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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against the Huskers.

Red Out Around the World {10-16-10} We are not going to forget that date either Husker fans!

1st Quarter (9:58) WTH Defense?! The defense came to play. Coach Blood put together a game plan to stop Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez. Eddie Jones stripped Taylor on their second possession and Keenan Robinson recovered the fumble.

1st Quarter (8:06) WTH VY?! I mean GG. Garrett Gilbert executed the game plan from Greg Davis to perfection which was running the ball when the opportunity presented itself. The running lane was there for a six yard scamper into the end zone!

2nd Quarter (15:00) WTH Burkhead?! You could tell that Nebraska wanted this win so bad that they were tight when the Horns jumped out to a 10 point lead to start the second half. Nebraska’s Rex Burkhead was streaking down the sidelines when he let a sure touchdown slip through his fingertips.

3rd Quarter (8:52) WTH Williams?! I know that you had to lay out to make the touchdown grab but great players make that catch. Malcolm Williams is a frustrating player. The easy ones he drops, this one was suppose to be tough.

4th Quarter (7:19) WTH Husker Nation?! Nebraska fans are the best fans in college football. But you lost a little class when you started booing after Curtis Brown was shaken up on a play. The fans thought Curtis was faking an injury to slow down the momentum that the Nebraska offense was trying to develop. You guys know better than that on how to act when a kid is injured.

4th Quarter (6:33) WTH Kinnie?! This was the last of four dropped passes for scores that proved the original thought that the team and the fan base put to much pressure on this team to win. Brandon Kinnie had a sure touchdown on a crucial fourth down play that ended any hopes for the Huskers.

4th Quarter (3:24) WTH Pelini?! I have been critical of Coach Bo on previous articles. I want to give kudos for putting Eric Hagg at the goal line in anticipation of the pooch punt by Justin Tucker when the Horns lined up for an apparent field goal. The Huskers have a got a good thing going with Coach Bo.

Next up for the Longhorns is Iowa State in Austin at 11:00 am on October 23rd.

Thanks for following my WTH articles throughout the season. I appreciate the opportunity to rant about the greatest University sports program in the country. You can continue to follow comments on all of UT sports on twitter at 40AcresSports or follow me at Horns1991. HOOK EM!!


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We’ve had a rocky relationship over the years in a weird masochistic sort of way.  When we first all got together, back in 1996, you were an evil, determined mistress, a vision of perfection with no vulnerable, tender side.  You dismissed all who came before you – sometimes even violently and machinelike, with no real pleasure to speak of.  Color was irrelevant and so was location -your place or theirs, you had your way with everyone and they were forced to do your bidding.

Then when we really did hook up for the first time, on a cold December night in St. Louis, you weren’t exactly at the height of your power.  Arizona State came out and coldcocked you three months before.  In true Nebraska spirit, you took out your pain and agony on the rest of your schedule.  Some of our old friends were soundly thrashed by the Lady in Red, and when it came down to the end, you prevailed over mighty Colorado and were waiting to beat that little upstart Texas for your largely ceremonial dance ticket.

Well it didn’t happen.  I overcame everything that you had and everything that you stood for, and emerged from that dome with a smile and a trophy.  I rolled and left you a second embarrassment in a single season, something unthinkable to you and everyone you knew.  Of course, you chose 1997 to wreck havoc and take revenge upon all that had wronged you, in a year I’d like to forget.  You emerged unscathed, walking into Seattle and taking U-Dub’s lunch money early on.  You even brushed off Kansas State right after that, whom at the time you didn’t know was to question your power in upcoming years.  You were back where you felt like you belonged.

Then 1998 happened.  Solich happened.  Ricky and Major happened.  Something unthinkable happened.  I went to your house on Halloween, decided I’d had enough of you and your bullying, and hit you as hard as I could.  And you went down, and I left with all of your Halloween candy.  Nobody had invaded your crib and came out victorious in seven years.  I think that was the day our relationship changed.

1999 saw us both sleek and watchful, confident in our abilities but wary of our foes.  You didn’t survive a return visit to my place, but you did get the last laugh in San Antonio.  I was the only blemish on your dance card back then, but you could safely say this was not the one-sided relationship it used to be.   You could even make the case that maybe we were growing a little fond of each other, but we each had our own stuff going on after that.  We were both trying to get from good to great and besides, we both had K-State and Oklahoma to deal with.

By the next time we finally saw each other again in 2002, you were a mess.  You’d even let Iowa State and Oklahoma State push you around.  I left Lincoln for the second consecutive time victorious, an unprecedented feat.    Colorado even wiped their muddy boots on your once-hallowed carpet and strolled away whistling.  I wondered what was wrong with you but after kicking the crap out of you in Austin in 2003, I realized I had better things to do.  Nebraska could take care of herself.

