Posted October 2nd, 2011 by Kody
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Last night we were treated to a show in Ames, Iowa when the Longhorns came in and started from the onset of annihilating the Iowa State Cyclones. It was a steady dose of passing and running throughout the game. While most Longhorn fans were confident that this would be a sure victory, after last season’s fiasco, there had to some within the Longhorn family that was nervous and worried, because this Iowa State team had pulled an upset that nobody saw coming already this season. This was going to be a nice challenge for the Horns before their annual rivalry game with Oklahoma.

Most fans would have been happy to see a team with a consistent movement and be able to show a chance at making some big plays. What Longhorn fans were treated to was somewhat of an offensive clinic from Case McCoy and David Ash. Both Quarterbacks showed a pocket presence that would go beyond their youthfulness, and showed some flash of excitement as the starting quarterbacks. While they are young and inexperienced, they have shown the ability that keeps both of them getting snaps and alternating in the offense.

While Iowa State is not an Oklahoma caliber team, there is a lot of hope building within the fan base that the Longhorns will be able to steal a big win in Dallas next weekend. A win like this is just a building block for a young team that should help lay the foundation for the future. The only puzzling question is going to be who will win the starting position outright?


Posted September 18th, 2011 by Kody
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At the Start of the season, I was figuring Texas was looking to bounce back with a solid 8 win campaign and I had them being 2-1 after the first three games, but that was the best case scenario. Fast forward to the season and the Longhorns just had their way with UCLA and are now 3-0. This is a surprising revelation for any fan, even the most optimistic and diehard fan had to figure that a 3 -0 start wasn’t in the cards for this team.

Given the fact that Garret Gilbert was the starting quarterback, there wasn’t any sign of hope for this to happen.

Thankfully Mack and the coaching staff came to their senses and decided to hand over the starting job to Case McCoy and David Ash. This is why the Longhorns left Los Angeles with a victory. These two quarterbacks are an exciting combination and have energized the offense and will help this young team build on an already magnificent start. Nobody thinks this team will go undefeated and compete for a championship, but with each game and another win, something special could happen. This is where the coaching and youth need to find a happy medium, but the youth can mature this season, and start building the foundation towards something special in the future.

Right now Texas is 3-0, but with some luck and preparation, they could easily make it to the October showdown in Dallas with an undefeated record. But that is still a ways off, and nobody should start looking ahead. The fans and the team need to take it one game at a time, one series at a time and let the momentum build to where the football gods will let it go. There are some exciting things happening on the 40 acres, and as long as the coaches let the team learn and build, things will fall into place. Who expected this to happen after the disaster from last year?


Posted September 12th, 2011 by Kody
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Garret Gilbert is the most polarizing quarterback at Texas since Chris Simms, and even though he won the starting job, coming out of camp, he was not the fans choice to be the starting quarterback. While he had a decent night against Rice in week one, there was nothing shown in that game that made anyone feel that he was ready to take the job and run with it. Nobody in the Texas community felt safe knowing this team was led by Gilbert. But most fans were willing to give him a chance to prove them wrong against BYU. Unfortunately for him, that never happened. He struggled early and often in the early part of the game.

It really wasn’t anyone’s surprise when he was benched for the combination of McCoy and Ash. In the long story of Garret Gilbert, who came to the university of Texas with such promise, he has shown a long line of struggles, and it looks like we have reached the end of his story, for now. I am not one to say that Gilbert won’t have another shot at some point down the line, but for now, I think it is safe to say we have seen the last of Garret Gilbert starting. Sad to say that he went out with little opposition, to the fan favorite McCoy and surprise David Ash.


Yes Longhorn fans, it is that time of year again. We will all huddle up around TV’s, radios or file into the stands at College Station to watch our beloved Longhorns play the Aggies. Once again the mighty Horns come into this game with everything on the line and the Aggies have nothing to lose. The Longhorns are having a dream season where we are in the hunt for another National Championship. While the Aggies have been hot and cold and are just hoping to make a bowl game at this point of the season, so here we go again!

While in recent history of this rivalry has leaned the longhorns way, there have been those games where Texas comes in needing a win to achieve their goals. And the unthinkable happens a dreaded loss. [tag]Colt McCoy[/tag] has led the longhorns down the undefeated path this year, and with the win last week, he is now the winningest quarterback in college football history. So what better feather to put in McCoy’s cap, than to beat A&M, win the Big XII, and win a National Championship? Once we get our fill of turkey, let’s hold our horns up high and root loud and proud. This years game looks to be a good one, but I expect the Longhorns to walk away late and win big.

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