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Tonight’s game will be the first TBS televised game I’ve watched all the way through, so it will be interesting to see what kind of job they do. I don’t recognize either of the announcers but they can’t be any worse than the guys ABC trots out there every week.

First Quarter
  • Good kick by Greg Johnson and an even better hit! [tag]Oklahoma State[/tag] returner had a seam and Johnson just came flying up and laid him out.
  • Good first series from the defense, had a chance to get a turnover but still forced a three and out.
  • Ramonce Taylor drops a wide open pass and we’ve got 4th down. If he catches that one in stride he might be able to get into the end zone with his speed.
  • I don’t know what the wind is like but I’m pretty confident that David Pino won’t make too many 52 yard field goals. We should have tried to pin them back deep or go for it, but we don’t and we get the kick blocked.
  • Great play design on 4th and one by Okie State for the touchdown. They rushed up to the line, looked like they were going to go for the short gain with everything they got and snuck a wide receiver out of the backfield. Dajuan Woods ran wide open down the field all by himself.
Texas 0, Okie State 7
  • Great run from Vince Young on 3rd and long, 45 yards or so. He’s looked a little off again today so let’s hope this settles him down.
  • Another holding penalty from David Thomas. He seems to get one of those and a false start every week. We just flat out can’t do that on first and goal. 2nd and goal from the 5 is a lot better than a tough 10 yard penalty.
  • Wow, Vince air mailed that one about 10 yards over Quan Cosby’s head. Wasn’t even close. Somehow the announcers blamed it on Cosby.
  • Another holding penalty. We may have the best offensive line in the country but we are the worst at holding I’ve ever seen. We seem to get caught more than any team I’ve ever seen.
  • Touchdown David Thomas! Great pass from VY on 3rd and goal from the 20 yard line. Threaded it in there. Thomas needs to do more catching with those great hands of them and stop using them to hold.
  • Did they just claim the holder, Matt Nordgren, falst started on the extra point? It looked like the right side of the line moved, but I’m pretty sure they said number 7. Crap, it just caused us to get the kick blocked. Way too much penetration in the middle of the line.
Texas 6, Okie State 7
  • We’re playing absolutely terrible, the only way this game is remotely close is if we give it to them. We’ve got to settle down on offense.
  • Decent kick and much better coverage. Of course, we were freaking offsides on the thing. How many penalties is that already? 4? 5? Ugh.
  • The Cowboys are just playing with a lot more energy than we are. It sure looks like we must’ve spent all week celebrating our number one BCS ranking. Another big run and they’re inside our 10. They’re running right down our throats right now.
  • Anytime they run the toss we have about 5 guys crash down inside for no reason and then they can just run untouched around the corner. We’ve got to pull our heads out.
Texas 6, Okie State 14
  • Another high throw from Vince and this one’s picked off.
  • And Oklahoma State immediately converts it into points. Our defense looked like they’d never seen the zone read before as OSU QB Al Pena runs untouched into the end zone. Embarassing.
Texas 6, Okie State 21
  • Let’s come out and run it down their throats with Vince and Jamaal Charles.
  • Big keeper from Vince. Down to the OSU 30.
  • Looks like the OSU defense is forcing Charles outside and then they’re bottling him up. No seams up the middle for him yet.
  • Vince has missed every throw by a mile. He hasn’t been close at all. 4th down.
  • Pino converts the 45 yard field goal. More bad protection but he gets the 3 points.
Texas 9, Okie State 21
  • Deep kick into the end zone by Johnson and great coverage. Cowboys will start at the 15 yard line, let’s hope we take the field position and get the ball back for our offense.

