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It is amazing to me how fast rumors spread and how so many versions of a story can come across in the meda. Did [tag]Vince Young[/tag] really get a 6 on the Wonderlic Test. Did he re-take the test and then score a 16? Did the grader of test actually make a mistake in scoring, proving that he would probably score a 1 on the test? All of these questions are up in the are at this moment, and I think the NFL really needs to come out and clarify the situation.

It seems to me that the consensus of stories that I am hearing is that Vince Young did in fact get quite a low score on his first test on Saturday, and then on Sunday was allowed to retake the test and then scored a 16. Now I will admit that a 16 is not great, but to me football IQ is much different than book IQ. And I think I read somewhere that Dan Marino scored a 14, and his career turned out to be just a little bit ok.

So I think we should all just wait until the truth really comes out and hold our opinions until then.

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    From what I understand, anyone can retake the test as often as they like. It wasn’t some sort of special arrangement for Vince.

    The test is more about the 12-minute time limit than the difficulty of the questions. Colin Cowherd this morning was trying to prove a point by taking 30+ seconds to read and answer a single easy question and then claim how easy the test was. If you take that long to answer each question you’d only get to 25 or so of the 50, you’d have to get every single one of them right to score well. Of course, they read him another question later in the show and he had no idea what the answer was.

    Though a 16 isn’t good, it’s also not bad enough to change your mind on whether or not you should draft someone. If you had planned on taking Vince before this weekend, his 16 Wonderlic score wouldn’t change that.

    I find it pretty interesting that the people attacking him in the media for his 6/16, in the same breath are still complaining about his not running or throwing at the combine despite the fact that no top picks run or throw at the combine.

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