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Brian Matt ESPN Experts
1. Vince Young 1. Vince Young 1. Reggie Bush
2. Reggie Bush 2. Reggie Bush 2. Vince Young
3. Laurence Maroney 3. Laurence Maroney 3. Matt Leinart
4. Matt Leinart 4. Brady Quinn 4. Brady Quinn
5. Omar Jacobs 5. Marcus Vick 5. Maurice Drew
Our Thoughts

Brian – Down weeks for both Young and Bush. Vince was off all day long Saturday versus Tech, completing only 12 of 22 passes, but he hit several big passes and led his team to a victory over a top 10 team. Meanwhile, Bush only rushed for 51 yards, but had the type of highlight making punt return that Heisman voters love. Take out that return TD and Bush would barely be holding off Maroney and his teammate Leinart. He’ll have to keep putting up those kind of plays if USC is only going to get him 8 carries per week.

Jacobs drops this week and barely stays in my poll at all. He was injured early in Bowling Green’s game against Western Michigan and passed for only 98 yards. With his lack of national exposure and weak competition he has to put up ridiculous numbers in order to be invited to New York, after the last two week’s he’s no longer on pace to do that.

More interesting than all of this, rumor has it that Matt Leinart and Kristin from the MTV reality show “Laguna Beach” were dating at one point. He was a junior playing QB for a national champion and she was still a senior in high school at the time. It’s kind of pathetic if you win the Heisman and all it gets you is high school chicks.

Matt – Brady Quinn was just ridiculous, so I moved him into the chase and dropped Matt Leinart all together. I am almost looking at this now as, if I was to start a new team, which of the current college players would I pick. Now, I probably wouldn’t take Vince #1, but so far he has had the best season of my top 5. Looking at my list, I would probably have to go with Brady Quinn. He has the size, the arm, and the smarts to make it big in the NFL.

And who on ESPN’s staff is still giving Matt Leinart 1st place votes. Just doesn’t make sense to me.


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  1. reply to  #1


    Kristin is hot though.

  2. reply to  #2


    I’m more of a L.C. fan, Kristin looks like she’s too tall.

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