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Other than a three-point win at Ohio State, Texas’ average margin of victory has been 37 points, and Texas proved that yet again with a blow out win against in-state rival [tag]Texas Tech[/tag]. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous going into this game, and through most of the first quarter, but once Texas and Vince Young settled down, it seemed like the game was on cruise control. The game definitely had its good and bad points, and here is how I broke everything down.

Quarterback – Overall Grade: B

I hate to say it, but I wasn’t very impressed with Vince Young’s performance on the field against Texas Tech. He made some pretty poor decisions on a few passes and I recall him badly over-throwing his receivers at least 5 times. He did seem to improve on the second half, and at least seemed to stop making some of the poor decisions. His stats he ended up with weren’t awful, but I definitely expect more from Vince after his fast start this season.

Running Backs – Overall Grade: A

I swear, Texas has so many good running backs it just seems unfair. I mean most of our back-up running backs that play mainly special teams could probably start on most Division 1 schools. Against Tech, 6 running backs combined for 40 carries and 205 yards. Even Chris Ogbonnaya got some late playing time and scored an impressive touchdown run. Selvin looked like a changed man, I think it is due to the fact that Jamaal Charles is playing so well and was slated to have some running time this week. Overall, very impressive in my opinion.

Receivers – Overall Grade: A

Billy Pittman is just a mad man out there. Did you see that one handed grab? Ridiculous. Pittman added 2 more touchdowns to his already impressive year, giving him 5 total. Brian Carter made a couple critical receptions and Romance Taylor is proving that he may be a real threat at the wide receiver position. Once Taylor gets his route running down, big things will happen for him down the road.

Defense – Overall Grade: A

Obviously the defense has been playing great this year, ranking in the Top 10. I was very curious to see how they would hold up against this crazy Tech offense. Bottomline, Texas has too many athletes on defense. Texas able to fly around to the ball and catch-up and make plays that most defenses cannot. I think our secondary proved that they are one of the top groups in the nation. It is almost easy/fun to watch a Texas game now because our defense almost provides this sense of added comfort.

Special Teams – Overall Grade: A-

I almost cracked up when I heard some sports analyst say that we have spectacular special teams, because up until this game I have been pretty unimpressed. I will say that we definitely improved significantly in this game. Our kicking was decent, our punting (when we actually had to) was decent (but not great), and Quan Cosby on the punt returns turned in into another gear when he touched the ball. This gives a little hope for good things to come in the future.

Overall Team – Overall Grade: A

All-in-all this was a pretty impressive performance and I think the 52-17 scores shows that. The good news is that Texas seems to be improving in every phase of the game. Vince will have some off days, so hopefully him scoring 3 total touchdowns and throwing 2 picks will be worst it gets this season. Hook ’em.


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