Posted January 31st, 2006 by Brian
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Lemming again busted trying to sway recruits to Notre Dame.


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    From Bruce Feldman on

    Myron is one of the sharpest people I’ve ever covered. He’s got the maturity of a 30-year-old. He and his family had weighed in on these things long before some recruiting analysts downgraded him. His stock curiously seemed to dip afterward. (Make your own conclusion on that one.)

    As for the media hound part, I think Tom Lemming is off target. If Rolle really was such a media hound, he would’ve kept the recruiting buzz alive and not committed before his senior season. Rolle knows better than any prospect how that game works, and he didn’t want any part of it.

    When I called Lemming, a former contributor to, before the ESPN The Magazine story to get his response about supposedly slamming schools to recruits, he didn’t seem to be ducking for cover. He said he just tries to be straight with them. I recall him bringing up a fullback-linebacker bound for FSU, and after hearing the kid saying they were bringing him in to play linebacker, Lemming said he asked, “You sure they’re going to let you play that when you get there? They say that sometimes, and then when you get there make you play fullback.” He added that he has no qualms about asking the tough questions.

    It’s tricky, though, even if his intentions are indeed on the level. I realized before I went into this story that you have to be so careful because any opinion you give, or even the questions you ask, could be taken as leading. I didn’t even feel like I could joke with Myron until he actually enrolled at FSU. Hopefully, his speaking out will help clean up some of this business. Truth be told, as detailed in our story, it’s really a mess and only seems to be getting much worse with more and more outside people flocking to it and hounding kids.

    Seems like every other analyst has said pretty much the same thing about Myron Rolle. He seems like a great, smart, level-headed kid and Lemming attacked him. He publicly attacked a high school kid and doesn’t seem to be denying that he’s trying to sway recruits.

    NCAA needs to get rid of him.

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