Posted January 5th, 2006 by Brian
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Texas Longhorns are national champs!Everybody say it with me now…

Texas Longhorns 2005 NCAA Football National Champions!

Looks like the Heisman Trophy went to the wrong guy and USC had the wrong team running the gauntlet of champions. Football and baseball national titles in the same calendar year.

Congrats to Mack Brown and the entire Texas Longhorn football family. You made us proud tonight and all season long.

It’s a great day to be a Texas Longhorn.


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    Just now on Fox they showed Vince during the Eyes of Texas and had a mic in there. Some dipsh** from ABC the whole time is tugging at him telling him he had to get on the stage right now. Vince looked like he was about to tell him f off.

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    It’s good to see Texas win. As a Tide fan I know what you Longhorn fans feel like. ESPN and all the other press for that matter loves to put southern teams down. Well Texas proved themselves champions last night. Leinart is a cocky jerk(if USC is so much better why can’t they convert on 4 and 2). alot of people don’t know this but Leinart has a twin brother, that guy , The Bachelor, Bob Guiney. Good job Texas.

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    It’s a great YEAR to be a Texas Longhorn.

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    John P. Gallagher

    Can you imagine the stupid ass BCS Putting “Louisevil” ahead of Texas? Hell even Rutgers beat them! Texas can beat any team in the nation right now.

  5. […] Plus, the last time we wore a flower on our uniforms things worked out alright. If that happens again I’m sure we’d all be fine if the 2008 uniform was covered in daisies. […]

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    Tyler Person

    i just wanted to tell everybody that i think Tennessee vols blow big balls and that the longhorns are the best 10# all the way

  7. reply to  #7

    austin puckett

    texas sucks balls and if u got a problem with that come kick my a$$ i ive in blountville TN

  8. reply to  #8

    tyler pearson

    i like texas but i don’t think tennesse sucks balls my friend put that on there

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