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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against the Aggies.

Pre-Game WTH 118 years?! I agree that egos have caused this rivalry to end. The Aggies says “It’s time for Texas A&M”… to slug it out with the SEC. The Horns have their path to blaze (LHN). Divorce is tough. Let’s reunite for the kids’ sake.

1st Quarter (7:26) WTH Tucker?! The 31 yard punt by Justin Tucker was making every Longhorn fan pull out their hair. The only good outcome was that most of his punts were never returned. He definitely made up for his punting woes at the end.

2nd Quarter (12:13) WTH Refs 1?! Keenan Robinson was called for roughing the passer when the QB Ryan Tannehill landed on him? Keenan must have pissed off the entire officiating crew because he also got called for a horse collar penalty in the third quarter when he clearly just had the jersey.

2nd Quarter (9:31) WTH Shipley?! This is not for the pass play to Irby for the first score. Before that play and the muffed punt that caused all the electricity for the Horns, Jaxon Shipley I think had the play of the game. On third down his bad knee gave way and he barely got a hand on the ball to knock it down. An Aggie defender was there ready to make the interception and take it to the house. Close call!

2nd Quarter (1:47) WTH Harsin?! Coach Harsin I am going to blame you for this interception thrown by Miles Onyegbule. Your innovative play calling gets this Horn team so fired up that they will throw into triple coverage to please you.

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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against the Rice Owls.

Texas running back Malcolm Brown

Texas freshman running back Malcolm Brown rushed for 86 yards against Rice. (AP Photo)

Pregame (15:00) WTH LHN?! C’mon ESPN I know you want the biggest bang for your buck, but you are pissing off Longhorn Nation without letting the fans see the game at least on pay per view. The 101,624 in attendance saw the Longhorn Network studio set up in the Southeast section of the stadium. Coincidence that it chose that location?

1st Quarter (1:18) WTH QB Controversy?! I guess you can eliminate the controversy when you have 6 players line up to take the snap. Fozzy Whitaker had the most success in the wildcat formation when he wowed the crowd with his exploits (88 all-purpose yds. & 2 TD’s). QB David Ash will not redshirt this year because he has a package… giggle.

2nd Quarter (13:03) WTH Crime Dog?! Rice RB Sam McGuffie took a wicked shot from S Kenny Vaccaro and managed to gather himself to complete a 15 yard pass which was the longest pass play for the Owls. It was a great job by the UT defense all night in keeping Rice out of the end zone.

2nd Quarter (:35) WTH Special Package?! Guess no one was missing Coach Davis after all the different packages of players that came running on and off the field during the game. I was tired just watching the players run back and forth. Get used to the illegal motion penalties with all the different packages of players getting familiar with the new system installed by Coach Harsin.

Halftime WTH MOB?! Great job by the funniest band in the land. The Rice band made fun of the Aggies leaving for the SEC. The line of the night was when the Rice announcer said that the Big 12 and the SEC were both raising their IQ points by that Aggies move.

3rd Quarter (12:15) WTH Grape?! Garret Gilbert had a solid night for the Horns (13-23 for 239 1 TD – no turnovers). The dumbfounding play was when he was being chased out of the pocket and he flipped the ball backwards that thankfully Fozzy landed on the fumble.

3rd Quarter (5:32) WTH Out of Bounds?! I have heard the saying that a player has a nose for the end zone. Never heard of a player that is attracted to the out of bounds line. An earlier run in the first half by Jaxon Shipley was negated by him touching the end line. Thankfully his aerobatic catch for the touchdown in the third quarter was not wiped out by an apparent end line violation. Dare I say that Jaxon looks faster than Jordan?

4th Quarter (1:00) WTH Rugby?! Justin Tucker is such a great field goal kicker that I wonder about the decision to use him as a rugby style punter. Justin’s final punt only traveled six yards to set up the Owls at mid field. Great job by the UT defense and non-scholarship player Cody Ramirez to recover a fumble to end the drive.

End of the Game WTH UT Band?! It’s a great moment when the tower is lit orange and the band plays the Eyes of Texas after a win. A new wrinkle was added before the traditional ending to a game. The entire football team was serenaded by the Band’s rendition of DJ Khaled “All I Do is Win.” No one can deny that this is a brand new season.

Next up for the Longhorn’s are the Mormons from BYU at 6pm on Sept. 10th.

Thanks for following my WTH articles throughout the season. I appreciate the opportunity to rant about the greatest University sports program in the country. You can continue to follow comments on all of UT sports on twitter at 40AcresSports or follow me at Horns1991. HOOK EM!!


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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas Longhorns’ game against the Texas A&M Aggies.

