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  Matt Brian USA Today AP
1 Texas Texas USC USC
2 USC USC Texas Texas
3 Miami Miami Miami Miami
4 Penn St. LSU LSU LSU
5 Va. Tech Penn St. Penn St. Penn St.
6 Oregon Ohio St. Va. Tech Notre Dame
7 LSU Va. Tech Notre Dame Va. Tech
8 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama
9 W. Virginia Notre Dame Ohio St. Ohio St.
10 TCU Oregon Oregon Oregon
11 Fresno St. TCU UCLA Auburn
12 UCLA W. Virginia Auburn UCLA
13 UTEP Auburn W. Virginia W. Virginia
14 Ohio St. UCLA Georgia Georgia
15 Auburn Georgia TCU TCU
16 Notre Dame Fresno St. Fresno St. Fresno St.
17 Louisville Texas Tech Michigan Michigan
18 Georgia Michigan Louisville Louisville
19 Texas Tech UTEP Texas Tech S. Carolina
20 S. Carolina Florida Florida Florida
21 Michigan Oklahoma S. Carolina Texas Tech
22 Florida Minnesota Florida St. Florida St.
23 Iowa St. B.C. B.C. B.C.
24 Florida St. Iowa St. Wisconsin UTEP
25 Oklahoma S. Carolina UTEP Wisconsin
Our Thoughts

Brian – And then there were two. There was essentially no way Alabama was going to win out and even if they had there wasn’t much of a chance they’d have moved above the three spot in the BCS standings, but you still heard a giant sigh of relief coming from the Austin area Saturday when the Crimson Tide lost to Louisiana State. All year Texas and Southern Cal have proven themselves to be the nation’s top two teams and this weekend was no different. Texas took a respectable Kansas team and beat them like a rented mule. Record setting day for Vince Young and 52 points for the Horns by halftime. 152 unanswered points in a row is unreal. The Trojans easily defeated a once again overrated Cal team 35 to 10. It wasn’t a crushing victory but the game was certainly never in doubt. They’ve got two pretty tough games coming up, but as long as they don’t mail it in it looks like the marquee Rose Bowl matchup everyone wanted will happen.

Man, did Texas Tech ever blow a chance at national respectability this year. Even their offense has been just average since they started Big 12 play.

Matt – Just like I thought, Alabama lost to LSU and luckily we don’t have to hear anything about how the SEC will be getting screwed again in the BCS Championship game. I think Texas proved even more that they are the best team in the nation, putting up 52 at half-time on the nation’s 5th best defense. Auburn showed me a lot this weekend with that impressive win at Georgia. I would definitely hate to play Auburn right now, as it looks like they have everything moving in the right direction. TCU had yet another blowout win, and if it wasn’t for a dumb loss to SMU, TCU would probably be a Top 8 team in the BCS poll.


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    I wouldn’t have said this a month ago, but with a healthy Adrian Peterson I think OU beats South Carolina, FSU, and Iowa State. They’re offensive line is still crap, but they’re playing pretty well right now.

    Man, how fast has FSU fallen this year?

  2. reply to  #2

    Mario Ceste

    How can you put a 2 loss Ohio State team over a 1 loss Virginia Tech? Both teams have lost at home to high ranked opponents but Virginia Tech managed to win 8 straight (shows consistency) where Ohio State struggled to score 40 pts until they played the crap of the Big 10. Although the Big 10 is the strongest conference, I think that the top 2 teams in the ACC are definitely better than the top 2 teams in the Big 10.

  3. reply to  #3


    Because I think two loss Ohio State is playing much better than one loss Virginia Tech. I’m not the only one either, the Master Coaches Survey has the Buckeyes up a spot on Va. Tech as well. And the AP has two loss Notre Dame ahead of the Hokies.

    Who have they beaten this year? Other than West Virginia (who despite their ranking isn’t too scary) their schedule is a joke. They played one tough opponent and got blown out at home and looked particularly inept doing it. Ohio State lost by only 3 to Texas and 7 to Penn State.

    Plus, as everyone knows, losing late in the season kills you. Lose early and you have time to crawl your way back up like Ohio State did.

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