Posted December 9th, 2005 by Brian
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ESPN rooting for BushCheck out’s college football index page right now.

Giant graphic about the Heisman, Vince Young and Matt Leinart get about 5% of each down in the corner while Reggie Bush gets the other 90% and his name right next to the Heisman Trophy. Add to that the story headline “Heisman preview? Bush wins Walter Camp Award” near the top of the page while Young’s Maxwell win is two thirds of the way down the page in a smaller font with “Young, Bush claim awards” as the heading.

Yeah, there’s no bias at all.


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    Kevin @

    I don’t think it’s a matter of bias as much as it is a recognition that Bush is the media frontrunner. Based on the votes that have been made public, looks like a big win for Reggie.

    Vince’s year is next year, unless AP at OU breaks out again.

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    How can you say it isn’t bias? When you are watching SportsCenter at 11:00am on a Wednesday and see Reggie highlights all over the place, it is definitely bias. I didn’t realize there was this much West Coast homerism in the media. It is pretty nausiating.

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    It’s definitely not a good sign when you can use the same graphic before and after the award is announced.

    It’s not so much a West Coast thing as it is a USC lovefest. ESPN somehow mentions USC or Reggie Bush on NFL Countdown almost every week, and it’s not even talking about the draft. Sean Salisbury claims there’s not 5 NFL players better than Reggie Bush, there’s a story up right now coomparing the Trojans to the Indianapolis Colts. I sure hope the USC players are buying into their own hype.

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    Oh look, another Reggie Bush feature on NFL Countdown. At least this one features Tomlinson so there’s some tie to the NFL. Same thing they showed last night during the Heisman show. Does ESPN think we won’t notice if they show the same features over and over again?

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