True freshman receiver Marquise Goodwin's kick return TD in the 4th quarter ended it. (Image: Statesman)

True freshman receiver Marquise Goodwin's kick return TD in the 4th quarter ended it. (Image: Statesman)

1st Quarter (13:44) WTH Goonies?! The UT defense (aka “Goonies” or “Legion of Boom”) gave up a 70 yard touchdown pass to A&M Jeff Fuller which got the Aggies student body kissing crazy. The defense could not come up with any significant stops most of the night (A&M had 532 total yards). Some say that the short week caused the defense to be tired. Whatever the reason for the worst defensive outing of the year Coach Blood needs to get it corrected.

1st Quarter (10:12) WTH 4th Down?! [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] decided that he was practically going to go for it on every 4th down play (1 for 3 for the night). I do not mind the aggressive play calling but the razzle-dazzle option play to punter [tag]Justin Tucker[/tag] that traveled 15 yards to come up two yards short was ridiculous.

2nd Quarter (14:10 & 1:11) WTH 65 yards?! That is exactly the yardage that [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] ran up the middle to gouge the A&M defense for the go ahead score to start the second quarter. The run was so spectacular that it will definitely be replayed in New York during the Heisman presentation. That also happens to be the exact amount of yardage that Colt led the offense just before the half to take back the lead 21-14. He completed 4 out of 5 passes and ran twice during this series to grab back any momentum away for the Aggies. Two signature moments that every Longhorn fan needs to remember about Colt because I know the Aggies will never forget it.

2nd Quarter (6:27) WTH Frederick?! I have heard of being juked out of your shoes, but I never thought I would see it. A&M Terrence Frederick was trying to cover UT [tag]James Kirkendoll[/tag] when Terrence came out of both of his shoes. He did make the tackle in his stocking feet after the 12 yard completion.

Halftime WTH Aggie Band?! Well we lost another halftime to the Aggies. Will we ever win one?!

4th Quarter (6:57) WTH Goodwin?! The great equalizer after your rival just scored a touchdown to bring them within 3 points in the 4th quarter. [tag]Marquise Goodwin[/tag] returned the kickoff 95 yards for the final margin that sealed the win for the Horns. Speed kills and Marquise had the ultimate answer.

Next up for the Longhorn’s is the Big XII Championship against the Huskers at 7pm on Dec. 5th.


WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against the Central Florida.

Pregame WTH UT Fans?! The Horns have not played a home game in close to a month and you need the alumni band to help fill out the upper deck. Yes, I know the game started at 11am, but there were way too many empty seats for the 2nd ranked team in the nation. Now I know why they announce the attendance (101,003) in the third quarter.

Kickoff (15:00) WTH Adidas?! Even before the kickoff, the UCF football team, wearing Adidas, was hexed because of a contract dispute. Newly signed Marcus Jordan (UCF basketball player) wore his dad’s Nikes which caused Adidas to terminate their $3 million dollar contract with the school. Never bite the hand that feeds you. The football team never had a chance.

2nd Quarter (5:22) WTH Jekyll?! Maybe I should call you Mr. Hyde. UT kicker [tag]Justin Tucker[/tag] boots a 70 yard kickoff which is not returned. Great Dr. Jekyll! Then Justin ( 3rd Qt. 11:31) proceeds to uncork a 16 yard punt. Come on Mr. Hyde! You know things are going good with the Horns when you’re complaining about the punting.

4th Quarter (13:01) WTH Jordan?! What an incredible pitch and catch between [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] and [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] for an 88 yard touchdown. After the game you put together (11 catches 273 yards), you deserve to take a bow. How about a Heisman pose like [tag]Ricky Williams[/tag] threw down? I guess your offense lineman wanted you to take a curtain call at the end of the game when they pushed you out to acknowledge the student section who was cheering your name.

Whole Game WTH Defense?! No interceptions. No fumble recoveries. Not even a touchdown? What is happening?! Oh yeah, UCF is 2 of 12 on 3rd down. The defense holds an opponent to lowest score of the season (3 pts.). Yeah, this group is OK. Defensive MVP was clearly [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag].

WTH Big XII?! Can the Longhorns continue the season as an Independent? Take the Longhorns win-loss record out of the mix and the rest of the Big XII record is 57-44. Only four teams after the first week of November are even bowl eligible.

Next up for the Longhorn’s is a trip up north to Waco to face the Baylor Bears at 11am Nov. 14th.


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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against the Buffs.

The Whole Game WTH Davis?! – I know that execution has a lot to do with our running game. I can see that it is difficult to sell to a UT offense lineman that firing out and hitting your man at the snap of the ball can be as successful as back pedaling and protecting the quarterback who is completing 73% of his passes. But Coach Greg Davis needs to stop falling in love with solving a non-existent running game (62 yards with an average 1.8 yards/carry) with throwing more. Texas was up against the 111th ranked run defense in the country with Colorado which does not bode well for our next meeting against OU. If we cannot stop the opponents’ interior run blitzes (thanks for trying with the shovel pass), we will not be going very far this season.

