Posted February 19th, 2006 by Brian
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The Miami Herald is reporting that former Longhorn [tag]Ricky Williams[/tag] has failed a fourth drug test and is facing a one-year suspension from the league. No word on why he failed the test, at this stage of the NFL substance abuse policy a missed test counts as failed test, and no official confirmation, but where’s there’s smoke there’s fire. (Pun intended.)

Ricky went a long way last year at winning back his fans and his teammates, if he did indeed a fail a drug test that would be gone instantly. I’ve been one of his biggest supporters throughout but this is pretty tough to take. When he didn’t want to play anymore I said Ricky had the right to be himself and do what made him happy. When he came back to football I rooted him on and knew he was still capable of doing incredible things. I thought this season he’d be back to old form and force the Dolphins to trade him so he could be a featured back again. This is so disappointing. I know it’s just marijuana, but when you’re in the situation he’s in you have to know the consequences and make smart decisions. Football or no football, I hope he figures his life out.

He deserved a second change and Nick Saban and the Dolphins gave him one. I’m not sure he’ll get a third, from them or from me.


Some decent news today, Ricky is appealing the suspension. His agent, Leigh Steinberg, said, “Ricky Williams has been in outstanding behavioral mode for the past six months. No one should jump to any conclusions.” Echoes what teammate Jason Taylor said yesterday. Hopefully they know something we don’t. (2/21/2006)


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    Brandon 97

    I always liked Ricky. I got a chance to meet him when we were both on the 40 acres. He was soft spoken, humble and very genuine. He always seemed to make good decisions, and I admired him for it. He was very active with the area elementary schools, and had expressed an interest at being an elementary teacher when done with football. A class act in my book. Returning for a senior year following a coaching change was beyond selfless.

    His decision making ability seemed to decline rapidly on his departure from Austin however. From choosing his first agent, to the repetitive drug violations, it just seems to have gone nowhere. Like you, I also defended him, and thought that he should just do what makes him happy. However, I don’t think that I can do that anymore.

    It’s hard to find heroes today, and I feel like I just lost one of mine.

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    wally kokoski

    how can i contact ricky williams?

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    heros come in different forms. changing your mind or making decisions that arent main stream doesnt necessarily mean your decision process has eroded. look at every person that has gone down in history and has made a change in this world, they took the road less traveled. I am a former scholarship athlete. the pressures of playing a sport under those conditions can be very difficult, especially if you have been told your whole life that is all you are. I cant even imagine the pressures of being a professional athelete. money isnt everything and does not buy happiness. be your own hero. “be the change you want to see in the world” gandhi

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    alex and shannon

    he’s an athlete and a really good guy from everything you hear. There are other professional athletes that get charged with crimes every year, violent crimes, sex crimes and drunk driving, but that seems to get overlooked.

    we think ricky is a class act. we hope he gets back into football. but whether or not he does, he should make a yoga video for his fans and all the other potheads turned yoga heads.

  5. reply to  #5

    wally koski

    how can i contact ricky williams? my email is

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