Second Quarter
  • How superstitious am I? After that crap we displayed in the first quarter I went and got the laptop I usually use despite it having two busted keys.
  • Barry Sanders is hiding behind Thurman Thomas during an interview. Yo Thurman, get out of the way!
  • Finally a stop on third down. I wonder if they’ll go for it again since they have the lead.
  • Are they not going to talk to Thurman? Ha, that sucks.
  • We seriously need a big play from our defense. I’m not surprised by our offense being a little shaky, I am shocked however by how lost our defense looks out there right now.
  • And we just got it. Big sack by Derek Lokey sacks Pena back for a 15 yard loss.
  • 3rd and a mile and we’re going to force them to punt. Finally.
  • We’re backed up deep. We really need a nice 95 yard drive for a touchdown. Seems like we’ve had a nice long drive every week, now is the time.
  • Now our punt coverage is getting in on the embarassment. Several guys just watched the ball roll and let the returner pick up the ball and return it all the way down to the 15 freaking yard line. Criminey.
  • Defense has begun to step up. Or maybe the Oklahoma State offense has just gotten really conservative.
  • BLOCKED FIELD GOAL! Damnit we should’ve picked that up and ran it all the way back. Shoot. Big, huge play but that could have been a quick 6.
  • Fumble by Vince recovered by OSU but it sure looked like his knee was down first. THEY BETTER REVIEW THIS SUCKER!
  • They almost didn’t review that SOB. It looked like his knee was down from a couple of angles but I’m not sure.
  • That’s the first play all year that was reviewed that would have helped us. I thought his knee was down but you couldn’t really tell so I have to agree with the decision.
  • You’d think after last year the OSU fans would be smart enough not to chant “overrated” halfway through the second quarter.
  • Son of a… Every single break is going against us. Ball should have been an interception by Michael Huff but it bounces off his hands into Woods who races untouched for the touchdown. Crap!
Texas 9, Okie State 28
  • Great return by Ramonce Taylor and you can tack on an extra 15 for the late hit. As much as this blows, there’s plenty of time left.
  • You’ve got to be kidding me. They’re really trying to claim that we were out hustled on the touchdown? The guy is running the route and the ball lands right in his hands. It’s called luck.
  • Defender got his hand in there but Quan Cosby needs to make that catch. A big touchdown there would have been huge.
  • In ther understatement of the year, we really need points here. Third and long.
  • As I’ve said 100 times before, the crap on the sidelines is way too close in both the NFL and in college stadiums. This kind of stuff happens several times a year and we’re lucky no one’s been seriously injured.
  • Pick up your feet Melton!! Henry had a chance to get the first and gets tripped up by a guy on the ground.
  • QB sneak time.
  • Vince sneaks and gets just enough for the first down.
  • I think as a former Longhorn, the OSU defensive coordinator, Vance Bedford, should be throwing this game. I’m kidding.
  • Another freaking holding! You’ve got to be kidding. NO ONE GETS THIS MANY HOLDING CALLS! AHHHH! Another touchdown called back.
  • Hit was definitely a little early on Thomas but he still has to make that catch.
  • Field goal by Pino.
Texas 12, Okie State 28

Well the holding costs us four points and we head into the half down 16. Every break has gone their way but we’re still very much in this game and we played much better in the second quarter. We get the ball first in the second half so if we drive down there and get a touchdown this is a whole different ball game. We’ve settled in, now we have to go out there and play like we’re capable of. Or else.

