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Download named rosters and put Colt McCoy into NCAA 10.

Download named rosters and put Colt McCoy into NCAA 10.

Finally, the named rosters for NCAA Football 2010 is available for both your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Simply go into the EA Locker area and search for the username ‘pastapadre’ to get the rosters with all your favorite Longhorns “in the game”. More info below and on

Search for the Gamertag and PSN name pastapadre and they will be available to download. These have only been named and no other changes have been made meaning they can be used for online play and the names will be displayed… After downloading from the locker make sure to save the file and then manually load it up to see all the names appear for the first time. I’ll continue to update this posting if any changes are made to the roster files being held in the lockers.

Please, nobody tell Sam Keller.


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It’s that time of year again, EA Sports’ NCAA Football 10 hits stores this week and college football fans everywhere will finally be getting their yearly fix. Finally some digital football to distract us from our lives and families before the real thing gets here in mid-August!

It looks like the game is another evolution from previous years’ games and not a revolution, but the new features including online dynasty mode and TeamBuilder seem aimed right at the diehard college football fan that reads this site. Check out the video review from IGN below:

Buy NCAA Football 10


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Brian Orakpo will be an 82 rated defensive end for the Redskins in Madden 10.

Brian Orakpo will be an 82 rated defensive end for the Redskins in Madden 10.

Roger Goodell and [tag]Brian Orakpo[/tag] were still on stage at last weekend’s [tag]NFL Draft[/tag] and EA Sports already had Orakpo’s Madden NFL 10 Washington Redskins player card ready. The EA experts love his speed and power and rated him as an 82 overall. Both in real life and in the game, Rak is going to have a chance to contribute and flourish early on as a rookie playing next to Albert Haynesworth.

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ESPN has posted several good videos and articles on the future Longhorns participating in this weekend’s Under Armour All-America Game. Players like [tag]Garrett Gilbert[/tag] and [tag]Mason Walters[/tag] are getting the chance to impress on a national stage and according to Bobby Burton of Gilbert in particular has done so. With five future Longhorns in the game they’re also getting an early opportunity to hang out together, something that will help the group hit the ground running once they get onto the 40 Acres.

ESPN got each of the guys to say a few things about the experience of playing in this game and about choosing to go to Texas. In the first few seconds of the video future [tag]LSU[/tag] athlete Russell Shepard (who seems like a really good kid) passes by and tells the interviewer that future Horn Gilbert is the best QB in the country. I guess the Texas coaches got it right at quarterback after all. Watch below:

The players seem to get along well, which is particularly key for the three offensive lineman. It’s also great to hear that they’ve already got their eyes on a national title:

Mason Walters is 6-foot-7 and nearly 300 pounds. Still, the physically imposing offensive tackle is dwarfed by the larger-than-life expectations that constantly surround the football team at the University of Texas.

As one of five Texas commits participating in Sunday’s Under Armour All-America Game (ESPN, 7 pm), Walters is a principal member of a Longhorns recruiting class that is tall on talent. He says despite each individual’s ability, the group puts a single goal — a collective goal — at the top of its New Year’s resolutions.

“We want a ring,” Walters said. “That’s not a question. We don’t care about awards and stuff individually. I think that the guys want the team to win a national championship in the future. It’s something you can say, but it’s a lot of hard work.”

Under Armour All-Americans Garrett Gilbert, [tag]Paden Kelley[/tag], [tag]Thomas Ashcraft[/tag] and [tag]Barrett Matthews[/tag] will be joining Walters in Austin next year. Together, they constitute the core of a class that has nine players in the ESPNU 150 and was ranked third in’s most recent breakdown of the top recruiting classes.

Walters also shared his quick personal New Year’s resolutions which include his Halo 3 rank and getting fellow future UT linemate Paden Kelly to cut his hair. Mason certainly looks and sounds like a man already. Watch Mason below:

Love to see the kids bonding as this group of guys along with the players at the US Army All-American Game will make up the core of future Texas teams. You can catch Under Armour practices on ESPNU this week and the game will air live Sunday night at 7pm.


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Video game website reviews NCAA Football 09 and thinks this year’s version is pretty impressive. The game continues to increase the overall college atmosphere in the game every year and this season the additions of online 60-year dynasties with your friends/enemies makes the game definitely worth a purchase.

