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Most Texas fans have been telling Austin American-Statesman writer Kirk Bohls what they think of him for some time now. Last night after his big awards haul, Texas quarterback [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] also got in on the act.

Bohls sealed his fate in the hearts and minds of Longhorn fans when he put Reggie Bush over Texas quarterback [tag]Vince Young[/tag] on his 2005 Heisman ballot. It’s an even more disputed race this year and once again, in a slightly less egregious error, Bohls again didn’t put the Texas QB number one on his ballot. Colt noticed, and had some smart comments for the local journalist:

McCoy said his awards couldn’t be viewed as an indicator that he’d win the Heisman. “I don’t think this has any impact on the Heisman,” he said. “At the same time, I’m very thankful.”

Later, after commenting that he didn’t play for awards and that they’re a credit to the team, McCoy still took a jab at Austin (Texas) American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls, who did not vote for McCoy for the Heisman.

“Tell Kirk Bohls thanks for all the votes,” McCoy told a few writers. “You can put that on the air or anywhere you want.”

We’ll find out if Bohls’ unimportant vote (his thoughts not mine) cost McCoy the Heisman Trophy when the winner is announced Saturday night.


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  1. reply to  #1


    Kirk, The Austin Statesman should fire your a$$. Your are a disgrace to
    Texas, UT, and your parents. Bush won the Heisman in 2005, Young
    won the National Title. McCoy should have won it, but Ingrham had 5 games that were below average agmes. Texas will thrive on the fact
    that thier QB got screwed by the writers and by a you. Have a sucky
    Christmas a%@#&.

  2. reply to  #2


    Actually, Kirk Bohls should be commended for voting his conscience. In all truth and honesty, I could not have supported a first place vote for McCoy after the Nebraska debacle.

    McCoy did abything and everything he could to give that game to Nebraska, but fortunately the Big12 and its referees were not about to let a chance to put a team in the National Champinship go to waste. Hence the additional mysterious second appearing on the clock and McCoy’s later comments about “clock management”. Yeah, right.

    McCoy – take your awards and accolades and be proud of everything you accompished while at Texas. You should avoid appearing so petty, though. It isn’t becoming. Not everyone is Heisman material and a comment like that suggests maybe Bohls knew what he was doing.

  3. reply to  #3


    McCoy is whining. Why does this not surprise me? A&M’s qb Johnson overshadowed McCoy even while McCoy had a great game. McCoy did not lose the Heisman, he never was in the running. Take off your orange glasses. I’m a huge fan but I am objective. The next decade belongs to the Aggies I’m afraid. McCoy – don’t look up to whiny Brown – he is a disgrace to our program. I’d rather have a man in charge than a whining baby.

    Hook ’em and let’s win the MNC!

  4. reply to  #4


    Dude it wasn’t McCoy’s fault that he was running for life pretty much every time he went back to pass, it’s the offensive line’s fault for letting everything through. 2 of those 3 picks were the receiver’s fault even though the ball hit them in the hands. Also, time management is the coach’s fault, ask Les Miles. And the clock call was correct, if you can’t see that then you’re an idiot.

  5. reply to  #5


  6. reply to  #6


    The next decade belongs to A&M? Are you high? What have those jerkoffs done to warrant that kind of respect. They ALMOST beat us. At their stadium. On the 10th anniversary of the Bonfire collapse. With Muschamp’s defense playing poorly and missing 13 or so tackles. Until they can recruit well enough to get the likes of Earl Thomas and Marcus Houston on their team, I’m less than impressed.

  7. reply to  #7


    Sorry. Lamarr Houston. I was thinking Marcus Tubbs.

  8. reply to  #8

    Bill Roddy

    it’s interesting to see that in hindsight, Kirk was right. I’ve always respected Kirk for not being a “homer”. I live in the DC area and I still remember Wilbon being a shameless homer when Texas lost to Georgetown in basketball in a close game.

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