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A good early morning game this weekend as Ohio State and Michigan State kick off at 11 a.m. CST on ABC. It’ll be interesting to see if the Buckeyes rebound after their tough loss in Happy Valley last week, for the Horns’ title hopes I hope they do.

The marquee game nationally is going on in South Bend tomorrow afternoon where the of two most overrated teams will face off. (USC is really good, just not anywhere close to the best of all time like has been mentioned.) Florida and LSU also square off in a tough SEC battle on CBS, meaning the game will not only be in HD but they also probably won’t miss plays because ABC is run by chimps. I won’t be watching much, if any, of either of those games though because Texas takes on a pretty decent Colorado team at the same time. It’s another game the Longhorns should win easily if things are clicking, but they’ve been playing pretty sloppy the last couple of games and super frosh Jamaal Charles is hampered by an ankle injury.

Here’s our picks:

Last week: 11-4
Year to date: 76-22
Last week: 10-5
Year to date: 75-23
Wake Forest @ (14) B.C. B.C. B.C.
(16) Michigan St. @ (15) Ohio St. Ohio State Ohio State
(6) Alabama @ Ole Miss Alabama Alabama
(23) Wisconsin @ (22) Minnesota Wisconsin Minnesota
Kansas St. @ (13) Texas Tech Texas Tech Texas Tech
(7) Miami @ Temple Miami Miami
Oregon St. @ (18) Cal Cal Cal
(1) USC @ (9) Notre Dame USC USC
Colorado @ (2) Texas Texas Texas
(11) Florida @ (10) LSU Florida LSU
Washington @ (20) Oregon Oregon Oregon
(19) Louisville @ W. Virginia Louisville Louisville
(8) Penn State @ Michigan Penn State Penn State
(12) UCLA @ Washington St. UCLA UCLA
Army @ (25) TCU TCU TCU
(21) Auburn @ Arkansas Auburn Auburn
(5) Georgia @ Vanderbilt Georgia Georgia
(4) Florida St. @ Virginia Florida St. Florida St.

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  1. reply to  #1


    Ohio State and Tech both scared the daylights out of me today. They both looked like crap in the first half but pulled out wins that help Texas out big time.

  2. reply to  #2


    Did you see that finish to the Wisconsin-Minnesota game?! Gophers are up with about 30 seconds left and got a punt blocked that Wisconsin recovered in the end zone for a touchdown and the win!

  3. reply to  #3


    I refuse to count that Minnesota game as a loss.

  4. reply to  #4


    Did you see the USC/Notre Dame ending? The refs stopped the clock for no apparent reason with 7 seconds to go and gave USC time to get lined up and run another play from the one. If I was Charlie Weis, I’d be 150 pounds heavier and really pissed off at the officials.

  5. reply to  #5


    The ball was fumbled out of bounds, so wouldn’t the clock stop anyway? What I don’t get, is if the clock was stopped, why was USC acting like they were going to down the ball? That was dumb. I hate USC.

  6. reply to  #6


    The ball was fumbled backwards out of bounds, they gave him forward progress at the 6 inch line instead of marking the ball back 2 yards where it went out. Since they gave him forward progress the clock should have kept running, similar to when the refs hosed us at the end of the first half against Mizzou. They might have needed to stop the clock for a sec to get the ball and get it spotted, but they sat and waited for USC to get lined up for a play. It was all kind of odd from the Pac 10 refs.

    I hate Notre Dame more than I hate USC. At least USC is good, Notre Dame hasn’t been good in 20 years and every time they win two games in a row the media about pisses themselves over it.

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