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Brian Matt ESPN Experts
1. Vince Young 1. Vince Young 1. Vince Young
2. Matt Leinart 2. Brady Quinn 2. Matt Leinart
3. Brady Quinn 3. Matt Leinart 3. Reggie Bush
4. Reggie Bush 4. Michael Robinson 4. Brady Quinn
5. Elvis Dumervil 5. Reggie Bush 5. Jerome Harrison
Our Thoughts

Brian – Vince Young has pulled so far ahead that he can barely see the two Trojans in his rear view mirror. Matt Leinart is having a fantastic season and his stats are actually better than last year, but Vince is more valuable, more dangerous, and is putting up equally impressive numbers. Reggie Bush’s hype has barely died down despite putting up only 82 yards against a bad Cal defense, if he has a 60 yard punt return against UCLA and the national media will be saying he’s the runaway leader again. Yet last year, Cedric Benson’s fantastic numbers were downplayed because he rushed for “only” 90 yards against a tough Oklahoma D. Does that make any sense?

Elvis Dumervil is my token defender/fat guy on the list again this week. When’s the last time anyone other than a QB or running back had a chance? Charles Woodson?

Matt – Not sure that I understand why ESPN has Jerome Harrison on their list. Washington State is 3-7 and have been consistently inconsistent all year.

Michael Robinson has definitely picked up his game this year. Robinson is 131-252 for 1,992 yards with 15 TDs and 9 interceptions. He also has rushed for 695 yards and 10 TDs on 133 carries. Not bad at all.

Thankfully everyone is finally seeing that Reggie Bush has been getting too much hype. I am tired of seeing how many “total” yards Bush has. Who cares how many punt return yards he has? I don’t and neither should the voters.


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    Mario Ceste

    Although I agree that Vince Young is the Heisman favorite, I don’t agree with Reggie Bush being anything less than 2nd in any ballot. He’s having the prototypical Heisman season by combining all of his talents to dominate two of the most important phases of the game. Considering that ESPN has about four guys from the Pac-10 on their list, it means that just about everyone and their mother could score on any Pac-10 defense. When I look for a Heisman guy, I want to see him beat up on a team that everyone else struggled against (i.e. Robinson and Young vs. OSU). It’s nice that you had a great game against UCLA but if everyone else did, how does that make you important? It will be interesting to see how much Young has to lose these next two weeks as Bush goes against two ranked teams.

  2. reply to  #2


    Bush has two games left to change my mind, but lately he’s been very average and therefore people who are playing better have passed him. Just because you’re hypothetically amazing, doesn’t mean you deserve votes. It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you play.

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    And those two ranked teams Bush is going against aren’t exactly defensive juggernauts. Fresno State is okay and UCLA’s defense is flat out terrible.

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