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Rumors are circulating that if Kirk Ferentz doesn’t take the Houston Texans job it’ll be offered to Denver Bronco offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. If Kubiak gets the job then he would be interested in adding much maligned (pre-Vince) Texas coordinator Greg Davis to his staff. Davis coached Kubiak when he was the quarterback at Texas A&M in the early 80’s.

I’m actually a [tag]Greg Davis[/tag] supporter when it comes to his teaching and gameplanning, but it would certainly be interesting to see who Mack Brown could bring in to replace him. Greg Robinson and Gene Chizik have infused a lot of excitement into the defense, a hot young offensive coordinator that would stick around for a while could be a good thing. Though breaking in a new QB and offensive coordinator at the same time would be an awful lot of change for one offseason. We can’t however afford to be breaking in a new offensive coordinator/scheme every year, it’s a much bigger transition than on the other side of the ball.

David Carr for Ricky Williams?

In other Texans rumors… Are they trying to set up an opening at quarterback so they can draft Vince Young? Rumors are floating around of a possible David Carr to the Miami Dolphins for [tag]Ricky Williams[/tag] trade in the works. The Texans would get Houstonian Vince Young, Ricky Williams playing for the league minimum, and a third round pick out of the deal while the Dolphins would end up with another average QB.

If the Dolphins are willing to do that deal I pull the trigger in a second.


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    matt b

    As a texans fan, I am not sure that is a good thing. All the talent in the world, they still will not have an offensive line. Vince will be better than David Carr, but he won’t last long.

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    I agree, the Texans probably should trade down and get some offensive line help, but we all know that won’t happen.

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