Inning by Inning: A Portrait of a CoachThanks to the great people at Virgil Films and Entertainment, we’re happy to announce that all this week we’ll be giving away DVD copies of director Richard Linklater’s excellent documentary Inning by Inning: A Portrait of a Coach. It’s a great look at Texas head baseball coach [tag]Augie Garrido[/tag], the Texas Longhorns, coaching, and leadership in general.

We’ll be running various different contests through out the week, but we’re starting simple. If you want to win a copy of the DVD, simply submit your name and address by 11:59pm Central on June 1 using this entry form to win. Additional contest details on the entry form. Check back every day this week for another chance to win.

A brief description of the documentary is below:

INNING BY INNING: A PORTRAIT OF A COACH is a fascinating look inside the world of University of Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido. Through unprecedented access to team meetings, practices, in-game conversations and the occasional tirade, the film examines this remarkable coach’s career and reveals Garrido’s Zen-like approach to the game that both inspires and changes lives. With a philosophy that places both baseball and his players in the larger context of life as a whole, Garrido has won five National Championships (3 at Cal State Fullerton and 2 at UT) and is the only coach to win National Championships in four different decades, and at two different schools.

The film includes interviews with former players, coaches, Alumni, baseball luminaries and friends, revealing the remarkable man behind the achievements. For coaches, players, and fans of baseball, Inning By Inning is a must see film that will forever change the way you look at the game – and perhaps the way you live your life.

Directed by Academy Award® nominee Richard Linklater (School of Rock, Before Sunset).

Day 1 of contest has ended. Check back here to find more ways to win or buy the DVD at


Posted January 7th, 2008 by Brian
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I’m not sure whether or not [tag]Roger Clemens[/tag] is telling the truth, but I’m also not sure I buy that Brian McNamee knows anything either. Clemens sure seems confident that McNamee has no proof, and he’s pissed about it as well:

Clemens has filed a defamation lawsuit in Harris County. Clemens claims McNamee originally made his allegations to federal authorities after being threatened with criminal prosecution if he didn’t implicate Clemens.

He better be 100% positive McNamee doesn’t have sort of evidence, and that there’s no way anyone else can come forward with proof he took HGH or steroids. If he had just issued a denial and then let the whole thing go the only thing really at stake was his Hall of Fame entry. The strong denial and lawsuit are certainly risky maneuvers, Roger is putting it all out of the table in an attempt to prove his innocence. Even if Clemens can discredit McNamee or disprove these current allegations, unfortunately a can of worms has been opened that there may be no way to close.


Roger Clemens swears in interview he’s never used banned substances. Claims it was just lidocaine and B-12.


Posted December 15th, 2007 by Brian
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Trenton NJ paper headline: Clemens Took It in the Butt. Can’t believe a non-college paper would run with that. Funny though.


ESPN is reporting that a source has told them that [tag]Roger Clemens[/tag] will be named in the MLB steroid investigation headed up by former US Senator George Mitchell. Former Yankees trainer Brian McNamee reportedly provided information to the investigation on Clemens, Andy Pettitte, and several other big name Yankees.

From ESPN…

A former New York Yankees strength trainer says information he provided to the George Mitchell investigation regarding supplying Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte with steroids is included in the Mitchell report scheduled to be released later today, a source close to the trainer told ESPN The Magazine’s Shaun Assael.

Brian McNamee, who worked for the Yankees and as a personal trainer for Clemens and Pettitte, also told investigators that on at least one occasion, Clemens was in possession of steroids from another supplier, the source said.

The source said McNamee told investigators he supplied Clemens with steroids while Clemens was with the Yankees, and prior to Clemens joining the team.

The rumors aren’t new but this is certainly disappointing news. We’ll have more reaction when all the details of the Mitchell report are released this afternoon.

Update: As had been rumored Clemens’ name was in fact in the report. The trainer McNamee claims that he personally injected Clemens, Pettitte, and former Aggie Chuck Knoblauch. Through his lawyer Clemens denied ever using steroids or human growth hormone, but Pettitte admitted to using HGH in 2002 to recover from an arm injury. (12/15/2007)


Roger Clemens pulled off Yankees’ postseason roster due to injured hamstring. May not matter since NYY might be knocked out tonight.


Definitely not in midseason form but Roger looked like he’ll be ready soon.


$3.7 million per month for the rest of the season.


[tag]Roger Clemens[/tag] picks up his National League Championship ring and then catches for fellow Longhorn legend Vince Young as he throws at the first pitch. As usual, he throws a perfect strike.

Nice overhand throwing motion from Vince, I bet NFL scouts would love that. With his size and athleticism, if he’d have grown up with a baseball in his hand he’d probably have been a remarkable centerfielder. Of course, the Longhorns already win plenty of championships in baseball so I think he picked the right sport.

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