Watch the video below:

Go buy the game from and then add HookEm722 to your Xbox Live friends list if you want to take me on. We’ll be trying to organize an online dynasty on the site soon, stay tuned.



About two weeks ago we reported that this is crunch time for the independent roster editors for NCAA 09, which goes to the street today. But as this video — of NCAA 09’s roster screen — shows, using a third-party edited file can can corrupt a team’s depth chart and its overall rating, if not delete the team entirely, until EA can patch the game.

For roster editors, this is a setback in a niche that has prided itself on near-instantaneous turnaround of complete roster files by the date the game drops. EA, we’re told, is working feverishly on a patch to resolve this problem. But for now, anyone who downloads any roster file should avoid editing it; and those who do choose to edit it should do so offline, as doing so online risks corruption and can crash the game, according to our source.

Conversations with that source tell of an entire, crucial weekend of work essentially lost. One early-bird editor, working off of a devkit and not a final copy of the game, already got a file out through EA Locker. Other roster editors used it as source for their own files, and discovered the glitch. Even though the original author removed that file, there is still some residual viral spread that could affect unwitting others. It and anything going around right now should be considered suspect until the game is patched.

“I was assured that when I release my rosters on Friday there shouldn’t be any problems wth them,” one editor, who demanded anonymity because of a close, unofficial relationship with EA, told Kotaku. A day-three release of a custom roster file was, to now, considered very late. Now it’s the earliest that a reliable file can be produced.

The corruption — and this could be a total shot in the dark — appears to involve nonstandard ASCII characters in certain players’ names in the roster file, such as the infamous A’Mod Ned of Florida International, who memorably waded into a melee between FIU and Miami in 2006 on a pair of crutches. Indeed FIU is one of several teams that go missing, for inexplicable reasons, after changes are made to a roster file that was already created and shared by one editor. While that editor has already removed the file from EA locker, others who downloaded it continue to send it to friends unwittingly.

If you intend to game with custom roster files on NCAA Football, you probably should not use them until you see that the game has downloaded a patch from Electronic Arts.


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The winner is...…Stephen W. out of Cedar Park.

Congratulations to Stephen for being randomly selected as the winner of a copy of NCAA Football 09 courtesy of Bevo Sports. Stephen entered our game giveaway contest simply by sending in his name and email address and now he’s being shipped the Xbox 360 version of the game. He’ll have the game soon and should be playing in a new online dynasty as the Horns by the end of the week.

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest and for reading the site. Keep tuning in here for more great content, all new features, and the chance at free stuff. Hook ’em!


Win NCAA Football 09 for the PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360NCAA Football 09 (finally) comes out Tuesday but you have less than 48 hours remaining to sign up to win it from Bevo Sports. No strings attached, no purchase necessary, just fill out one form with your name and email address and you can win the game.

Game will be shipped via two-day shipping so it will ship Tuesday and you should have it in your hands for free by the end of the week. The contest ends at 11:59 pm Central time on Saturday July 12th. Go sign up to win now and let Bevo Sports hook you up with your virtual football fix.


Win NCAA Football 09 for the PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360A friendly reminder that you now have less than a week to sign up to win NCAA Football 09 courtesy of Bevo Sports. We’re giving away a copy to one lucky reader for the system of their choice. Whether you have a Wii, a PlayStation 3, or a Xbox 360 we’ll hook you up with the goods.

The contest ends at 11:59 pm Central time on Saturday July 12th. Enter to win now and let Bevo Sports fill your summer with joy.


Vince Young dives for the TD in Madden 09

NCAA Football 09 isn’t even out yet (and we’re giving it away!!) but I’m also getting excited about Madden 09 thanks to some new video and screenshots that have hit the web.

Operation Sports has up a ton of new images including the great one above of Titans’ [tag]Vince Young[/tag] diving for a beautiful touchdown at the pylon against the Jaguars. I love the flashes going off in the crowd. It’s accurately catching what really happens, despite the fact that with most cameras that probably means you just took a photo of the guy’s head in front of you.

Word from the guys at IGN and Gamespot is that Madden 09 is more than just a roster update, hopefully they’re right and there are some cool new features. Other than last year’s version (which I bought just because Vince was on the cover), I’ve been buying NCAA and renting Madden every year for a while. There will have to be more than a rewind/cheat feature to make me purchase the game this year.

Check out the screenshots.

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