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It’s amazing how much credit USC gets for overcoming their slow starts while Texas is getting bashed for theirs. USC struggled in the first halves of games against Oregon, Arizona State, and Arizona (not to mention Notre Dame) and barely pulling out victories. That shows that they have heart, “That’s what champions do.” Meanwhile, we come back and end up blowing Oklahoma State out of the water and we’re left defending ourselves.

At least one person in the national media has a bit of a clue:

“You cannot punish a team because they struggled in the first half. Using that logic, which I know is a word college football and the BCS tend to avoid, USC would be out of the Top 10 because of its first half struggles.”

The BCS is a joke.


Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. He’s found four or five games over the last four years that we were behind for a while only to come back and win as examples that “prove” his double standard for Texas and USC is valid. The three times this season that USC has done the same thing are examined differently.

In years past, we showed no emotion and it meant we had no heart, now we’re an “emotionally volatile team” and therefore deserve extra scrutiny. I guess, as Chris Russell said above, logic truly has no place in college football. (11/1/2005)


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    Some of the completely illogical comments on that article I linked are hilarious. Some of them are actually still trying to claim Cal deserved to be in the Rose Bowl and Texas didn’t.

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    Even Miami got the same praise on ESPN. Miami was down at the half to North Carolina, but they “Played like Champions” and came back in the second half. No one even mentions that game.

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