2nd Quarter (2:55) WTH McCoy?! – I know that you are not supposed to pull on Superman’s cape, but I do not like the trend that I am seeing. This scenario is occurring way too much with Colt McCoy giving up an early turnover for the opponent to jump on for a score. I now that he was rushed out of the pocket on this play but his handling of the football caused the fumble to end up in the Buffs hands. He cannot continue this type of results if the team wants to contend for the title.

3rd Qt & 4th Qt. (13:37 & 14:13) WTH Tucker?! – I know the coaching staff loves that fact that you’re ambidextrous with your feet, but Justin Tucker (28.8 yards/avg.) you have to be able to punt better than the 25 yard & 5 yard efforts respectfully that you gave on your rugby style kicks. I know that our lack of covering skills on kickoffs makes you feel that much better about your style.

3rd Quarter (12:32) WTH Muckelroy?! – Your tip of QB Cody Hawkins pass early in the 3rd quarter ended any type of momentum that the Buffs were trying to establish in the second half. Roddrick Muckelroy was clearly the defensive MVP with 11 total tackles and 1 crucial sack to start the fourth quarter.

The Whole Game WTH Shipley?! – Not only did you single handily put your stamp on the Horn’s offense ( 11 catches for 147 yds.) with incredible catches (1st Qt. 7:33 & 2nd Qt.:46) but you changed the momentum again with your ability to take it to the house (3rd Qt. 12:29) on a 74 yard punt return (thanks for blocking referee Cooper Castleberry) to end the Buffs hopes. You can start talking about Jordan Shipley in the same breath as Michigan’s Desmond Howard when he was starting his Heisman run back in 1991.

3rd Qt. & 4th Qt. WTH Punt return unit?! – Great job by the Longhorn punting unit to set up a back breaking return for at touchdown by Jordan Shipley and a crowd raising punt block by Marquis Goodwin that resulted in Ben Wells running it in for the score. We need more great special teams next week!

4th Quarter WTH Hawkins?! – Coach Dan Hawkins changed his Colorado family and his nuclear family at the same moment with the pulling of his son Dan Hawkins for redshirt freshman Tyler Hansen. The move came along with 5 false start penalties in the quarter which added to the Buffs accumulating 20 penalties for the game which resulted in 140 penalty yards. Thanks Coach Dan for pulling the plug on your season with your son who will definitely want to join you for Halloween festivities at your house later this month.

Next up for the Longhorn football team is Oklahoma at 11am at the Cotton Bowl on October 17th.


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Here’s a brief description of the first installment of the “WTH?” on UT sports. WTH? (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. This first edition covers some of the most interesting moments from Texas’ game against [tag]Texas Tech[/tag].

1st Quarter (7:02) – Texas Tech punt coverage team has the first WTH? when a short punt of 38 yards by Tech’s Donnie Carona ends up in the hands of an oncoming [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] who makes every TT player turn and trail Shipley for a 46 yard touchdown. WTH Raiders?!

1st Quarter (7:00) – Two seconds later Bevo asks WTH? when Jordan decides to jump over the reins that supposedly holds on to this two thousand pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal… thank you Godzillatron moment. No Texas football player has ever ventured so close to one of the most revered mascots since the Tyler Rose. WTH Shipley?

2nd Quarter (3:30) – [tag]Justin Tucker[/tag], UT punter, asks “WTH?” when he fist pounds the television/time clock referee (this is the guy that has the orange gloves and wanders aimlessly out to the middle of the field). Why the heck are you interacting with him? 28 seconds later he precedes to girlie punt the ball 19 yards to the Raiders 30 yard line out-of-bounds. WTH Tucker?!

4th Quarter (11:59) – WTH were the referees thinking? The entire 101,297 DKR crowd was wondering aloud, with a few cuss words, what ref Tom Walker and his crew was smoking when an incomplete pass to Texas Tech’s Alex Torres was turned into a personal foul, late hit on [tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag]. And then they threw in a roughing the passer call to cover their asses. On top of that WTH?, the very next play, which was a 2 yard loss for Tech, the same refs missed a blatant jersey hold by the Tech offense in front of everyone. WTH Walker?!

4th Quarter (11:49) – WTH should be defined as “Where the heck is my helmet?” when QB Taylor Potts had his head handed to him by the most ferocious sack by [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag]. Play of the night!! WTH Sergio?!

4th Quarter (3:40) – “WTH?” is what the entire Texas Tech and Texas fan base said when Mike Leach decided to call a rushing play over right tackle that netted only five yards in the middle of the field. TT down by 10 points. WTH Leach?!

Final Score: Texas 34, Texas Tech 24

Next up the University of Texas at El Paso at 2:30pm at DKR – See you there!