I was a little busy in 2004 and 2005.  I’m not going to apologize.  You’d been where I was ten years before, so you understand.

2006 showed me in the position that you had in 1996, albeit a little weaker.  But that didn’t stop me from taking a third straight win in your house.  I was beginning to think about leaving a note on the fridge so you knew what I liked to eat when I came into town.  We were both trying to find ourselves again, being good but nothing special.  I’m not going to talk much about about 2007 besides you finally realizing a change was due and I beat you again.  I was proud of you for reinventing yourself but kept a healthy dose of skepticism.

2008 was crummy for both of us in different ways.  You had to deal with Missouri and Texas Tech’s best punches and you’re still feeling out this whole cougar thing.  Traveling to Oklahoma doesn’t sound like much fun – I mean, I always say I’ll meet halfway – and getting beat down there has to be worse.  That was the year I learned I don’t like pirates.

I can’t explain last year.  I was at the top of my game, feeling all of the rushes and pressure of 2005 again.  You rolled the clock back despite shocking losses to Iowa State and Texas Tech at home in back to back weeks.  You partied like it was 1995, your salad days.  I won’t get into how and why I get second chances and you don’t.  It just happened that way.  All of the hatred and the fear I had of you in the nineties, though?  It’s a complete role reversal.  I’m at the top of the hill and you’re trying to knock me off one last time before you go run off with your new friends.

I’m not going to wish you luck, as that would be completely asinine.  I do want to thank you for some great memories that have come at your expense over the years.  Sure, you’ll always have San Antonio…but I’ll always have Lincoln.




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Red Out Around the World

Apparently Nebraska doesn’t like to let things go. Some fans (I assume) are starting a campaign called “Red Out Around the World,” showing the “world” (does anyone really care) how mad they are about the Big 12 Championship. I guess it was all just to much to handle and they had to up and leave the conference.

Nebraska. A place of integrity, family, commitment. Where traditions are forged in the furnace of July. But hardened on Saturday nights in November. A place where the best thing about summer, is when it turns into fall. These last few months, thunderstorms weren’t the only power building over the Great Plains….

Wait? What?!? Forged in the furnace of July? An 85 degree furnace? Since apparently the summers are pretty boring there, it looks like they had nothing better to do than make this video.

And you know what else is sad? I could have made a better video with my iPhone 4.

Updated the video below. The first one was taken down.

Red Out Around the World


The Texas Longhorns will be playing for a national championship on the East coast. You say wait a minute; Pasadena is on the West coast. You are correct, but the Longhorn women’s volleyball team is one win away from reaching the title game in Tampa, Florida.

The Longhorn volleyball team has made it to the Final Four in Tampa after beating the #10 ranked [tag]Nebraska[/tag] team in Omaha on December 12th. Despite the home field advantage for Nebraska, the #2 ranked Horns (28-1) won with the impress play of senior [tag]Destinee Hooker[/tag] and junior [tag]Juliann Faucette[/tag].

The win helps Texas reach the NCAA semifinals for the second consecutive season. Last year the Horns finished the year 29-4 with a loss to Stanford after reaching the Final Four with the winningest record since 1993. This year marks the 4th straight Big XII title for the volleyball powerhouse. This senior class has improved its four year win total to 108 wins which is the most for Head Coach Jerritt Elliott’s in his eight seasons in Austin. The 1993 senior class is the winningest in school history with 111 wins. The last championship for the women’s team was in 1988 when they went 34-5.

The Final Four starts on December 17th at 6PM central with the Horns taking on Minnesota (28-8). The other end of the bracket (interesting concept having a tournament to decide a championship) has Hawaii (31-2) taking on two time defending champion Penn State (36-0). The Horns contributed to one of Hawaii’s losses earlier this year. Penn State is coming into the Final Four with a record 100 consecutive wins and not dropping a set the entire tournament this year. The championship game will be on Saturday evening on December 19th.


Simply incredible. Still gives me chills watching it over a week later.


WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas game against [tag]Nebraska[/tag] in the Big 12 Championship game.

Did James Kirkendoll's drop cost Colt McCoy the Heisman? (Image: Statesman)

Did James Kirkendoll's drop cost Colt McCoy the Heisman? (Image: Statesman)

Pregame WTH Jerry’s World?! Heading into the stadium, Husker and Longhorn fans (76,211) were ready to celebrate the Big XII season’s accomplishments with a cold beverage. Unfortunately, some one decided to lock up all the beer coolers to the dismay of many fans. Good thing since the 2001 Championship at Texas Stadium ([tag]Chris Simms[/tag] – Oh no moments), UT fans drank their sorrows away. Just so you know for future trips to the Death Star, Sec 431, Row 22, Seat 1 is the highest possible seat in the back of the end zone that you can occupy.

