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Jamaal Charles NCAA 08 custom coverEA Sports’ NCAA Football 08 has been out for a couple of weeks now and the game is fantastic. This year’s version on the Xbox 360 is definitely a big step up from last year’s disappointing next gen appearance. The game isn’t perfect (excessive turnovers, bad ESPN integration, a few strange quirks in the menus) and I’ll have a review up after I’ve had more time to play, but so far my biggest issue is Jared Zabransky’s mug on the cover.

Don’t want someone who will soon be working in an autobody shop on the cover of your game? That’s where the site EA Custom Covers comes in. They’ve got high quality custom covers with your favorite players from all your favorite teams for whatever version of the game you own. Check out their Texas gallery including covers for Colt McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Limas Sweed, and Selvin Young. If you passed kindergarten it’s easy to print out the cover you want, cut it out, and replace the picture of the Boise State QB Sooner-killer with someone more deserving.


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  1. reply to  #1

    Jon G.

    Sweet covers, I like Colt’s the best! Um…what’s your deal with Jared Zabransky?
    the guy lead his team to a perfect season then beat OU in one of the most bad ass plays of the year! Jealous much?

    Hook ’em Yall!

  2. reply to  #2

    Chance McClain

    I love it that JZ is on the cover. BSU and UT are my two teams. JZ is what is good about college football. Heart, guts, and he hates Oklahoma.

  3. reply to  #3

    Hook'Em Horns

    Cool covers. As long as he isnt an aggie or sooner, im cool with whoever is on the cover. Hook’em

  4. reply to  #4


    I definitely like the Jamaal cover best. One thing about the game, it seems like there are a lot more options, but they lay out everything well. Not too hard to get used to.

  5. reply to  #5


    Another t sip gets arrested!!

    How about a new video game based on football players getting arrested in Austin and coaches covering it up?

  6. reply to  #6


    News flash: Texas A&M has had a lot more players arrested the last few years than Texas. I’m also confused how Sergio Kindle’s arrest, which was in the paper the next day, means Texas coaches are covering things up.

    And yes we’ll address the arrest tonight, I was going to yesterday but wanted to cool down first.

  7. reply to  #7


    What Aggies were arrested?

    Per SA Express News………..”Kindle’s arrest marks another episode to what has been a difficult offseason for the Longhorns.”

    Sergio Kindle, Henry Melton, Robert Joseph and now Robert Joseph again.

  8. reply to  #8


    That’s why I said “last few years”… It’s definitely been a tough summer for the Horns. We’re doing our best to catch up to the fine work of Tate Pittman and his buddies. And Joseph’s second arrest doesn’t count, we immediately booted him after the first one.

  9. reply to  #9


    Tate Pittman?

    [Ed’s note: See Tate Pittman story.]

  10. reply to  #10


    Since we are going back a few years…………..Ricky Williams is someone to real proud of!!! Dude, let’s go to Canada a smoke dope!

  11. reply to  #11


    Why do aggies have nothing better to do than bash UT?

    Go fvck your sheep and shut up!

    gig em

  12. reply to  #12


    Whoa there t-sip!

    Looks like the horn fans like to dish and not take. Good clean communication ruined due to some horn fan getting his feelings hurt.

    Go back to cuddling with your male room mate.

  13. reply to  #13

    Hook'Em Horns

    ok that was retarded, its not like any college lets you have a female roomate if you are a male. good one. hook’em horns

    oh and every time us longhorn fans bring up a time a&m got caught doing something wrong , ya’ll are the first to say, “no it didnt, and then bring up something about UT. Every college has there wrongs that people do, noone is perfect, ok so some other football player at UT got arrested, we’ll get over it and face the truth about what he did, but you aggies will deny it all day long.

  14. reply to  #14

    Question for Aggies

    Is there an aggie sports website or something similar to bevo sports? i would like to see how many longhorns are posting on that site compared to the aggies on this site.

  15. reply to  #15


    Did you hear there aren’t any cold drinks at College Station any more? They lost their recipe for ice.

  16. reply to  #16


    Q: Why does the stadium at College Station have Astroturf?
    A: To keep the cheerleaders from grazing during halftime.

  17. reply to  #17


    You see TW, aka Tiny Wiener, we can always go there. Sometimes you aggies need to be reminded that you are the butt of a million jokes. Instead of lashing out at your superiors (Univ of Texas fans), you should analyze why the nation believes you lack average intelligence. Have a great day Tiny Wiener.

  18. reply to  #18


    Hook em Hippies. Go have **** *** at one of the many *** bars in Austin… not many in College Station.

    Our boy-girl Chris took a fun, clean communication between two rival schols and t sipped t up.

  19. reply to  #19

    Question for Aggies???

    The Longhorns may be having problems with football players being arrested. So far there have been 3 this year. I found a really interesting article from the Battalion back in 2004. How can atm fans be so critical?

    Read and enjoy!

  20. reply to  #20


    Goodness, I think I may have hit a sore spot. lol

    How do Aggies practice safe sex?
    They get rid of all the animals that kick.

  21. reply to  #21


    So there is this lil girl that lives in college station, and the teachers says to the class, ” raise your hand if you are an aggie fan,” so everyone but one girl raises her hand , the teachers says why didnt you raise your hand? the lil girl says ,”cause im a longhorn fan.” The teacher then asks , ” why are you a longhorn? lil girl says ,” cause my mom and dad are longhorns.” The teacher then says,” well if your mom and dad were both arrogent and cheated in life, what would that make you?” the little girl says , ” then we would be aggies!!!

  22. reply to  #22

    Hook'Em Horns

    Im starting to like all these jokes.

  23. reply to  #23


    Great Batt article. Let me see if I can dig up the one about Carty McCry getting the f knocked out of him last November… you know, if you feel like talking about stuff that has happened in the past year.

  24. reply to  #24

    Hook'Em Horns

    I forgot how aggies like to cheat and think they beat us fair and square. A pass interference on limas sweed, i think not, and a late hit to put mcCoy out again, thats not very sportsmen like now is it.

  25. reply to  #25

    Question for Aggies???

    No need to bring that up. That hit on McCoy is well documented on all Longhorn messages boards (by all aggies). I was just pointing out that both the longhorns and aggies have had players arrested and just because there have been 3 longhorns arrested this year doesn’t make the aggies immune that to the fact they have had the same problems in recent years.

  26. reply to  #26


    Did you hear about the Aggie terrorist who tried to blow up the Longhorn team bus? He burned his lips on the tailpipe.

  27. reply to  #27


    **** texas

    the aggie whooped ass this year and r gonna do it again next year in college station!

  28. reply to  #28


    Nice intelligent discourse there 33.

  29. reply to  #29


    I heard somewhere that the Seattle Seahawks are suing tx a&m for stealing their 12th man concept.

  30. reply to  #30

    Hook'Em Horns

    That is stupid, ya’ll beat us by 5, ( if you take off that stupid pass interference call on sweed, we beat ya’ll bye 2)

  31. reply to  #31

    Hey Aggie33

    i guess the 33 stands for your IQ. where i come from 12-7 is far from whooping ass. how about 43-17, 21-7, 50-20, 46-15, 26-13 or 40-29?

  32. reply to  #32

    Hook'Em Horns

    Another thing, ya’ll ONLY SCORED 12 ON US TO BEAT US, If you take our average points per game and added that in there, we would have killed ya’ll again.

  33. reply to  #33

    Hey Aggie33

    Reference to comment #31.

    Since you can’t look past the 12-7 of last year, the scores listed are from the previous 6 years of the Longhorns puttin the ass whoopin on the aggies!

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