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WTH?! (What the Heck?) moments are attempts to find the memorable and the off-beat perspective on Longhorns sports. Here are some interesting moments from the Texas’ game against the Lobos.

Mike Davis touchdown against New Mexico

Mike Davis had a big touchdown just before the half against New Mexico. (AP Photo)

Pre-Game (15:00) WTH Coin Toss?! It was tough to watch Earl Campbell with his cane slowly walking to midfield. I do still love watching highlights of the Tyler Rose running over and past people. I am glad that DKR did a better sales job than the Bootlegger Boy.

1st Quarter (8:50) WTH VY?! I know that Vince Young has moved on, so who was running 49 yards for a TD from the quarterback position. David Ash had another solid game (16-22 for 221 yards) with no turnovers. I hope he continues to avoid the oskies.

1st Quarter (:00) WTH TOP?! I understand the concept of bending but not breaking when you describe a defense, but these Horns were T-O-P to death to start the game. The Lobos held the time of possession for 12 minutes and picked up 7 of its 16 first downs in the first quarter.

2nd Quarter (15:00) WTH Wendy?! Wendy’s restaurant brought back former UT kicker Ryan Bailey to kick a 40 yard field goal for everyone to win a frosty. I guess the Nebraska game in 2006 was nothing compared to the pressure of feeding 100,990 fans. He missed.

2nd Quarter (9:55) WTH Fans?! I know the UT players would like the fans to be louder. You can see the kids waving their towels to get the crowd going. The home crowd did cause a delay of game for the Lobos when the Godzillatron screamed for NOISE.

2nd Quarter (5:54) WTH Error?! I guess I have a new nickname for Nick Jordan. The kicker missed another 40+ yard field goal. I think the frosty giveaway also affected Error Jordan. Fera where are you?!

3rd Quarter (12:12) WTH Daje?! Wow. Pure speed. Daje Johnson took a shovel pass for 45 yards to pay dirt to take control of the game. Glad he did not choose his first love which was basketball.

4th Quarter (:00) WTH Critics?! I have heard a lot of critics say how this team is not dominating. Granted it does take this team takes a while to get going, but isn’t a shutout a pretty good start to the season. There is no preseason for these boys to tune up, so next week’s road game will probably show us what type of team we can expect.

Next up for the Longhorns is their first road game against the Ole Miss Rebels on September 15th.

Thanks for following my WTH articles throughout the season. I appreciate the opportunity to rant about the greatest University sports program in the country. You can continue to follow comments on all of UT sports on twitter at @40AcresSports or follow me at @Horns1991. HOOK EM!!


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Should Texas retire Colt McCoy's #12 jersey?

Should Texas retire Colt McCoy's #12 jersey?

As we approach the Davey O’Brien award ceremony on February 15th in Fort Worth, let us think about the legacy that was handed down to Colt McCoy.

Legacy is defined as what is handed down from the past. The legacy and legend that is Vince Young will forever be the heaviest burden that any first year quarterback could have ever faced. Maxwell, Davey O’Brien and National Championship are awards that will forever seal VY’s legacy for all Texas fans. What you do with that legacy in this case is what is truly remarkable. Colt McCoy added another record by becoming the winningest quarterback in history with 45 wins.

Here is a list of accomplishments Colt put up in just his senior year:

(more …)


In the last couple of weeks, Sports Illustrated has been releasing “Thrill Lists” across the various major sports and their list for college football has quite the burnt orange tint to it. According to writer Austin Murphy, former Longhorn greats [tag]Earl Campbell[/tag] and [tag]Vince Young[/tag] are the two most electrifying players to ever play the game.

Check out the writeups on the two Longhorns at the top below or see their list to find out all 10 players:

These lists are not mere compilations of all-time bests in their respective sports but all-time bests at quickening the pulse and evoking a visceral response from those fortunate enough to have witnessed their artistry. […]

2. Earl Campbell, Texas
The Tyler Rose rushed for 4,443 yards — the bulk of them at the expense of defenders he head-butted or stiff-armed or trampled underfoot. The two-time All America and 1977 Heisman winner was, according to Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, “the greatest player who ever suited up.”

1. Vince Young, Texas
Even before his near-miraculous, national-title-clinching performance in the ’06 Rose Bowl (VY passed for 267 yards and rushed for an even 200, including a game-winning, nine-yard scramble with 19 seconds remaining), the rangy dual-threat QB specialized in leading outrageous, you-cannot-be-serious comebacks: from 28 points down against Oklahoma State in 2004; from 10 down against Michigan in the 2005 Rose Bowl, after which he had the prescience to promise, “We’ll be back!”



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Get your Vince Young sausage

Get your Vince Young sausage

Apparently [tag]Vince Young[/tag] thought football just wasn’t gratifying enough and decided to enter into the meat business. Ala [tag]Earl Campbell[/tag], Vince Young will be producing smoked sausage (including red hot links), as well as smoked ribs and brisket.

Supposedly you can head out to your local Walmart or Kroger and give these a try. I am thinking I might have to check it out this weekend. I will keep you informed on how the search goes. And if anyone out there has tried it, please let us know in the comments.

On a side note, I think someone from the marketing department needs to give us a call over here at Bevo Sports so we can give them a much needed website redesign. I don’t really want to say it is pathetic, but it is kind of embarrassing. Heck, I would probably even do it for free (or maybe a case of sausage).

Check it out at

Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell

The Austin American-Statesman has a great photo gallery up of [tag]Ricky Williams[/tag] and [tag]Earl Campbell[/tag] at a local golf tournament Wednesday. It’s great to see the two Texas legends together. Check out the gallery for a few more photos.


Earl Campbell has paid a toll for his hard running style. Earl is still representing UT well and the university is taking care of him.


Vince Young Todd McFarlane action figureThree former Longhorns will be featured as Todd McFarlane “Football Action Figures” in 2007.

Vince Young and Cedric Benson will be part of NFL Football Series 15 that will be released in September. Texas legend Earl Campbell’s figure will be released in August as a part of NFL Legends Series 3. Earl is looking pretty good in those old baby blue Houston Oilers uniforms.

The figures are six inches tall and look pretty good in photos. They’re only about $9.99 in stores so hopefully they look as good in person. (via)


New 9-foot statue of the Texas legend will be at southwest corner of DKR.

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