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Follow along below or with @40AcresSports on Twitter for live updates on the Texas vs. Wyoming game tonight at 2:30pm…

  • 40acressports's avatar One last wyo incompletion ends the game. Horns win! #ut 41 wyo 10 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar @gkketch I think Newton has earned his shot (and mcgee has lost his) but how much of his success is tired wyo defense? #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar What’s the spread? Would safety and 33 point lead mean #ut covers? #gamblingproblem 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Refs just blew whistle and called delay of game with 2 seconds left on play clock. Mack is flabbergasted. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Garrett Gilbert in for Horns. DJ Monroe at rb. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar What just happened on Versus? I didn’t see, my eyes were closed. #ut #stupidtexastech 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar McCoy likely done. 8:30 left score is #ut 41 wyo 10 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Great effort and block by Tray Allen as Chiles takes screen pass to the house. Touchdown horns!! Nice block by M Williams too. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar #ut receivers don’t do much on most run plays. Never even leave line if scrimmage. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Don’t think we need Shipley still in there returning punts with horns up big. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Earl Thomas and Gideon have hands about as good as mine. ET misses pick 6. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @gkketch: I believe Texas might have a new starting running back. Introducing Tre Newton… #UT 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Headed to 4th quarter, horns with comfortable lead: #ut 34 wyo 10 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar #UT defense holds on 4th down. Drive starts with nice strong 10 yd run by newton. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Everyone hates notre dame. Cheers from fans of all allegiances as Michigan scores. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Wyoming defense looks exhausted. Tre Newton takes it right up middle got 14 yd touchdown. Newton looks good. #ut 34 wyo 10 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar With way #ut defense is playing wouldn’t gave minded punt there. Of course I’ll also take nice 4th down conversion to Buckner. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar @MattMackowiak isn’t it great to have a qb who puts up numbers like that when he “sucks”? 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Okie State with comeback of their own. Now lead 28-24. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Chykie Brown shakes his head after incompletion, no flag is thrown. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Colt breaks tackles, rolls left and finds Buckner alone. Buckner breaks tackles, gets block from Newton and scores!! #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Tre Newton with very nice run. Loses a shoe and C Johnson in. Oline looking a little better. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Even Shipley fake FG not working today. More special teams blocking problems. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Apparently MWC officials have no idea what holding is. Opposite if big 12 refs who never call it. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Vondrell McGee limps off. Newton back in. No Cody Johnson today? 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Aaron Williams with big strip to get #ut ball right back. Sam Acho recovers. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Just noticed it was Tre Newton in on td run. Getting early playing time today. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar 96 seconds into 2nd half Longhorns strike on McCoy option keeper. Whew. Don’t take foot off gas Horns. #ut 20 wyo 10 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Horns quickly down to 15 yd line. Let’s see a redzone conversion!! #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar DJ Monroe takes short 2nd half kickoff back to wyo 40. Great start. Saw 2 #UT players high five, hope refs don’t flag them. 😉 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Think the Wyo coach’s necklace looks like it’s made of gumballs and popcorn. #ut (2nd half bout to start.) 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @ChipBrownOB: UT held Wyo w/out a single f1st down in 2nd quarter. Defense playing lights out. All 10 Wyo points traced to sp teams. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @KEYE_Sports: Mack says Justin Tucker faked the punt on his own. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @mikefinger: Colt McCoy’s halftime numbers: 17-of-29, 166 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. If no one was watching, it actually looks respectable. #UT 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @stevehabel: At half, TX has 237 yards to WYO’s 99, thanks to big final drive for TD. UT has 11 FD to 6 for WYO (none in 2nd qtr) #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Surprised by wyo taking a knee despite getting ball after OOB kickoff. Halftime. Let’s see how horns regroup. #ut 13 wyo 10 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar KIRKENDOLL!!! Fantastic run after catch on crossing route and jukes/stumbles into endzone for TD. #ut 13 wyo 10 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar @jfoster640 or maybe he DOES need to go to Shipley everytime. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Horns really really really need to answer. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Holding call gives Wyoming 7 points as #ut has punt block breakdown and cowboys take it into endzone. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar More bad officiating. It’s not a hold just because lineman’s hands are on defenders back. Costs #ut 1st down 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Kirkendoll drops 1st down. Think #ut is really missing Quan. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Fantastic defense by Randall and huge open field tackle by K Robinson stop wyo on 3rd and 3. #ut ball with 2:40 left. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar 3rd and 1 and Texas offensive line gets zero push. Punt time again. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar @KEYE_Sports #UT is fine. They’ll win thanks to overwhelming D. (knock on wood.) but it’s not overreaction to say they’re playing awful. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Dan Buckner with fantastic block but Colt McCoy looking very 2007. Not good. Interception Wyoming. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Great defense and another 3 and out. That side is holding up their end. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @crowan: Watching the game on vs. Tired of my 9 year old asking what male enhancement is. These commercials have got to go. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Horns get down to 3 but false start by Snow and then series of stumbles forces them to settle for fiejd goal. #ut 6 wyo 3 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Another clueless flag by MWC refs. Call illegal forward pass when Colt was behind line of scrimmage. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @chrismaka: That upside-down Horns sign is actually the official international hand sign for “I AM A COMPLETE DOUCHE BAG” 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Great scramble by Mccoy to get 15 on 3rd and 13. First and goal for #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Finally a long play to Kirkendoll. #ut ball down at 20. Kirk fired up, hope rest of team is too. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @bevobeat: Referees have now surpassed Versus in suckage. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Refs then get rule wrong after unsportsmanlike call. No clue. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Random terrible unsportsmanlike call by refs. Chykie was nowhere near defender. Awful. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Tucker takes a chance and tried to run for 1st down on fake punt. OMG. Wyo ball on #ut 13. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar DJ Monroe in and gets 2 straight carries. Nowhere to run. 3rd an 10. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Surprised by wyo decision to punt with 4th and 5 on #ut 45 yard line. Horns will take ball inside their 10. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Kindle has gotten several shots in on Wyo qb but he’s doing good job getting rid of ball. #ut DBs giving lots of cushion. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Vondrell McGee has been #ut running back on every play. #ut offense still struggling. Punt team. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Great read by Gideon breaks up pass on 3rd and 2 and forces punt. Shipley with short return. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Wyo starting qb not super accurate/consistent. #ut D needs to make him pay with an INT. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Colt not looking his normal accurate self. Leaving a lot of passes way high. #ut has to punt. Tucker with nice lefty soccer pooch punt. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @suzhalliburton: Buckner limps off on his own. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar They try deep seam to Buckner but he can’t hold on after big hit. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Wyo DBs off the LOS and bailing at snap. Colt having to hit underneath checkdowns. Might need to test deep middle. #ut. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Not sure that was 15 yd roughing but #ut will take it. Wyo hits punter and gives horns free first down. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Horns front 4 getting great pressure if Wyo just drops back to pass. More trouble when they zone play action and move pocket. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Both teams running a fast paced hurry up offense. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar After moving downfield easily Horns forced to settle for 32 yd field goal from Lawrence. #ut 3 wyo 0 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Dont forget: Follow along with today’s #UT vs Wyoming game live here on twitter and at 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Good pass rush on forts drive. #ut defense forces 3 and out. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Much much much better kickoff for Tucker. Touchback out back of endzone. #ut 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Found a place showing the #ut game. At Champps in Los Colinas. Horns bout to kickoff. 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @suzhalliburton: For those keeping score, #ut brought 74 players. Mack brown told us they normally take 80 on non-conf road games 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Follow along with today’s #UT vs Wyoming game live here on twitter and at 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar Official #UT vs. Wyoming injury report: 2 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @suzhalliburton: Fozzy whittaker also is out for wyoming with a right knee injury. #ut 3 days ago

