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Win NCAA Football 09 for the PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360

Congrats to our winner Stephen W. out of Cedar Park, TX.

Had July 15th marked on your calendar for months? Us too. Games don’t begin until the end of August but for many college football fans the season begins in mid-July when NCAA Football 09 by EA Sports is released. This year Bevo Sports is going to help you get your fix, we’re giving away a copy of the game to one lucky reader for either the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii.

We will randomly select one winner from entries submitted to this form and the winner will receive NCAA Football 09 free for the console of their choice shipped on launch day. No strings attached, just cool free stuff from your favorite Texas Longhorns website.

Comments on this post are open only for questions about the contest, you must fill out this entry form to win. Only one entry per person (and per IP address) is allowed. Game will be shipped via Two-Day Shipping so winning mailing address must be in the continental United States.

The contest ends at 11:59 pm Central time on Saturday July 12th, so have your submission in by then to win. We’ll notify the winner Sunday morning and the game should be in the mail on the way to them Tuesday and in their grubby little hands by the end of the week!

Note: This contest is not endorsed or sponsored in any way by Electronic Arts or EA Sports.

Contest has ended. Buy NCAA 09 from


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Update: Download named rosters for NCAA Football 10. (7/23/2009)

NCAA Football 09 is less than a month away, the demo is up on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, and player ratings are starting to make their way on to the Internet. EA Sports released the team top 25 and player ratings for all those teams.

I went through the list and put the players’ real names in where possible. I had trouble with a lot of the true freshmen in the game so if you know who any of the blank names are or if I made any mistakes please let me know in the comments. It really looks like EA did a poor job this year on the roster and depth chart. Hopefully it’s a little more accurate when the game is released.

You can download Excel files of the player ratings at the bottom of this post or check out the overall ratings for the Texas team below:

Real Name Name Year Position Rating
[tag]Buck Burnette[/tag] C #66 Soph(RS) C 78
C #60 Fresh C 72
[tag]Deon Beasley[/tag] CB #7 Junior CB 85
[tag]Ryan Palmer[/tag] CB #13 Senior(RS) CB 84
[tag]Curtis Brown[/tag] CB #3 Soph CB 83
[tag]Aaron Williams[/tag] CB #26 Fresh CB 80
[tag]Chykie Brown[/tag] CB #8 Soph(RS) CB 80
[tag]Earl Thomas[/tag] CB #12 Fresh(RS) CB 78
[tag]DJ Monroe[/tag] CB #27 Fresh CB 76
[tag]Roy Miller[/tag] DT #99 Senior DT 90
[tag]Jarvis Humphrey[/tag] DT #96 Fresh DT 80
[tag]Brian Ellis[/tag] DT #90 Soph(RS) DT 78
[tag]Ben Alexander[/tag] DT #92 Junior DT 76
[tag]Kheeston Randall[/tag] DT #88 Fresh DT 76
[tag]Chris Ogbonnayya[/tag] FB #3 Senior(RS) FB 93
[tag]Cody Johnson[/tag] FB #31 Fresh(RS) FB 72
[tag]Ben Wells[/tag] FS #5 Fresh(RS) FS 84
[tag]Christian Scott[/tag] FS #6 Fresh(RS) FS 77
[tag]Blake Gideon[/tag] FS #21 Fresh FS 77
[tag]Vondrell McGee[/tag] HB #2 Soph(RS) HB 85
[tag]DeSean Hales[/tag] HB #30 Fresh HB 80
[tag]Antwan Cobb[/tag] HB #24 Soph(RS) HB 79
[tag]Fozzy Whittaker[/tag] HB #22 Fresh(RS) HB 78
[tag]Jeremy Hills[/tag] HB #32 Fresh HB 76
[tag]Tre Newton[/tag] HB #23 Fresh HB 73
[tag]Hunter Lawrence[/tag] K #15 Junior K 82
[tag]Justin Tucker[/tag] K #9 Fresh K 69
[tag]Lamarr Houston[/tag] LE #33 Junior LE 91
[tag]Aaron Lewis[/tag] LE #95 Senior LE 85
[tag]Henry Melton[/tag] LE #37 Senior LE 80
[tag]Charlie Tanner[/tag] LG #52 Junior(RS) LG 86
[tag]Tray Allen[/tag] LG #70 Soph LG 82
[tag]Chris Hall[/tag] LG #71 Junior(RS) LG 81
[tag]Aundre McGaskey[/tag] LG #76 Fresh(RS) LG 74
[tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag] LOLB #2 Junior LOLB 85
LOLB #16 Fresh LOLB 80
LOLB #57 Fresh LOLB 76
[tag]David Snow[/tag] LT #78 Fresh LT 78
[tag]Britt Mitchell[/tag] LT #72 Soph(RS) LT 78
[tag]Rashad Bobino[/tag] MLB #44 Senior(RS) MLB 90
[tag]Jared Norton[/tag] MLB #11 Junior MLB 85
[tag]Trevor Gerland[/tag] P #17 Junior(RS) P 83
[tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] QB #12 Junior(RS) QB 89
[tag]Sherrod Harris[/tag] QB #17 Soph(RS) QB 81
[tag]John Chiles[/tag] QB #7 Soph QB 79
[tag]Eddie Jones[/tag] RE #32 Soph(RS) RE 92
[tag]Brian Orakpo[/tag] RE #98 Senior(RS) RE 90
[tag]Russell Carter[/tag] RE #97 Fresh(RS) RE 77
[tag]Cedric Dockery[/tag] RG #55 Senior(RS) RG 89
[tag]Michael Huey[/tag] RG #63 Soph RG 81
[tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag] ROLB #38 Junior(RS) ROLB 87
[tag]Keenan Robinson[/tag] ROLB #53 Fresh(RS) ROLB 82
ROLB #4 Fresh ROLB 75
[tag]Adam Ulatoski[/tag] RT #74 Junior(RS) RT 85
[tag]Mark Buchanan[/tag] RT #54 Fresh RT 74
[tag]Ishie Oduegwu[/tag] SS #19 Junior(RS) SS 88
[tag]Nolan Brewster[/tag] SS #36 Fresh SS 79
[tag]Peter Ullman[/tag] TE #86 Senior(RS) TE 81
[tag]Ahmard Howard[/tag] TE #13 Fresh(RS) TE 74
[tag]Blaine Irby[/tag] TE #19 Soph TE 73
[tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] WR #6 Senior WR 89
[tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] WR #8 Senior(RS) WR 84
[tag]Montre Webber[/tag] WR #14 Soph(RS) WR 83
[tag]Dan Buckner[/tag] WR #4 Fresh WR 79
[tag]Malcolm Williams[/tag] WR #9 Fresh(RS) WR 78
[tag]DJ Grant[/tag] WR #80 Fresh WR 75
[tag]Antoine Hicks[/tag] WR #81 Fresh WR 75
[tag]James Kirkendoll[/tag] WR #87 Soph WR 74
Win NCAA Football 09 from Bevo Sports

