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2005 USC Trojans' Place in HistoryESPN has decided to try and find out where the 2005 USC Trojan team fits in history, pitting them against the all-time Top 10 teams in college football. The funny thing is, they haven’t even proven that they are the best team THIS YEAR. And to make things even more ridiculous, they threw in the mediocre 2002 Ohio State team just to make sure that USC would win at least 1 matchup. Did Sean Salisbury come up with this crap or what?

Seriously though, where did all of this ESPN West Coast homerism come from? Did ESPN feel bad about only showing Reggie Bush highlights 12 hours a day during the Heisman race that now they feel they must kiss-ass to a USC team that hasn’t even won the National Championship yet? I can’t even comprehend what ESPN is thinking with this one.

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  1. reply to  #1

    Sandy Underpants

    Well it’s obvious that nobody from the Big-12 is going to challenge USC again this season so ESPN is trying to make the bowl season something interesting. Clearly, everyone ranked #3 and on are inferior, luckily at least Texas is undefeated, although they haven’t played a team that doesn’t suck since week 2, however most casual fans don’t know this, so they may be excited as well. The 3rd national championship is already engraved. Texas is there for the formality of playing a game before USC is presented the trophy…. again.

  2. reply to  #2


    Um, USC’s schedule was a cakewalk. Just because USC made average teams from the WAC look good by playing poorly doesn’t mean your schedule was tough.

  3. reply to  #3

    Sandy Underpants

    You’re calling SC’s schedule a cakewalk when Texas didn’t play anyone worth a crap since September 10th? SC beat the #5, #14, and #4 ranked teams consecutively on the road and then #16 and #11 at home. Texas’ best opponent after Ohio St. was Oklahoma. UCLA whooped their asses 41-24 when they HAD Adrian Peterson. Now that’s a pathetic conference, and a pathetic schedule.

  4. reply to  #4


    Funny how you use a nice mix of current rankings and old rankings when making your analysis. Pick one will ya?

    And do you really feel good about beating Fresno State by 8 points AT HOME? Fresno State sucks and lost their last two against crappy teams.

  5. reply to  #5

    Sandy Underpants

    When you don’t play awful teams every single week, sometimes you find that you have a couple close games. Longhorn fans will understand adversity in about 20 days when they finally meet a team that doesn’t suck.

  6. reply to  #6


    Wow, you really tried to use rankings from different times? Did you think no one would notice? Of those teams you tried to claim were awesome…

    Oregon = decent
    Arizona St. = terrible
    Notre Dame = decent and terribly overrated
    Fresno St. = bad
    UCLA = very average

  7. reply to  #7

    Sandy Underpants

    ASU lost their star QB and others to injury later in the season. While they are better than 10 out of 11 teams Texas played, they are still not a great team, but they were better then terrible. Oregon 10-1, UCLA 9-2, Notre Dame 9-2, even Fresno St. 8-4 are better individual teams than anybody Texas played after week 2. Now that’s terrible. And Texas is terribly over-rated.

  8. reply to  #8


    Now ESPN is letting us know that Reggie Bush was the USC team MVP with a headline link on the NCAAF landing page. Where’s the headline about Vince Young’s George “Hook” McCullough MVP win?

    ESPN is a joke.

  9. reply to  #9

    Better Ask Somebody

    I know this is late, but every team USC plays brings their best game. When USC comes to town it’s like a circus where their team is trying to kill the man eating lion.

    Also, if you do your homework, you’ll find that teams that gave USC problems had very accurate passers and worked up-field with short yardage. Those teams studied Cal 2004 tape because they know that this is the only way to beat USC. Texas doesn’t have that type of scheme.

    We’ll see what happens…

  10. reply to  #10


    And Texas faces the same thing, just like the Trojans the Longhorns are every team’s biggest game all season long. Only USC fans think they’re the only team that affects.

    As for accurate passers, Vince Young finished the year as the nation’s top rated passer and his 63.9% completion percentage were just as good (Brady Quinn 64% and Drew Olsen 65%) or better than anyone USC faced this year.

  11. reply to  #11

    Better Ask Somebody

    The only missing thing now for Texas is that they don’t have a short-yardage eat-up-the-clock game plan (To keep USC’s offense off the field). I hope they don’t go for big plays because that’s what USC relishes.

    I can hear in your tone that you feel that Texas can man-up on USC, go blow for blow and play some smash mouth football with USC. This is the same thing Oklahoma thought. Texas better come out with another game plan, otherwise the Big 12 will get exposed again.

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