  • 40acressports's avatar RT @bobcatbaseball: Snow?! Rain is already blowing my mind. RT @kbohls: About to rain in dallas. Hearing chance of snow in wyoming. #ut 3 days ago

Nolan Brewster runs back an interception of Sherrod Harris.

Nolan Brewster runs back an interception of Sherrod Harris. (MB-TF)

For the returning starters the spring is for retuning and building chemistry with the new faces around on the team. For the new faces and younger guys the spring is about gaining confidence from the coaches and your teammates. The spring game isn’t always about the starters. Players coming off a red-shirt year or three year guys buried on the depth chart can make a statement and jumpstart the summer offseason program. The 2009 Jamboree had the usual faces making plays ([tag]Colt McCoy[/tag]), it had a few missing ([tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag], [tag]Sergio Kindle[/tag]), and it had a few emerge. We look at who had the best performances and who may have made a name for themselves in this year’s game.

1. [tag]Earl Thomas[/tag]

The sophomore safety was the best player on the field on Sunday. Thomas had the play of the day when he intercepted Colt McCoy’s pass attempt and then outraced the Heisman candidate to the pylon. The Longhorns played predominately out of the 4-2-5, and it sounds like Earl Thomas is the choice at the nickel spot covering the slot. [tag]Aaron Williams[/tag] is also get a look at the slot, but right now it looks like Will Muschamp would rather bring in Christian Scott at safety than [tag]Curtis Brown[/tag] to corner. The truth of the matter is Muschamp is probably comfortable with either, but having three safeties on the field will help with run support and blitzing. It all depends on the play of Thomas, and if Sunday is a forecast of what is to come, Muschamp will have a lot of options come the fall. Thomas has a chance to be an All-American type player in his sophomore year. He has the talent and the dedication to do it.