1st Quarter (14:24 & 8:07) WTH McCoy?! [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] has limited his penchant for the early interception that last few games until the biggest stage. His two early interceptions (one tipped and another desperation heave) were a product of excellent coverage and the desire to make something happen. Unfortunately, Colt’s Heisman coronation was thwarted with only 202 yards, 3 interceptions and 9 sacks. Fortunately, his last completions of the game to [tag]Jordan Shipley[/tag] proved to be the game clincher.

2nd Quarter (15:00) WTH Bo?! Bo Pelini has to get a better agent after coaching the Huskers to the championship game. I have never seen someone work a piece of gum which he even threw a mangled piece in disgust at the direction of his team. Big League Chew or Hubba Bubba needs to sign this guy up!

3rd Quarter (12:07) WTH Suh?! Ndamukong Suh (name means house of spears) had a tremendous game with 12 tackles and 4.5 sacks. He single handily threw Colt to the ground with one arm after beating a Longhorn double team. He literally put himself in position to sweep every major defensive award and earn a trip to New York for the Heisman presentation.

4th Quarter (14:04 & 4:50) WTH Pass Catchers?! You rarely get more than one chance during the game to hit a stop and go pattern. Colt McCoy sold the pump fake and [tag]James Kirkendoll[/tag] went flying down the sideline for an apparent score. I guess catching the ball would have been an important step in that sequence?! I hate to say this but that completion would have made the score 17-6 which would have sewn up the game and the Heisman. [tag]Dan Buckner[/tag] had the ball ripped away from him by Husker Dejon Gomes that ended another sure scoring drive.

4th Quarter (:01) THE Ultimate WTH Mack?! I heard the explanation from [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] on ESPN. He and [tag]Greg Davis[/tag] agreed to run a hook pattern to get a little closer for field goal kicker [tag]Hunter Lawrence[/tag]. Colt McCoy decided to let the clock run down like a point guard until it was dangerously close. Referee Tom Walker immediately motioned Bo Pelini and the Huskers to get back to the sidelines because replay confirmed that there was one second left. Joe Thompson (official time keeper) should not expect a Christmas card from the Longhorn faithful. I would hate to think of Brown’s legacy if time would have run out. Thanks to Hunter’s 46 yard boot the Horns are 2009 Big XII Champions!

Next up for the Longhorn’s is the National Championship Game against [tag]Alabama[/tag] in Pasadena!


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I believe coaches tell players that they have 24 hours to celebrate a victory or mourn a loss. One of the reasons is to not let the past affect the future. Sometimes coaches forget to follow their own rules and let the past determine their future.

We as Longhorn fans need to be reminded how lucky we are to have a coach like [tag]Mack Brown[/tag] for many reasons that do not have to do with X’s and O’s. The way that Mack handles the media and the fans after a loss tells a lot more about the person than letting one game define who you are as a coach. One of the most telling stats that refer to the teams that Mack coaches is that they are 12-0 against the next opponent after the OU game no matter win or lose. He uses this moment to teach kids how to treat the ups and downs that come at you.

This was not the case after the Big XII championship game for [tag]Nebraska[/tag] coach Bo Pelini or his defensive coach/brother Carl Pelini. An article from the Omaha World Herald titled “Heartbreaker’s haze sees anger and confusion” describes a wild, emotional scene after the game.

Carl Pelini after marching off the field decided to yell to the Longhorns “You should be ashamed of accepting the trophy!” Bo screamed “BCS!” when entering into the locker room. “That’s why they make the call!” Does that comment seem eerily similar from a former Big XII coach that is no longer in Kansas anymore? The attitude of the last seconds can be understandable, but I think the reaction by Bo shows the frustration should not be directed to the referees, replay booth, Big XII or the Longhorns since his team brought some of this upon themselves. The frustration of not getting the time call at the end game was an easy target for Bo instead of the kickoff that went out of bounds or the horse collar tackle all by his own players that allowed the Horns to get into field goal position for the winning kick. It is ironic that a very similar time situation with somewhat different results happened this year on October 17th between USC and Notre Dame in South Bend. This Big XII Championship was not the first time a replay was used to check out the play clock.

Coaches tell players when they score a touchdown to “act like you’ve been there before” instead of celebrating like it is New Years Day. Some coaches need to listen to their own advice after a game win or lose. Your character is on display during wins and losses. Wins will continue to be the norm for Nebraska because Bo Pelini is a good coach. The character that Mack displays after a game helps the team for its next challenge. Let’s hope that Bo learns a little from him so his teams will continue to be successful at every challenge.

