that honor fell to third place finisher Tim Tebow) but Bradford pulled in enough place votes to “earn” the trophy.

The final voting totals for the top three are below:

  1st 2nd 3rd Total
Sam Bradford, Oklahoma 300 315 196 1,726
Colt McCoy, Texas 266 288 230 1,640
Tim Tebow, Florida 309 207 234 1,575

Kirk Herbstreit and Co. discuss how the voting broke down right after the presentation:

It wouldn’t surprise me if both Bradford and Tebow test the NFL draft waters but if they don’t we could see these same three finalists again next December. McCoy is coming back for sure and will certainly be at the top of a very short list of Heisman favorites in 2009.


Texas quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] has rocketed to the top of every Heisman poll and this week garnered every single first place vote in the poll of ESPN’s experts. But he also has at least one vote from someone that matters, last year’s Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow:

Tebow, who could become the first player since Ohio State’s Archie Griffin in 1975 to win consecutive Heismans, said Monday that Texas quarterback Colt McCoy is his top choice right now.

“Being smart and just looking at guys who are having a good year, he obviously is someone to look at and would probably be my top guy I’d vote for right now,” Tebow said. “He’s playing extremely well and doing a great job leading his team and handles it with a lot of class, too.”

Like every other former winner, Tebow has a vote in the poll along with 870 media members. If the season ended today, it appears that Colt would receive a ton of first place votes and run away with the award.


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