2. [tag]Malcolm Williams[/tag]

His stats weren’t that great, two catches for five yards. Nobody on offense lit up the stat book on a day that was brutally windy. But when Williams is on the field he has a chance to beat any corner deep. The guy looks the part. He can run, he can jump, he can catch. Colt McCoy has had his struggles in the deep passing game, he missed Williams twice on throws deep down the field on one Williams caught it out of bounds and on the other one he overthrew the open Williams by a few steps. All summer long these two needs to work on connecting down the field because the ability to get deep is one that the Longhorns lacked last season. It is utterly amazing the success UT had on offense last year considering the lack of true running game or deep ball. It makes what Colt did last year that more impressive. Williams can force double teams on the outside with his ability to beat one-on-one coverage. That will allow more room for Shipley, Brandon Collins, and James Kirkendoll. Williams hasn’t been counted on for a whole game yet so his conditioning is still a concern, but his talent is off the charts.

3. [tag]Alex Okafor[/tag]

The kid should be thinking about prom instead he is getting the start for the first group at the University of Texas’ spring game. [tag]Blake Gideon[/tag] did the same thing last year and every one dismissed it as just an able body’s thing and it wouldn’t be the case by fall. Well, Blake Gideon started every game last year and it is too early to say if Okafor will have the same honor, but it is clear he will get some snaps. The true freshman from Pflugerville started where Sergio Kindle is likely to be, but when Kindle plays linebacker that position will be open. Eddie Jones will be back in the fall and the coaches like [tag]Russell Carter[/tag], but don’t overlook the freshman. He doesn’t play like a freshman, and I don’t the coaches are going to treat him like one. If he can add some strength and a little weight in the offseason he has a chance to be a real force this year. At the worst he’s a situational pass rusher and a candidate to be a middle guy on kickoffs and punts.

4. [tag]Nolan Brewster[/tag]

The true sophomore is lost in the shuffle in a crowded secondary group, but this spring he has made a case for some real playing time. Brewster made the first big play of the game, an interception off of a bobbled pass thrown by [tag]Sherrod Harris[/tag] to tight-end [tag]Ian Harris[/tag]. Brewster is an instinctive, hardnosed football player that excels at safety and in special teams. With Thomas, Scott, and Blake Gideon all in line for major snaps it is hard to see where Brewster is going to fit in. But with the offenses in the Big 12 and the three safety formation that Muschamp is going to being the fourth safety may be the defensive equivalent of being the fourth receiver for the Longhorn offense. Brewster is one sprained ankle from being a possible starter for a national championship contender. And he has shown so far he is capable of stepping up.

5. [tag]Britt Mitchell[/tag]

It is unlikely that Mitchell has won a starting spot at right tackle in the absence of [tag]Kyle Hix[/tag] because of injury, but the junior may have cemented himself as the third tackle in the rotation. Texas likes to rotate lineman every third series or so in real game action, and with the injury history of both starters Hix and senior [tag]Adam Ulatoski[/tag] having quality depth at tackle is huge, especially to a football team that passes so frequently. The offensive line wasn’t dominating on Sunday, but they were more than solid in the passing game. Mitchell held his own against Sam Acho and Alex Okafor and opened the hole for the first rushing touchdown of the game. Tray Allen has struggled to make an impact at tackle, and some think he should be moved inside, with the emergence of Mitchell over the last half of spring practice has made that move a possibility.

6. [tag]Aaron Williams[/tag]

It was pretty clear that [tag]Chykie Brown[/tag] was one of the starting corners. He has a chance to be the best corner in the conference. It was unclear, however, who would get the other spot. Would the coaches give the nod to the older player or the most talented player? Aaron Williams, just a sophomore, was thought of the player with the most upside at the position and it looks like that upside is being realized sooner than later. AJ has manned the starting corner spot all spring and has brought rave reviews for his consistency and talent. The former Round Rock McNeil star will be on the field somewhere, either at corner or at the slot in the nickel formation and even showed some return skills in the Spring Game. Williams is in the mold of Nathan Vasher, Michael Huff, and Aaron Ross. He has a chance to be a star.

7. [tag]James Kirkendoll[/tag]

It seems the former Westwood star is the forgotten man at the wide receiver position. He doesn’t get the same hype as Malcolm Williams, Jordan Shipley, and even [tag]Brandon Collins[/tag]. But Kirkendoll just gets the job done day in and day out. He is a great route runner, he has reliable hands, and he can play on the inside and the outside. The junior also proved he can perform in the big games when he made a few clutch catches late in the Fiesta Bowl win over Ohio State. It looks more and more likely that Texas will go to a four wide receiver set for a good amount of snaps because of the problems at the tight end position. That means even more time for Kirkendoll. In the Spring Game he was tied for most catches with three and had a nice 12 yard gain on a reverse.