Colt McCoy will look to win his first championship today versus Nebraska. (Image:

Colt McCoy will look to win his first championship today versus Nebraska. (Image:

Some links for you to peruse while you’re at a frigid JerryWorld tailgating before tonight’s Big 12 Championship versus [tag]Nebraska[/tag]. Lot of good stuff all around to keep you busy. Read on…

Are Horns getting defensive about their defense? Nah. College football sometimes can spin odd perceptions. The story line for tonight’s Big 12 championship game seems to be focused on Nebraska’s suffocating defense against Colt McCoy and the potent Longhorns offense. […]

Nebraska’s defense could make Texas Longhorns’ credentials defensible. Conference championship games rank behind the resistance to a playoff system and just ahead of the polls and Boise State’s psychedelic blue turf on my list of college football grievances, to name a few. […]

Best in Big 12 more pertinent to Longhorn’s Brown than best in Texas. Amid the talk about his own team and the game against Nebraska, discussion arose about unbeaten TCU, which is No. 4 in the BCS rankings, one spot behind Texas. More to the point, Longhorns coach Mack Brown was asked whom he thought had the best college football team in Texas. […]

Match-up watch: Nebraska vs. Texas. This game is all going to come down to which team handles the pressure better. For Nebraska, it essentially doesn’t have anything to lose, as no one is really giving the Huskers a chance of upsetting Texas. Still, this is easily the biggest game NU has played since the 2006 Big 12 title game against Oklahoma, and hardly any of the players now were even on that team. […]

Big 12 title game could have far-reaching implications for BCS. The most important game of the weekend won’t take place in Atlanta. Sure, the SEC championship will pit No. 1 against No. 2 with a trip to the BCS title game hanging in the balance, but the outcomes are clear. Either Alabama will play for the national title, or Florida will. […]

Emerging offense making it easier for McCoy. Earlier this season, Texas offense consisted of Colt McCoy throwing a lot to Jordan Shipley. Short passes. Screen passes. Deep passes. All kinds of passes from one roommate to another. But as the Longhorns prepare for Saturday’s Big 12 championship game against Nebraska, the offense has evolved with many more potential playmakers. […]

Huskers, Horns is strength vs. strength. Get beyond the Heisman hype, the national championship prospects, the record-setting statistics. Move past the television highlights and the glamor that’s been associated all year with this undefeated Longhorn juggernaut. What you’re left with are philosophies – certain Texas tactics for point production – that best apply pressure to a defense. […]

2-minute drill: NU vs. Texas. Because Nebraska has played some of its best football against teams like Virginia Tech and Oklahoma, look for the Huskers to go toe-to-toe with the heavily favored Longhorns and not flinch. Plus, their defense is capable of keeping it close. But Texas is on a quest for a national championship and might just have too much. […]

Playing it safe is Huskers’ best chance. This isn’t the Nebraska of 2008, when quarterback Joe Ganz set school records for passing yards and total yards for an attack that put up 450.8 yards per game and ranked 12th in the nation in total offense. Ganz doesn’t live here anymore. Zac Lee does. […]

Keys to the Game: Texas vs Nebraska. It’s so much more than McCoy vs. Suh. It’s nearly time to determine a Big 12 champion. As the case at various times during its inception, the Big 12 championship game carries national ramifications. A Texas victory and the Longhorns are likely headed to the BCS Championship game to play the winner of the Alabama-Florida SEC title game. […]

Horns, Huskers seek Big 12 title. As if anyone in Texas needed to be reminded about how far the Longhorns finished behind rival Oklahoma in the BCS standings the week before last season’s Big 12 championship game. For those Texas fans who have tried to erase it from their memories forever, here it is again: .0128. […]

Scouts Inc. Texas vs. Nebraska breakdown. Lee is too inconsistent and makes some questionable decisions, especially under pressure, and Texas should have some success getting to him in this game. McCoy, on the other hand, will continue to extend drives with his feet and take what the defense gives him when he drops back to pass. […]

Wide receiver Malcolm Williams talks about Nebraska. Good video interview of Texas wideout Malcolm Williams talking to the media about his increased role in the offense and the upcoming Big 12 Championship Game against Nebraska. […]


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ESPN labeled this video as a preview of Texas versus [tag]Nebraska[/tag] but they start immediately with “if Texas loses, who should play in BCS title game?” And then proceed to spend the entire video talking about how awesome TCU is. I’m assuming they’re basing this off TCU’s big wins over… the mighty… um…


Good video interview (though a little close up and dark) of Texas wideout [tag]Malcolm Williams[/tag] talking to the media about his increased role in the offense and the upcoming Big 12 Championship Game against Nebraska:

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