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I was definitely a little nervous going into this game, fearful of [tag]Missouri[/tag]’s Brad Smith and hoping Texas wasn’t looking ahead to next weeks game against the Sooners. It feels like every game we are playing for the National Championship, because if we lose one, we are probably done. Thankfully, we got past the Tigers pretty easily, even with a poor/lucky first quarter. Here is how I graded the performances:

Quarterback – Overall Grade: A
Vince definitely didn’t do anything to hurt his Heisman campaign. He threw for 236 yds, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception (it was tipped and not really Vince’s fault). Vince was also the leading rusher with 108 yds and a touchdown. Overall I would say he played very well. I hope he keeps up this effort in the Oklahoma game.

Running Backs – Overall Grade: A-
Isn’t it just amazing how much talent Texas has in the backfield. Texas’ backfield has just dominated games, and this week was no different racking up 349 yds in rushing. When you have the talent of Jamaal Charles and Selvin Young, the speed of Ramonce Taylor, and can bring in a bruiser like Melton, good things are going to happen. Can Melton even be tackled? I am not sure.

Wide Receivers – Overall Grade: B+
Not much need for wide receivers when you have the rushing game of Texas, but overall they did pretty good. Pittman continued to be Vince’s go-to guy, hauling in 4 catches for 81 yds.

Offensive Lineman – Overall Grade: B
I know the refs were against us, but I swear that everyone on the offense line got a couple penalties thrown their way. That is something that will need to be corrected before going into the OU game. We can’t have a repeat performance of 14 penalties for 135 yds.

Defense – Overall Grade: A-
The defense definitely forced some key turnovers, but it was scary to see how well Missouri was driving the ball in the first half. It looked too easy and only Missouri mistakes really prevented them from outscoring us in the first half. But all-in-all, I would say holding the Tigers to just 139 rushing yds is a pretty nice accomplishment.

Special Teams – Overall Grade: B+
That 88 yd touchdown return by Ross was definitely impressive, though I personally would like to see Romance take some punts more often. He has that game breaking ability that can really energize the offense. Kicking wasn’t really a factor in this game, and I hope we keep it that way for the rest of the season.

Overall – Overall Grade: A
I think Texas proved that they are the real deal. I definitely had some concerns coming into this game, but Texas never really looked back. I think Texas is at a good point in the season to face OU. Everything is pointing at this being the year for Texas, no all they have to do is perform on the field. Hook ’em.


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    I wouldn’t say Vince wasn’t at fault at all on the interception, he dropped his elbow and tried to throw it low through the middle of the defensive line. On the deep throws and when he’s outside of the pocket his motion doesn’t matter a ton, but when you’re throwing the ball in the middle of the field it can sometime hurt you.

    I sure wish I had seen Pittman’s 41 yard reception while ABC was jerking around. Supposedly he could’ve easily walked into the endzone for a TD and just tripped and busted his ass without anyone near him.

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    I can’t say ass? Crap!

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    Dood, these comments are the shit!

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