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Looks like we’re going to miss the start of the game due to the Bowling Green versus Toledo football game. It’s Tuesday, why in the world is there college football going on? There was even a game last night (Miami and Ohio), do athletes in the MAC ever go to class?

Well it looks like they’re switching to the game here in Dallas at least…

First Half
  • College basketball officiating really is a freaking joke. Someone at ESPN needs to let the NCAA that the way the games are officiated makes the games almost unwatchable. There’s a stoppage for some unseen foul every 20 seconds, then you’ll see a guy hammered on the shot and no call is made. Just let them play basketball and shove the whistle up your…
  • Daniel Gibson not hitting right now. I can handle some hot and cold shooting out of him, but he’s got to control the ball better than he did last night.
  • If LaMarcus Aldridge can hit that jump hook consistently he’ll be tough to defend.
  • Aldridge looks a lot less goofy running the floor this year. The time in the gym has helped him fill out a lot.
Texas 17, Iowa 16
  • Do we need a sideline reporter at a preseason college basketball tourney? Erin Andrews definitely needs more air time, but man is her job pointless. Maybe get rid of Stuart Scott to make room for her.
  • Speaking of goofy, Connor Atchley makes Jason Klotz look coordinated. Sounds like he’s going to be an excellent role player for us in coming years. Definitely looks like he still has room to grow physically.
  • Hey look, more overofficiating. Is that a word? It is now. I think part of the problem is that the announcers haven’t mentioned what these calls are or who they were on.
  • Why are there dinosaurs in King Kong? Were they in the original movie?
  • Mike Williams in for Brad Buckman for a long time now.
  • If P.J. Tucker can hit his jumper he’ll be a totally different player than he was before. Much better fit at the 3 if that’s the case.

Texas 19, Iowa 25
  • Yes I know they widened the lane for Wilt Chamberlain. Know how I know? You told the same story last night.
  • Iowa is moving the ball around well and getting open shots and hitting them.
  • Why do white players always remind announcers of other white players? Man, Jordan Shipley plays just like Ed McCaffrey. I guess I did just do that with Atchley and Klotz
Texas 24, Iowa 31

Better effort from the Longhorns in terms of actually playing some decent basketball. Not shooting well at all, though the Hawkeyes aren’t exactly lighting it up either. The constant whistles have really screwed up the flow of the game for both teams.

Second Half
  • Kenton Paulino is the basketball team’s Reed Boyd. Fans constantly think they know better than the coach and always think somebody else should be in there. If Paulino plays under control, isn’t the primary ball handler, and isn’t the one taking last second shots, I think he is a solid and important player.
  • Seriously, what game are the officials watching? I’d say it’s been terrible, but this is what it’s like every single game.
  • I love seeing Aldridge throw it down hard. Been a while since we’ve seen some good power dunks.
Texas 31, Iowa 36
  • Embarassing transition defense. Daniel Gibson hits a big 3 and no one bothers to get back on defense. Easy lay up for Iowa. Just lazy. And now another wide open shot for the Hawkeyes.
  • We haven’t done a good job on the defensive glass tonight. I know when you’re playing more zone its harder to box out, but we can’t let them have so many second chances.
Texas 39, Iowa 45
  • Brent Musberger just pointed out that Derrick Johnson is in attendance tonight.
  • Do these same officials do conference games? Yikes.
  • Our guards have to be better free throw shooters. Neither Gibson, Paulino, or A.J. Abrams are sure things at all.
  • Did Steve Lavin just award his player of the year award after three games? Slow down a bit there slick.
Texas 46, Iowa 48
  • I know he can hit it, but I don’t think we really want Brad Buckman throwing up 3’s so early in a possession. Get the ball in down low to Aldridge.
  • See, I told you we need Buckman shooting from long range. Nails a 3 to put Texas up 1 with 7 minutes to go.
  • Finally some slashing from our guards. Paulino penetrates and gets the lay up. Would love to see Gibson get to the basket more often.
Texas 54, Iowa 51
  • The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl? You’re kidding right? What an honor for Navy and Colorado State.
  • Ugh, we’re getting killed on the boards.
  • Great effort by Buckman to get the rebound and then the bucket. Big play.
  • Looks like our depth and their foul trouble is starting to play a role. They’re throwing up bricks, turning the ball over, and we’re finally getting some rebounds on both ends.
Texas 61, Iowa 55
  • And another crappy call. I guess the refs were tired of how smoothly the game was going and decided to make another terrible call. This is terrible.
  • Now Aldridge has fouled out on another tough call with 2 minutes to go. I guess the refs think they should be the ones to decide the game.
  • I swear, you’re more likely to get a foul called if you don’t touch a guy than if you hack the hell out of him.
Texas 63, Iowa 59
  • 43.9 seconds to go…
  • How are our players supposed to concentrate with Erin Andrews only 10 feet away?
  • Free throw shooting time, make them and we win.
  • Brad Buckman reminds me of random white former basketball player as well Brent.
Final: Texas 68, Iowa 59
  • Guys all seem real excited about the game. Lots of smiles and hollering. Good for this young group to have some early success this season.
Final Thoughts

I still don’t know what to make of this team. We’re ranked number 2 in the nation right now but I don’t really see that reflected on the court right now. Potential, potential, potential. If Rick Barnes finds a rotation of players that works, we stop turning the ball over, we get the ball inside to our big guys more often, we play more consistent defense, and Daniel Gibson is hitting his shot this team is going a long way. That sure is a lot of ifs. There’s a lot of youth at key spots, but I trust Barnes to get them going in the right direction. We’ll probably drop a few games we shouldn’t this season, but there’s nothing stopping this team from making a serious run come NCAA Tournament time.

Player of the Game

LaMarcus Aldridge. He fouled out late in a crucial game, but Aldridge really carried the team down the stretch when the Horns turned a 5 point deficit into a 6 point lead. 18 points and 12 rebounds and he could’ve contributed more if the team had forced the ball into him a little more often.


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