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ESPN analyst Merril Hoge, who has clearly taken too many hits to the head, says there’s not a single QB worth taking in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft.

“Kellen Clemens from Oregon is better than Matt Leinart and Vince Young when you study the tape.” Yikes. What tape is he watching? Compare Leinart, Young, and Clemens’ stats and it’s not even close. Maybe Hoge likes that he’s coming off a major injury or that he’s much smaller and slower than either of the two more heralded QB’s. Or maybe he’s got brain damage.

Wow, that’s one of the dumber things I’ve heard in a long time.

Update: Check out his latest idiocy.


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    This is nothing new to Merril. Hoge has been an idiot for a very long time. Great spirit on the football field, but his playing days are over.

    Let’s not forget that two years ago he said the Eagles would not make the playoffs. The Eagles lost the Superbowl to the Patriots. Enough said.

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    Jan Lindemann

    Will you please tell me the DIRECT line, e-mail, mailing address to ESPN where this Merril Hoge works for so that I can write to them? I am totally appalled that this person is so extremely hateful and twisted in his words about Vince Young. I am not the kind of person who bothers with this sort of thing, but this time, I really must. I want to just say such the TOTAL OPPOSITE of this guy Hoge. Vince Young is such an amazing phenomenon…. I was there at DKRoyal Memorial Stadium the very first game that VY played (we had a huge lead in the season opener and he was a red shirt freshman and came into the game in the second half) it was a time I will never ever ever forget. My daugher and I (we both LOVE football, spotted UT’s receiver Roy Williams as a “great” at the preseason scrimmage, etc, things like that, we LOVE football and spotting players) My daughter and I watched VY that very first time in total amazement. there is something about seeing players “live” (which somehow there is that difference when you see only on video/TV) we saw VY that very first game for UT and I will never ever forget it. We were laughing and cheering and just going nuts over him and the way he plays, the way he is on the field….. we said, “look, when he gets the ball he’s like, in-describable!!!! its like he gets the ball and ooo then he does a little “break dance” and then the next thing you know he is running down the field for a touchdown. Right from that very first time seeing him, oh my goodnes….. what an incredible football player Vince Young is. no he didn’t win every single game, yes he makes mistakes (duh,,, who doesn’t) but his “who he is” is something that NO ONE can take away. He is a champion. He is a leader. He is a huge huge natural ENCOURAGER to everyone around him, he epitomizes the JOY that we all seek and truly want, he has that! the JOY of being who he is, who he has been created to be! and surprise, like each of us are created to enjoy that same JOY in who we are created to be if we choose!!! what an inspiration ! and now back to my original question….. what is this Merril Hoge’s address so that I can write to him …. I just want to say that his totally unmerited personal verbal attack of Vince Young must cease/plus I want to contact ESPN powers that be to voice my opinion that this verbal attack, for month’s long of Vince Young will not be tolerated. It is plain wrong and totally unacceptable. Will you help me get this word across to powers that be? Its important.

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    Mr. Hoge is a twisted loser. ESPN is nasty network by allowing such an idiot to do retard talking.

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    Hoge is a Steeler just like Theisman is a freaking Redskin.

    I hate Theisman more than you hate Hoge so just STFU.


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    Hoge Ur jealous of vince young cuz he has more potential than u ever had as a steeler..U had wat 29 rushing TDS your whole career wat is that about?He almost beat the super bowl champs sunday….He is the future of the NFL u were a never been…If it wasn’t for ESPN i wouldnt even know who u are…..

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    I just wanted to update this page. Its now 2011 and I am speaking to you: Juan, massah, bob, jan and dragoon (odd spelling)

    Vince Young has a winning record (could be a starter, but is Michael Vicks backup in philly).

    Leinart sucks he is a career backup cares to much about looks girls and partying (he doesn’t care to or want to fight). He chooses to ride it out and collect a paycheck

    Clemmens-Never had a chance to start. I mean he did but his window was closed in like 3 games. He doesn’t even possess the talent.

    So, Merril Hoge you are right about young and leinart. However Clemmens is the worst of the bunch

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