8. [tag]Ben Alexander[/tag]

The defensive tackle position has to be the most worrisome position on the team. Texas needs someone to step up next to [tag]Lamarr Houston[/tag] and so far the senior has done a good job. It is now or never for Alexander and he has to realize that. The coaches were thinking of moving Houston, a former defensive end, to the nose tackle position but the emergence of Alexander has allowed him to stay at his more natural three technique. Muschamp has said he’d like to have at least five defensive ends and five defensive tackles to rotate. Right now it looks like the defensive end rotation will not be a problem if everyone is healthy. Texas has three dependable defensive tackles right now with a few more on the roster and two incoming freshman showing up in the fall. Texas is going to need one of those two if not both to come in and provide depth. Alexander needs to do everything he can to improve his conditioning and quickness to handle the Big 12 offenses. He will never be an every down play against those styles of offense but 40 to 50 snaps a game would be huge for this team.

9. [tag]Keenan Robinson[/tag]

The evolution of the Big 12 offenses has required the linebackers to be just as good in pass coverage as they are at stopping the run. Texas has two reliable and proven linebackers in [tag]Jared Norton[/tag] and [tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag] (three if you count Sergio Kindle), but Norton is a prototypical linebacker who excels against the run but can look lost at times against the spread offenses. Robinson on the other hand is has the perfect skill set for the Big 12 and Muschamp’s defense. The speed and athleticism he has at linebacker is rare. On Sunday he blanketed tight-ends and running backs. The sophomore can blitz as well. Robinson is a player that could play all three downs in this defense and don’t be surprised if it is Muckelroy and Robinson playing linebacker in the 4-2-5 as the season wears on.

10. [tag]Justin Tucker[/tag]

Not many punters can be considered weapons, but Tucker will be for Texas this year. Last year, he made an impact with his rugby style punts last year, and it looks like he has added another foot to his arsenal. The right footed punter rolled to his left and with his left foot he downed a punt inside the 10 yard line on a rugby punt. He also had a few regular punts that looked good. As a team punting isn’t a good thing, but it is nice to have such a versatile player taking the deep snaps. Besides taking away opposing returners with the rugby style punt, his athleticism combined with his ability to roll both ways will provide huge opportunities for fakes. And with his proficiency with the rugby style Texas can call fake punt options where he can roll one way and if it is open he can run and if it isn’t he can punt at the last minute. It will be huge in close games.

11. [tag]Cody Johnson[/tag]

I know he didn’t play on Sunday, but the play at the running back position proved that Johnson needs to be the guy unless freshman [tag]Chris Whaley[/tag] comes in and impresses. For the first half of the spring Johnson ran with the first team and impressed the coaches enough that [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] and Greg Davis haven mentioned every down back with Johnson’s name. The question on the sophomore bruiser has always been conditioning. The coaching staff has tried to get his weight down, but really the important thing is his body fat. He may not fit perfectly into the current offensive scheme, but Texas has too many negative plays in the run game and Johnson gives you a back that will push the pile forward at the very least. The fact is Texas doesn’t need the run game to be one of the best in the nation; they just need to be able to pick up small chunks of yards when they need to. Johnson being able to stay on the field will be a big part of that.


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Follow along below with our live thoughts and analysis during today’s Texas Longhorns game versus [tag]Kansas[/tag] on FSN. Participate in the discussion by following 40acressports on Twitter or by refreshing and commenting on this post.

Texas vs. Kansas tweets


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Fozzy Whittaker rushed 15 times for 77 yards

Fozzy Whittaker rushed 15 times for 77 yards

The Longhorns bounced back with a solid win against an improved [tag]Baylor[/tag] team on Saturday in front of a lackluster crowd at DKR Memorial Stadium. The student section was empty for the beginning of the game and the blue hair section emptied pretty early in the second half. Luckily the football team doesn’t front run like the fans seem to and showed up to play. With a couple of key guys down with injury some of the usual suspects and a few under the radar guys stepped up in the win.

