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In what is probably the biggest game of the year, Texas finally proved that they can win the big game. They went into [tag]Ohio State[/tag], didn’t really play their best game, and still found a way to pull out the win. The path is now set to the Rose Bowl, lets just hope we can beat OU.

Quarterback – Overall Grade: A-

Vince really scared me in this game. I know he is good, and I know he knows he is good, but can he please tuck the ball when he is about to get tackled? With that and his two picks, I really wanted to move him to a B+, but since he made that incredible touchdown pass, I had to give him a A-. Man was it nice to see him pass for 270 yards though.

Running Backs – Overall Grade: B-

The running game was really not there this game. But it is hard to tell if it was just playing against the best linebackers in the nation, or the running backs took a step backward. We are definitely going to need more production out of the running game though, because I don’t want to have to rely on Vince’s arm all season. Also, it looks like Jamaal Charles will be starting this week against Rice.

Receivers / Tight End – Overall Grade: A

Wow, the receivers came through huge in this game. Pittman was definitely the go to guy in this game, with 5 catches for 130 yards. And I don’t really need to comment much on that awesome catch by Sweed to win the game. Overall, just a great performance.

Offensive Line – Overall Grade: B-

Again, I think their performance was probably more of a result of how good the Ohio State defense is. They opened some decent holes every once in a while, but it is hard to block those linebackers.

Defensive Line – Overall Grade: A-

The defensive line held tough, but did allow some decent running yards by Pittman. It had to be hard though, because Ohio State seemed to be playing on a short field the whole game.

Linebackers – Overall Grade: B+

What a huge time to make a huge play. Kelson’s strip of that ball from Zwick will probably be one of the biggest plays he makes in his career.

Secondary – Overall Grade: B+

I thought the secondary held together pretty well, and even on the touchdown pass there was good coverage. I think this unit is really going to do well together this year.

Special Teams – Overall Grade: C+

Well, at least I am upgrading them from a C-. Somehow we decided to let Ohio State play on half the field the entire game. Basically we need work on almost every aspect of special teams. The lone bright spot was David Pino, who looks like he will be a servicable kicker.

Overall – Overall Grade: B+

We definitely did not play our greatest game, but still managed to pull out the win. Texas showed a lot of heart, and I look forward to improving this season. This game gives me a good feeling about this season.

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