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That’s certainly not breaking news, but Skippy has outdone himself this time. In his latest article on writes that there’s no way Texas should be number one in the country and that we wouldn’t stand a chance head-to-head against USC. It’s one thing to have that opinion (though I think it’s completely wrong), it’s another to then not back it up with rational argument. Hmmm… I wonder why he’d have such an irrational hatred of Texas?

He attempts to bash our schedule so far, despite it being better than both USC and Virginia Tech’s no matter how you look at it. Our opponents have a better combined record. We’ve beaten just as many (or more) top 25 teams. We beat a top 5 team on the road and demolished a top 10 team at home, USC and Va. Tech have done neither. Yes our schedule gets weaker from here on out, but just because we played our toughest games early doesn’t make them any less difficult, in fact it makes upsets even more likely.

He then claims that USC has to take every team’s best shot each week. Um, Skip, do you think the Horns are sneaking up on people? As Walter Cronkite says, “We’re Texas.” No matter what our ranking is, everyone wants to take us down. Factor in our national title aspirations and there’s nothing in the world our opponents would rather do than knock us down. They took “Arizona State’s best shot at Arizona State.” Whoop-dee-freaking-do! They’re 1-3 in Pac 10 play, they’re terrible.

My favorite part of the article is when he states Ohio State would give the Trojans a better game than we would. Wait a second… Didn’t we beat the Buckeyes? At their place? At night*? That doesn’t count Skip says, we didn’t win that one Jim Tressel lost it:

“Ohio State coach Jim Tressel blew that game more than Texas won it. Tressel appeared to be channeling Bevo by starting and finishing with quarterback Justin Zwick, even though Troy Smith led the Buckeyes on five scoring drives and built a 22-16 lead through three quarters. Zwick’s late fumble clinched a 25-22 Texas win.”

His basis for that argument? “Smith led the Buckeyes on five scoring drives.” Wow, five scoring drives? They must have been really rolling with him at quarterback. Oh wait, they weren’t. Not even close. Ohio State had one good drive and it ended with Smith’s best play of the night, a 36 yard pass from Smith to Santonio Holmes for a touchdown, but the rest of the night they did next to nothing with or without Smith at the helm. Those other 4 scoring drives? 5 plays for 8 yards. 9 plays for 22 yards. 6 plays for 11 yards. And finally, 4 plays for a whopping -1 yards. Look out Peyton Manning! Playing Smith the whole game would not have changed the final score.

A valid argument could definitely be made that the Trojans should be number one, but Texas has just as strong of a case. I think most people believe they’re clearly the top two teams in the country. I don’t understand the outrage over this week’s BCS rankings from the national media. The Trojans probably have the nation’s best offense, while Texas’ defense is second to none. Texas has played better against tougher opponents so far, but if USC plays well over their next difficult stretch they’ll likely jump back into the first spot anyways. Both teams deserve to be where they are and the exact order doesn’t mean much. After all, whether you’re number one or two in October doesn’t really matter, as long as both teams win out we’ll find out on January 4th in Pasadena who the better team is.


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    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. […] ytime you make me long for the days of Trev Alberts, something has gone horribly awry. 2. Skip Bayless. You made me like Woody Paige (EDSBS #30), you must really suck. How di […]

  3. reply to  #3


    How did that game work out for you this year?
    what was up with your coaches herpes on his lip? looked serious

  4. reply to  #4


    Troy Smith has vastly improved over last season, but he is still no Vince.

    And what’s up with your coaches sweater vest? Looked pretty ghey.

  5. reply to  #5

    John brown(I will knock u down)

    skip is lik an ostridge with his head stuck in sand!! He is lik cleveland writers, no it alls with no experience in the world of sports! pull u head outa the wolverwines ass and wake up u goof! michigan was second in the big ten, and had there change, it was only close because of a bad call on 4th and 18, late in the game or it was a ten+ victory 4 state(which is why the flag was throw because of the spread)!!so little skippy go take a shower and clean that do – do of, and p. s. act like a man, talk like a man, back it up like a man or just come outa the closet with a dress on , because a man does not talk with a paper a– h—-! later loser!!! I ‘ll track u down like a hound dog tracks a rabbit down in the woods if u run u r mouth about THEO.S.U again little scippy!!

  6. reply to  #6

    longhorns blow

    Would someone please get this guy off the longhorns swinging salty nuts. Its sickening! However I do agree with you about skip bayless being a dumb ass. And texas wasnt that good by the way, vince young was. Also did you see what happened to Tae hasss this year against Ohio St. ???? I didnt get a chance to watch the game I was just curious.

  7. reply to  #7

    Lee Crebs

    Listening to Skip Bayless is a real in the ass moment. He is put on TV to play devils advocate, plain and simple. He claims to know it all and he knows nothing. I hate ESPN to the core. Bayless is just one in a litany infections they call broadcasters. But unlike Emmitt Smith, Stewart Scott, the two Steward brothers, among others he can speak clear and understandable language. However back to Bayless he is a huge piece of dog squeeze who spends more time removing his foot from his huge stupid mouth. Bottom line he knows nothing.

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