  1. [tag]Quan Cosby[/tag] – Coming into the game the thought was that Cosby wouldn’t even play. The Waco native felt good enough to go against his home town team and didn’t disappoint. Cosby got the scoring going on a touchdown pass from [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] on Texas’ first drive. When Cosby and [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] are on the field together this offense is on a different level. The senior finished the game with 111 yards on eight catches including two touchdowns.
  2. [tag]Ryan Palmer[/tag] – The smallish senior cornerback gets overlooked in Texas’ secondary because of the perceived ability of the younger guys at his position, but Palmer is a leader on this team and continues to perform better than anyone could have ever imagined. Baylor had tied up the score at 14 in the second quarter when Palmer made the biggest play of the game on a 23 yard interception return for a touchdown. It was the catalyst for the 31 point run UT would go on to put the game away. Palmer added a sack and a pass breakup to his stat line later in the game.
  3. [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] – It says something about this season’s play of Colt McCoy and the expectations of the UT fan base when the junior signal caller can throw for five touchdowns and 300 yards and many still feel like he under performed. McCoy didn’t have his best game of the year but he was solid while completing 26 of 37 attempts. The Heisman contender has relied less on his legs to make yards only gaining 22 yards on the game. But he is buying more time in the pocket and keeping plays alive for his receivers. Yes he threw two interceptions, but it was a big win and a good day for McCoy.
  4. [tag]Roy Miller[/tag] – The big guy in the middle made his two tackles on the day count by recording both of them as sacks on Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin. [tag]Brian Orakpo[/tag] gets all the press clippings, but the loss of Miller after this season will be the most costly for the Texas program. The senior dominates his gap on nearly every play and has the ability to go from run stopping to pass rushing at will. His play at defensive tackle may not even be what he does best. When Miller lines up at fullback and lead blocks on short yardage situation he is devastating.
  5. [tag]Earl Thomas[/tag] – After a rough week last week Thomas rebounded to play his best game of his career. He didn’t record any interceptions or sacks but he was all over the field and made sure tackles all game. The freshman safety made a good play in the end zone on an early Baylor drive and showed how valuable he is when Baylor scored on a long pass on the first play Thomas missed with an injury. It was the only big play the Bears would get in the passing game because Thomas came back in on the next possession. It was important for Thomas to rebound and get some confidence back and he did with a team leading five tackles, with three coming for losses.
  6. [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] – Shipley makes catches when he has to. It is that simple. He is a third down catching machine. Every time McCoy needs to make a play or convert a first down it is obvious Shipley is the first progression on the route. Shipley is a senior who will most likely be back next year because of a medical redshirt that will surely be rewarded. His chemistry with McCoy is better than any receiver-quarterback combination to ever play at Texas. He finished the game with six catches for 81 yards and another touchdown. Shipley has scored a touchdown in every game this year.
  7. [tag]Foswhitt Whittaker[/tag] – I think Texas has found their running back. The staff knew they had one all along, but it was nice to see the speedy freshman be able to carry the load and get over 15 touches. Whittaker possesses a burst that no one else on the roster has, and with the type of offense Texas has moved to his ability would figure to go best with the schemes. Fozzy has struggled with nagging knee injuries all year, but appeared to make it through the game without any problems. With [tag]Chris Ogbonnaya[/tag] figuring to come back next week it will be interesting to see how Greg Davis and Major Applewhite distribute the snaps. Ogbonnaya will get the third down snaps, but Whittaker should begin to get more and more on first and second down.
  8. [tag]Roddrick Muckelroy[/tag] – Despite what the numbers show, Texas’ run defense was solid throughout the night. Baylor finished with 201 yards of total rushing, but 130 of those yards came on three runs (two on options by Robert Griffin and one late in the game by a running back). For the most part the front seven (six for most of the game) played extremely well. Muckelroy lead the team in tackles again, tied with Earl Thomas with five, but showed his speed when he chased down Robert Griffin on one of the speedy quarterbacks long runs. Muckelroy has turned into the best linebacker of the group because he has finally been able to stay healthy.
  9. [tag]Henry Melton[/tag] – Quietly Henry Melton is becoming an above average defensive end. After struggling at running back for his first few years at Texas, Melton was finally convinced to move to defense by pointing out that is where he would make money at the next level. It might not be the most noble reason to agree to move positions, but however it happen it has helped both Melton and the Longhorns. With Brian Orakpo out Melton was allowed to stay on the field on third downs, and he responded with three quarterback pressures to go along with his two tackles. The light has finally come on for the big guy out of Grapevine.
  10. [tag]Justin Tucker[/tag] – Throughout the season Tucker has done a good job on kickoffs by getting good height and distance on his kicks. Beginning last week Texas began going to the “rugby” style punts with Tucker being the man executing the duty. This style of kicking doesn’t allow for returns and also provides for opportunities to fake the punt if the opposing team doesn’t cover the edge. Texas hasn’t tried to fake off of it yet, but Tucker does have the athleticism to pull it off when they do call it. He only had to punt once, but it went for 53 yards and forced Baylor to go the length of the field.
  11. [tag]Ryan Bailey[/tag] – Somehow Bailey lost his job to [tag]Hunter Lawrence[/tag] during preseason practices. No one had mentioned it because up until the Baylor game Lawrence had been perfect on his extra points and perfect on his field goals. Against Baylor Lawrence missed both of his field goal attempts, one being a chip shot, and was replaced for the last kick by last year’s starter Ryan Bailey. Mack Brown said Lawrence’s leg was “sore”, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bailey trot out for Texas’ next field goal attempt.
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