Third Quarter
  • Here we go.
  • HOLY COW!! There’s the play we needed! Fantastic pump fake then scramble by Vince Young for an 80 yard touchdown!! Hellooooo momentum!
Texas 19, Okie State 28
  • Definitely at least a light wind in our face this quarter.
  • I was going to pick Stanford today against UCLA but I wussed out.
  • Good pressure on the QB two plays in a row.
  • We were about to force a quick 3 and out and we got another freaking penalty. Offsides.
  • Great job. 3 plays, 3 incompletions.
  • He said aroused.
  • You’ve got to be kidding me. Another stupid penalty keeps the OSU drive alive.
  • Brian Orakpo just got juked by Pena. Crap. Another first down. Maybe it was Tim Crowder.
  • There’s the first toss sweep they’ve run in a while, for another first down.
  • I think Michael Huff is the only person on our D makiing sure tackles right now.
  • Another good play by Lokey forces the OSU back wider than he wanted and allowed Cedric Griffin to get the angle and force him out of bounds.
  • Another drive starting inside our own 5. Roy Miller’s penalty on the earlier punt costs us about 40 yards of field position.
  • Last time we turned the ball over, this time let’s see what Jamaal Charles is capable of.
  • Neale Freaking Tweedie!! Great catch by the former lineman. I knew it was his first catch without looking. Suckers.
  • Good decision to take off by Vince but damn he needs to tuck that thing away.
  • Ref got in the freaking way or Billy Pittman probably makes that catch and gets the first. At least we got it back out of our side of the field.
  • Seems like every Okie State player is from Texas. Oklahoma high school football sucks.
  • Really obvious holding their by the OSU receiver on Ced Criffin. After all the holding calls against us tonight they’ve got to see that and make that call.
  • Hot damn an actual holding call against an opponent. Big call. Whew.
  • Penalties killed the Cowboys and we’re going to force them to punt. Nice to see someone other than us killing themselves with penalties.
  • We blocked the punt!! Crap. It rolled forever and we didn’t get much field position out of it. Much better than back at our 5 though.
  • Haha, Kasey Studdard is a mad man. Big old offensive guard got in there and got up to help out Robert Killebrew on that block. I love that guy! By the way that punting formation is really, really retarded.
  • Vince is still really off tonight. Let’s run the ball a little.
  • Pittman really knows how to find the hole in the defense when Vince is running around in the backfield.
  • Jamaal is hopping around again. That doesn’t look good.
  • Now Selvin Young has to be helped off the field as well. We’re down to our third string back Chris Ogbannaya.
  • With Ogbannaya in there and first and goal I wish we’d keep the ball in Vince’s hands.
  • Yeah, exactly like that. Great fake by Vince to Charles (who’s already back in the game) and scoots for the touchdown! Two point ball game.
Texas 26, Okie State 28
  • Who gives a crap about Maryland State? And what kind of slogan is “don’t lose”? A really negative thought there.
  • Nevermind about that UCLA pick.
  • Jeeeebus. How do you not see that holding right in front of you?
  • Two or three really obvious holdings on that OSU 3rd down pass. Of course the refs don’t notice.
  • Aaron Ross is returning punts again this week by the way.
  • Jonathan Scott is down and hurt. It’s times like these that I’m glad backups like Tony Hills, Jr. have been getting a lot of playing time in all situations.
  • I love Jamaal Charles out of the backfield as a receiver. Looks like he’s cramping up though.
  • Neale Freaking Tweedie again! Wide open down the middle for a touchdown! Not too easy of a catch either, good hands on the big old boy.
  • Two point conversion to Ahmard Hall is good as well. Puts us up by two field goals.
Texas 34, Okie State 28
  • Jamaal Charles is headed to the locker room either to get fluids in him or to relieve himself of them. Wasn’t limping at all though. With all the time he’s missed last 3 weeks I imagine he’s a little out football shape and that’s causing the cramps.
Fourth Quarter
  • Big third down here. We’re up and now we need to keep this momentum. Let’s get the ball back and put more points back up on the board.
  • Hurt us there because OSU would’ve gotten a delay penalty, but I like that the coaches can call timeouts from the sideline. It just makes sense.
  • I love all the presnap movement our defense uses now. I think it can be just as effective as blitzing in confusing the o-line, but without any risks. I know we as an offense have had a ton of trouble with it the last several years.
  • Three and out by the defense and good return by Aaron Ross sets up our offense in good shape.
  • I’m not sure what the main change was (tired OSU defense or maybe the play action), but our passing game is really humming now. All of a sudden Vince has all day.
  • The refs clearly blew the play dead on the Ogbannaya fumble. Good break.
  • If Vince wasn’t limping and we weren’t down to our 3rd string back, I’d go for it on 4th down.
  • Fake field goal. Matt Nordgren is the same slow white boy he was last week and he doesn’t come close. Turnover on downs.
  • Dear Okie State, your punting formation is gayer than Sheryl Swoopes. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.
  • If Selvin Young was available, we would be able to rest Charles a little so he’d stop cramping.
  • Oh yeah, Ramonce Taylor can play running back too. TOUCHDOWN TEXAS! 57 yard scamper for Taylor. I think Taylor needs more touches out of the backfield even when JC and Selvin are healthy.
  • Two point conversion is no good.
Texas 40, Okie State 28
  • Remember Taylor’s big run on a reverse last year is what gave the Horns the lead after the comeback.
  • Hey jerk, I used the word “scamper” first.
  • Our defensive linemen need to rush the passer more under control. We go running wildly back there and let the QB avoid us for extra time.
  • Robert Killebrew is a bit of a jerk. As long as he’s not getting penalties, I like it. You need some guys like that on your defense.
  • That carry by Ramonce shows why he’s no longer a full time running back. Still a little hesitant and tries to dance way too much while in the back field.
  • Great job by Billy Pittman to convert the third down. Hit as he’s coming down and he held onto the ball.
  • Nice Seinfeld reference, but you’ve got to do it with more confidence. Don’t explain who George is.
  • Would be nice to see big Henry Melton getting some snaps at tailback with so many other guys limping around. I wonder what his grasp of the entire offense is and whether we trust him in pass protection. Charles, Selvin Young, and Ogbannaya have all limped off the field tonight.
  • Great catch in tough coverage by Thomas. Goes up over the DB and brings it in for the big 4th down conversion.
  • USC might jump back over us in the BCS but it’s not going to be because of their strength of schedule. It’s not like beating 3 – 5 Washington State is going to give them a boost. And Virginia Tech beating B.C. in a tough game isn’t nearly as impressive as us thumping Texas Tech.
  • And that’s why you do want Ramonce Taylor to be a running back. Cuts back the opposite direction of the play call and sprints to the end zone untouched. Wonderful blocking downfield by Pittman even though the play was supposed to be headed the other way.
Texas 47, Okie State 28
  • Fumble by Oklahoma State pretty much seals it. One play by Vince and now all the scrubs are in.
  • This is the only situation I like seeing Matt Nordgren in there. No offense Matt.
Final Thoughts

