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Colt McCoy will return for his senior season

Colt McCoy will return for his senior season

Texas’ hopes for the 2009 season just got a lot higher. Junior quarterback (and Heisman leader) [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] told the Austin American-Statesman today that he would be staying at UT for his senior season. Here’s the Bevo Beat story:

Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy will stay for his senior season.

McCoy told the American-Statesman of his decision Monday.

“I’m not going anywhere,” McCoy said.

McCoy said he wants to play for a national championship, after falling one spot short of the title game this season.

“I’m coming back because we have a solid coaching staff,” he said. “And I’m coming back because I feel like I can develop the young receivers we have.”

McCoy said he will not “initiate” an evaluation with the NFL underclassmen committee. He said his coaches may ask for an evaluation for informational purposes, but he does not plan on asking them to do so.

McCoy is a redshirt junior. After this semester, he’ll have 12 hours remaining before he graduates. He said he’s planning on doing an internship this summer and will take a final course next fall, then graduate.

Freaking. Fantastic. News.

It can’t be overstated how important this is for the Longhorns in 2009. [tag]John Chiles[/tag] improved by leaps and bounds this season but he’s not ready to lead this team where they’re capable of going. This team should be in this year’s title game and (depending on who returns at OU) and with McCoy returning will likely be one of the top three teams in next year’s preseason polls. The Longhorns are less than a month away from playing in the [tag]Fiesta Bowl[/tag] and I’m already fired up for next season.


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    That really is great news. If our starters can stay healthy and out of trouble until next fall, we should really have a great team. I think we will be ranked within the top 5 at the start of the season; but, I also believe that Texas has a great shot at playing in and winning the National Championship. Can’t wait…

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    If Bradford doesn’t come back at OU I think the Horns are easily the number one team to start next season.

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    Ah, good point. Is Bradford eligible for the NFL draft? Looking at their roster, I see that DeMarco Murray is barely a sophomore. Damn, I thought he was a senior. I hope he is draft eligible as well. Both are great players. By the way, I also hope Michael Crabtree from Tech gets drafted. I would hate to have him come back next year. The guy is really good. Did you guys read the article about him going one-on-one with Pacman Jones at a football camp in Dallas? But, again, can’t wait for next season. I can definitely see McCoy winning the Heisman and our young running backs doing a lot better than this year. Also, I’m anxious to see Gilbert Garrett from Lake Travis on board. I’m sure he will do great. John Chiles better step up if he wants to start after McCoy leaves. This fellow from Lake Travis really looks promising.

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    @Raul: Bradford is a redshirt sophomore, which means he can come out if he wants. According to ESPN today, he’s at least going to look into it: Sam Bradford will consider all options

    Everything I’ve heard for months is that there’s no way Crabtree comes back to Tech next year, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking from Texas fans.

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    thanks for that link on Bradford. I guess he is going to test the NFL waters to see what opportunities are out there for him. But, besides that, I would imagine that if, if, if the Sooners were to win over the Gators and if Bradford were to win the Heisman as well, I think that would push him towards the NFL. But, if the Sooners lost and he were not to get the Heisman, he might feel like he still has those things to accomplish at OU before he considers the NFL. Of course, that just speculative on my part. But, if I were him, that’s how I would see it. Either way, I still hope that the Gators beat the Sooners and bad. And about Crabtree, if he comes back to Tech next season, he will “almost” be unstoppable.

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