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Just a reminder that if you’re interested in getting a free copy of NCAA Football 08 for the Xbox 360 you need to contact us before the end of the weekend. Check out this post for a few more details.


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NCAA Football 08The new game is only a few months away but you can win NCAA Football 08 from Bevo Sports today! One of the best football games of the last few years and a must play for the obsessive compulsive college football fan. Like recruiting? You can spend hours in the game calling the top players in the nation and telling them what Texas has to offer.

Okay, really I just forgot to eBay this 6 months ago which means its now not worth it. But if you’re interested in the game it still sells for $40 at retail so getting for free isn’t so bad! Simply fill out our contact form and mention you want the game and I’ll select a winner at random at the end of next week.

I am giving away the Xbox 360 version of the game so please make sure you’re capable of playing it before entering. Keep visiting Bevo Sports, we’ll be giving away more stuff (including NCAA 09 in July) to lucky readers throughout the year!


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GameSpot has posted their early first look at NCAA Football 09. Just checking out the screenshots gets me hyped.


The next big video game in College Station? iSheep, the bleeding edge in simulated shepherding technology.


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For our geekier readers this is a cool video of the Cal band’s halftime show against Washington State earlier this month. A musical tribute to video games featuring theme music and scenes from games like Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and Tetris. Check it out:

Hey their team may suck and the actual music was pretty mediocre, but that was definitely a cool idea and they did a great job with their routine. (Is that the right word? Routine?) Certainly a lot more interesting than a band that just does the same exact thing every single time.


Microsoft adds ESPN programing to the Xbox 360. I might pay $4.50 for a game in HD if I could have it on more than my Xbox.


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Jamaal Charles NCAA 08 custom coverEA Sports’ NCAA Football 08 has been out for a couple of weeks now and the game is fantastic. This year’s version on the Xbox 360 is definitely a big step up from last year’s disappointing next gen appearance. The game isn’t perfect (excessive turnovers, bad ESPN integration, a few strange quirks in the menus) and I’ll have a review up after I’ve had more time to play, but so far my biggest issue is Jared Zabransky’s mug on the cover.

Don’t want someone who will soon be working in an autobody shop on the cover of your game? That’s where the site EA Custom Covers comes in. They’ve got high quality custom covers with your favorite players from all your favorite teams for whatever version of the game you own. Check out their Texas gallery including covers for Colt McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Limas Sweed, and Selvin Young. If you passed kindergarten it’s easy to print out the cover you want, cut it out, and replace the picture of the Boise State QB Sooner-killer with someone more deserving.


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Matt Leinart is still whining about losing to Texas in the 2006 Rose Bowl, but now it’s actually kind of amusing in a pretty decent new commercial for NCAA Football ’08 from EA Sports:

They could have rewritten the ending of the game a little more realistically, instead of Leinart suddenly becoming a scrambling dynamo. Or for ultimate accuracy, they could have shown him quietly sobbing on the sideline.

This is actually part of a series of commercials for the game with players talking about how they’d rewrite history. Others include Texas beating Oklahoma in 2004 (haven’t seen that one yet) and OU stuffing Boise State’s Statue of Liberty play to win the Fiesta Bowl. NCAA Football ’08 will be in stores on July 17th for current and next-gen game systems.


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