Posted October 27th, 2005 by Brian
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Marcus Vick sporting the nasty unisTheir jerseys are orange on one shoulder and maroon on the other. Then a lot of the players are wearing long sleeves that are also orange on one side and maroon on the other. They look like a beer league softball team, especially the guys with the long sleeves underneath. Or maybe a team from Blitz: The League. How many different uniform variations do they have?

Man those things are seriously fugly.


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    Check out this moron, he put the sleeves on backwards. Nice work genius.

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    We should wear jerseys with one white sleeve and one orange one like VT’s. They’d go very nicely with our pants that are one leg white and one leg orange. With black around the crotch and ass that looks like a speedo.

    That would be sweet.

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    Kevin @

    Those are a limited edition, one-game only uniform created for four schools to promote a new Nike product. Florida will wear something similar today against Georgia.

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    I just saw Florida‘s Kevin, man those things are just atrocious! I do think VT’s long sleeves underneath made their’s even worse.

    What exactly is Nike promoting? Ugly t-shirts or more ugly shoes? Even if Nike offered Texas eleventy billion dollars I would hope we’d turn it down. I wonder what the alumni at these schools think?

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    Louie Burton

    For a school that has built itself into a football powerhouse, Virginia Techs’ uniforms are pathetically third rate. Real traditions dont need tampering (see Penn State)

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    ESPN has an article with a ton of links and info on the whole epidemic and other interesting jerseys.

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    Man I dont kno wat you are talking about that thing is so awesome!!!!

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    I honestly have to say that Va Tech’s uniforms are awesome. Maybe Texas can get creative once in a while, maybe not.

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    That’s a joke right? Let me guess (other) Brian, you think the Yankees should ditch the pinstripes and go with something flashier designed by Nike??

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    Look why are all of you hatin on VT’s new look? before this change they had the most fashionable jerseys in NCAA, now they had just doubled the style and even look way better then the other 4 schools who agreed to these ne uniforms. So when U make it in a real football uniform and make a name for your team then U can critize other’s designs and just for those of u that are more focused on the look of the team maybe you should be worried bout which team has more grass stains on their uniforms to see that VT has been doing the work on the field.

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    Those uniforms looked awesome. They’re a lot better than the boring ones 90% of the other schools wear. Especially the TX ones.

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    Juan you’re apparently blind or 6 years old, probably both. And if you like VT uniforms then you also probably just started watching college football in the last couple of years.

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    If you really want to see a bad look at the cleaveland browns, not the virgina tech.

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    jack hockman

    VT’s uniforms are sexy

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