Posted March 12th, 2006 by Brian
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Thanks so much for reminding me yesterday and already so early today against Kansas why I can’t stand watching college basketball. The way you guys are so inconsistent and allow violent contact inside on shots while calling ticky tack touch fouls away from the ball is really great. I also like that you seem to decide every game instead of letting the players do so.

College basketball makes the WWE look well officiated. I half expect to see a Jayhawk player hit PJ Tucker across the back with a chair while the refs call a foul on Kenton Paulino for getting shoved.


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    By the way, if AJ Abrams or PJ Tucker are dribbling the ball and a KU player rapes him across the chest that’s a foul. I know you guys prefer to call fouls away from the ball where it doesn’t matter when there’s next to no contact, but I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules to assault the guy trying to dribble.

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    SourGrapes Eh?


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    Actually the original post was written in the middle of the game when Texas was up and is a general statement of Big 12 officiating. The majority of the time and for the most part during today’s Big 12 Championship, games are poorly but evenly officiated. (Though the 2 calls mentioned in my comment above were piss poor.)

    The problem is that in college basketball the likelihood of a foul being called is inversely related to the violence of the infraction and it’s proximity to the ball. In other words, it seems touch fouls away from the ball are much more often called than assaulting a guy with the basketball in his hands.

    It’s frustrating as hell to watch.

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    SourGrapes Eh?

    I agree with your frustration… every game I saw in this tournament, the refs took over in the 2nd half. There were definitely some missed calls today, but I generally like how the reffing goes in Big 12 games. Not during this tournamet though… every game was exactly the same.

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    If you are a coach or a player in a specific basketball game that is called tight or loose you are supposed to rise to the occasion and play the way it’s called. If the referees are calling tight then you watch yourself, if they are calling loose then you get loose. The overwhelming statistics of most officiated games is that they are called the same on both sides of the court. It is just like baseball, if an umpire calls a strike low and just outside the plate, then that is where your pitcher pitches, if not then you stand the chance of blowing opportunistic pitches to take advantage of the umpires style or liking. Just like SOURGRAPES said they are called pretty much the same, so you better look inward and to the bench as to why UT didn’t rise to the occasion. Who ever wrote this “A quick thank you to the Big 12 refs” seems to be a very clueless person in the realms of team sports or at the very least on how they are officiated. But I guess this would be the typical response from another LIBERAL who lost a sports game. Its not that we didn’t have the talent or wasn’t coached very good it wasn’t our fault we lost. Just like a drunk or drug addict, it is ever else’s fault but their own. WOW, everybody loves a sore loosing cry baby don’t they?

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    You just might be able to blame 2 or 4 points of the game on the refs, but I am sure that if you were a Jayhawk those could be rebutted by a few of their own bad calls on their side. But if I have to tell you where you lost the game then I guess I must.

    TOTAL FG% 44.3%
    3-Pt. FG% 50.0%
    F Throw % 73.7%

    TOTAL FG% 1st 40.0%
    3-Pt. FG% 1st 38.1%
    F Throw % 1st 72.7%

    Can you blame the refs on shooting percentages? UT was beet in every statistic.

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    Oops, I apologize I did find one statistic that UT won.

    Points in the paint-KU 26,UT 20
    Points off turnovers-KU 32,UT 7
    2nd chance points-KU 16,UT 23
    Fast break points-KU 13,UT 7
    Bench points-KU 18,UT 8
    Largest lead-KU by 14 , UT by 6

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    You really are illiterate aren’t you Charlie. I specifically said the game was evenly officiated I just hated the way college games were called in general.

    By the way, we beat your Aggies again so we’ve now won 33 out of 38 against you guys. Trying to live vicariously through a Jayhawk victory now?

    How much time every day do you spend on this site? Websider and TexAgs have active forums of like-minded individuals like yourself. If you’d like someone to agree with your wrong opinions about everything despite all facts and hate minorities then you’d enjoy it there.

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    Please show me where I have said or alluded to or posted that I hate minorities. I guess you may say that I dislike liberals, and you maybe correct that they themselves are minorities. But hate, is not in my vocabulary unlike yourself. Put your money where your mouth is and show us where I posted hate towards minorities.

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    SourGrapes Eh?

    LOL- getting mooched by Aggie fans. Hilarious.

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    You are really lost here Brian. I have a very diverse immediate family. My wife and children fit my bill as minorities, but I think you may have different meaning of minority then I do. My wife is State certified translator for Spanish speaking people, my son is a black young man, and my daughter is considered Hispanic. Follow this link and you will see my family.

    BTW: Why would I want to go to Websider or TexAgs? Those are professional websites and wouldn’t be near as much fun as this one.

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    matt b

    What I find amusing is he called you a liberal. You are lot of things, maybe less conservative than I am, but liberal? And yes you did say the refs in general were bad. Part of the fun of sports is being upset when you loose.

    Charlie, if you ever want to hear whining about referees, listen to Aggie football on the radio. Now that guy has never seen, heard, or thought of a call that should not have gone the aggies way.

    I am just upset to see you have a astro hat on charlie. Do you sit in the stands complaining how Bagwell and Biggio have done nothing for the franchise and ranting and raving how back in your day you could throw 100 mph left handed??

    a fellow astro fan

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    matt b

    sorry, lose, misspelled that!

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