Posted December 10th, 2005 by Brian
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Reggie Bush picks up 85% of the first place votes and wins the 2005 Heisman Trophy.

The 5 people who put Michael Robinson, DeAngelo Williams, or Drew Olson first on their ballots are complete idiots. The 55 people who left Vince Young completely off their ballots should be shot.


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    We really need to beat them now. Today was not a good day for Longhorn sports…

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    Comments like complete idiots and should be shot are the reasons this website will not and has note gone anywhere. In the world professional web media there is no room for adolescents. This site is obviously run bt inmature wannabes………….

  3. reply to  #3


    You sure visit this immature site a lot for an Aggie fan BMAC.

    “Professional web media.” Hahaha.

    Seriously man, how old are you? You’re either 11 or like 73, I can’t figure out which.

  4. reply to  #4


    What makes us wannabes? The fact that Vince really is the best player in college football and we are playing for a national championship?

    And please learn how to type, you might gain some credibility…

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    Sandy Underpants

    You’re playing for a national title because you’re in a conference that doesn’t even have a decent #2 team. Texas is a midget version of Virginia Tech. And VT didn’t even make it to a BCS bowl. Vince Young didn’t win the Heisman because he isn’t the best. The two fingers you hold up from now on will represent losing the Heisman race and losing the National Title game. Lose ’em Horns.

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