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The Austin Police Department has released information that it is investigating multiple Texas football players over two separate incidents. The incidents allegedly involved robbery and assault and occured on September 4th and on December 10th, with at least three players under investigation. So far the names that have surfaced are Cedric Griffin, Ramonce Taylor, and possibly one other starter.

I should state again that no charges have been filed and may never be, let’s hope for the sake of the student athletes involved that they’re all cleared of any wrongdoing because they committed no crimes. I really hope people with as much to lose as these guys would be smart enough not to get involved with anything like this. We’ll see.

Not a ton of information right now so I’m going to hold off commenting further until there’s at least a little more information. We will obviously continue to update this story as details become available, but for now some quotes that make me feel slightly less panicked.

From Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds’ official statement:

“We were surprised by the APD release of allegations concerning one or more of our student-athletes. We have followed up on the rumors that we are hearing and spoken with the two student-athletes who are alleged to be under investigation. Within the limited time we had this evening, we have gathered as much information as possible. Based upon what we know at this time we have no reason to believe that the university or the athletics department need to take any action. We will continue to monitor the matter and we will cooperate fully with those who are conducting the investigation.”

Statement from a lawyer advising Cedric Griffin:

“I have agreed to advise Cedric Griffin although no criminal charges have been filed against him. He is the subject of an investigation – and I stress it is an investigation. I believe no charges will be filed against him. They’re saying this is assault and robbery, and it sounds hideous, but this is a trash-talking incident on the street involving Cedric and that’s it. I know this is a big game and they’re focused on it. But in fairness to Cedric, this was nothing more than a verbal incident in as much as it involves Cedric.”


It’s starting to sound more and more like essentially nothing occured during the December incident involving C. Griffin and Taylor. Griffin got into an argument and there might have been some pushing and shoving but that sounds like the extent of things. The strangely quiet September incident still sounds much worse and I’ve heard the same player’s name mentioned in it everytime, but since I haven’t seen any of the major news sources mention his name I won’t either. I will say that he has already been dealt with and is no longer with the team. (12/17/2005)

Taylor and Griffin’s lawyer (and former assistant DA) Ken Oden says that the Austin Police Department has informed him that no charges will be filed against the two Texas players. The APD refused to confirm the report and now ESPN is reporting that an APD source told them that “investigators have set a deadline of the national championship game between USC and Texas on Jan. 4 to decide whether to press charges.” That’s a pretty telling sign about what’s going on here and this whole thing is a sham. (12/19/2005)

Sounds like Mack Brown and UT athletic department also believe that no charges will be filed over the December 10th incident as they’ve announced any discipline of Griffin and Taylor will be handled in-house. Good news for the players involved as well as the team’s national title hopes. (12/20/2005)


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    This better not be true, because if it is, they must be the dumbest players of all time.

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