Whew! That’s it. Whew.

Players of the Game

Offense – It sure didn’t look like it the first 20 minutes or so of the game, but Vince Young turned it on late in the first half and then flipped it into overdrive in the second half. His 81 yard touchdown run was not only nasty, it was a clear turning point in the game. It looked like Oklahoma State was going to force us to punt and all of a sudden he’s gone down the sideline. Insane. The way Vince steps up when things are stacked against him and the team, shows why I think he should be this year’s Heisman winner. Down 19, he led his team back for 38 unanswered points. 506 total yards and 4 touchdowns on the evening.

Defense – Michael Huff. I don’t know what the stats will say, but when the rest of the defense was struggling Huff seemed to be the first one to step up and start making plays. He almost made a tough interception that actually turned into a fantastic touchdown for Oklahoma State. But then he seemingly made every tackle (including on special teams) for several series in a row. Really helped keep us steady when it seemed we were pretty rattled on both sides of the ball.


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  1. reply to  #1


    I take anything positive thing I said about TBS back. They’ve got a former American Idol (Matt Rogers) doing a post game interview with Chris Leak.

  2. reply to  #2


    Cowby’s are too tired, and what’s up with that punt formation?

  3. reply to  #3


    Several teams have been using that punt formation the last couple of years, Louisville comes to mind as the first I saw doing it. I guess it’s something coaches think can help you overcome a little less talent. It makes absolutely no sense to me, I think it causes a lot MORE pressure on the punter. He’s got more protection right in front of him, but he’s got guys flying around him more frequently.

  4. reply to  #4


    Well, at least my team made it interesting for a half.

  5. reply to  #5


    TBS isn’t that bad if you’ve got Dish Network. You can see all their camera views on channel 100. Way better than commercials!

  6. reply to  #6


    I haven’t been that nervous about a game in a long time. Much more on the line than than last years game against OSU.

  7. reply to  #7


    No freaking kidding Matt, any chance we can keep them off our schedule for a few years? I think the thing that really had me nervous was the way our defense was playing. Normally they keep us in control and in the game even when the offense is shaky, but tonight they did their own fair share of sucking to start the game off.

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