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Saying I “want to dominate” USC doesn’t really constitute talking trash IMO.


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    Wow, it’s only one day after the pairing was officially announced and the media is already trying to create stories. There’s a huge difference between saying “we want to go out there and dominate” and saying “we’re going to dominate.”

    I like it, it’s the attitude a player has to take into a big game. The author (whoever it is since the AP writer’s name isn’t mentioned) was probably calling the Horns “soft” a year ago.

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    Keepin it real

    First off, I would like to congratulate the Texas Longhorns on receiving a Rose Bowl bid and finishing off the Buffs to complete their first ever 12-0 season. Now I, being a sooner fan, have been a part of this 3 of the last 5 years, and I know how happy yall are to be in this game, just as I and the rest of sooner nation were. But you must now look at the reality in things and to think yall have a shot a beating USC is ridiculous. I thought OU had a shot last year then we get spanked 55-who cares. I know Vince Young is amazing, and I hope he goes to the NFL just to give the rest of the Big 12 a shot next year. He would’ve won the Heisman if it weren’t for another amazing player named Bush and that terrible performance against them dear ol’ aggies. But do you really think you have a chance. I mean Young is yall’s team. Without him yall aren’t great, just good. But USC, now they have Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, LinDale White, Dwayne Jarrett, Steve Smith and a defense that has been questioned, but just shutdown the #11 ranked Bruins w/ Maurice Drew and Drew Olson on offense. So all I’m saying is yes, root for your horns, and I know you will cuz yall are texas fans, and that’s what yall do, but don’t be heartbroke like I and many other in the crimson and cream were last year after we thought we had a shot, but really didn’t. enjoy everything leading up to it, because on December 4, it will be all Trojans!!!

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    There’s a big difference between the USC defense last year and this year. Yeah they shut down an average UCLA team but they’ve been very beatable this season. You also have to remember that last year OU’s secondary was pretty bad (Stoops had to burn Marcus Walker’s shirt late in the year), big difference to the multiple All-American/All-Big 12 guys we’ve got back there now.

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    Keepin It Real

    First off, Brian, you do make some good points. yes we had a weak secondary and were forced to burn marucus walker’s redshirt. yes texas’ secondary is good, but lets not forget that OU had 3 members of that secondary (Brodney Pool, Antonio Perkins, and Donte Nicholson) drafted to the NFL. They were three of the 10 guys drafted. 5 of the 10 were defensive players. USC still scorched that Defense for 55 points. Texas defense is much improved and has been able to stop every opponent they have played this year, but who exactly have they played. I will give them props on an amazing win in Colombus over the Buckeyes. Young was excellent. But other than that? OU-nope no AD and still no experience. Tech-looked good, but a loss to OK St and a near loss to the sooners proved they benefited from a weak early schedule. Colorado? enough said. A&M not really..had injuries and played well below expectations. only way they managed to play w/ texas was because it was a rivalry.

    As for USC’s defense, not as good as last year, but no slouch. UCLA may be an average team, but they are NOT an average offense. they have a great offense. Drew Olsen has better passing numbers than Young. Maurice Drew has more rushing yards than Young and Jamaal Charles. And Marcedes Lewis has more yards than Texas’ leading reciever Billy Pittman. So if you call that offense average, then Texas is average as well, and USC will be able to shut them down. Oh yeah, and Leinart, Bush, White, Jarrett, and Smith all have better numbers than UCLA’s leaders. I just don’t think Texas can hang with USC for a whole game, as these numbers suggest.

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    UCLA plays in the Pac 10, as an OU fan you should know to ignore all their bloated numbers. And Vince Young finished the season as the #1 rated passer in the country. And Jamaal Charles missed big chunks of the season and split time the games he did play. And most of all, Texas’ starters spent the second halves of games on the bench. In other words, ignore the stats.

    Texas’ and USC’s strength of schedules are very similar and most places have Texas’ as better.

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    Keepin it real

    How are the strengths of schedules the same? Ohio State was a great win, and I’ll give you Texas Tech. Colorado looked like they might have been good early, but obviously not with the way they finished the year. As for USC they played 5 teams that were ranked when they played them. Texas had 3. USC however beat Oregon who is currently ranked 6th 45-13. They had a great win against Notre Dame which was close, but so was Texas and Ohio State. Fresno State was ranked 16th when they were beat by the Trojans. Another close one, but what about Texas vs. Texas A&M. We all know what they did to a number 11 UCLA team and they beat a number 14 Arizona State team on the road. And yes the Pac-10 is not the strongest conference but how bout the big 12: Missouri, Oklahoma St(which for 1 half gave texas trouble), Baylor, Kansas, and a not so good OU team. The big 12 had 4 teams with winning records, and one of them was Colorado who played in the North. The Pac-10 had 3 teams with winning conference records just like the big 12 minus Colorado. So it seems that the strength of schedule would lean towards USC, not Texas.

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    You lose all credibility when you mention where teams were ranked “when they played them.” Fresno State promptly lost to Nevada and Louisiana Tech, they’re terrible.

    That’s like giving credit to TCU for beating #7 Oklahoma or to Notre Dame for beating #3 Michigan. Who gives a crap where they were ranked when they played?

    (By the way I think OU clobbers Oregon in the Holiday Bowl. Peterson is going to run for 250 yards.)

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    Keepin it real

    Yeah you’re probably right about when you play a team and how they were ranked then. Cuz now I think about it Colorado was #24 the first time they played texas. I still think the schedule favors USC slightly, but not enough to make any judgment as to who the better team is. This game will come down to which of the playmakers steps up most or which coach develops a scheme to shut down the other’s stars. I just think USC has too many. If a guy like Roy Williams or someone like Ricky Williams were on texas team I would have to change my opinion on who will win. I just feel USC is too powerful on offense.
    I would like to ask what you think about mack brown saying Texas accomplished their goal, now their living a dream. With a guy like vince and a defense like yall’s at a school with this much prestige and history, shouldn’t the goal be to win the NATIONAL championship, not just the Big 12 championship. I just thought that was interesting and wondered what texas fans thought about that.
    As for the OU Oregon game. I like that pick, but I think Oregon will come out pissed off after getting shorted of a BCS bowl, and may take over the game early. It will come down to Peterson and whether Bomar plays efficient football, not necessarily great football.

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