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Follow along below with our live thoughts and analysis during today’s Texas Longhorns game versus [tag]Kansas[/tag] on FSN. Participate in the discussion by following 40acressports on Twitter or by refreshing and commenting on this post.

Texas vs. Kansas tweets

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    kyle shaw

    Here’s what Bugs me. Most of the BCS predictions have UT playing in Cotton. However, I still have hope, that some how, we will be in the National Championship, deservedly. None of the analysts think WE will lose to aTm, so, that would mean, worst case, we end up no lower than 3rd in the BCS… right! There are 5 BCS games which means that the winners will be placed 1st through 5th after it’s all done and Texas would not be one of them because, in the scenario of the analysts, we weren’t in a BCS game. So basically, the analysts are saying that, again in “This” scenario, the 3rd ranked team in the nation, UT, wins the cotton only to be ranked no higher than 6th after it’s all left on the field. WTF!!!!!
    I say marry the BCS with an 8-team playoff. It looks like this…
    The day after conference championship games, which end on Dec.6th, the top 8 ranked teams in the BCS get seated for the four games the following saturday. The next saturday, Dec.13th,… round one, which leaves us with 4 teams left or two games. The next saturday, Dec.20th… round two, which leaves us with the 2 top teams in the nation who will play at the end of the 2nd week of January in three weeks. No need to cut regular season games out of the schedule, and the teams in the title game will have 3 weeks to prepare for “The Big Game” instead of 4(no big deal), the season is only one week longer, and all the others still get their bowls. What do Y’all think. Sounds good to me and makes sense, i think.

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