Posted April 22nd, 2006 by Brian
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I don’t know what position QB/athlete recruit John Chiles will end up playing for the Longhorns, but damn that kid needs the ball in his hands somehow. The three and a half minute highlight reel shows why John is headed for 5-star status and why so many teams wanted him regardless of position. Check out the very first play, it really shows just how electric he can be from the quarterback position and why despite John Brantley’s recent commitment he’ll also get his fair shot to be the next great Longhorn QB.

Thanks to The Wizard of Odds for the tip.


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    John Brantley sucks!

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    This kid looks good, but I saw him playing more WB than QB. If he isn’t playing QB in HS then what makes you think he can play it in college? He can run like a Micheal Vick, but he has to be able to throw the ball. And I didn’t see him doing that in these videos, I saw him catching it more than throwing it. If he can be the never Vince great! But remember when we won the National Title, Vince had one of the top passer ratings in the nation.

    Also, Sherrod Harris is where its at!

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    He looks to be a great athlete, but I see him as being more of a slot reciever or maybe even running back. Either way, I do believe he will make a positive impact on the team, and who knows, he might end up being a very special kind of player.

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    Barry Switzer, Lou Holtz, and Mack Brown have proven that you put top 5 talent around a quarterback that runs with speed in an option type format, and you win national titles. That beats spending four years trying to develop a drop back quarterback for the NFL. Most of the quarterbacks that win Super Bowls did not win national titles. I’d rather worry about winning national championships than developing NFL drop back quarterbacks (we have tried that route with Simms). Chiles can take top 5 talent to a national title as quarterback.

    Some Texas fans still believe foolishly that Simms was a better passing quarterback than Young. Ridiculous.

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    If you look at Vince Young’s freshman and sophomore year you’ll see that he was more of a running QB and many people asked why he was’nt being moved to WR needless to say he proved why his junior year so the same could be said about Chiles, give him the right talent and a couple of years to develop his passing game and you’ve got the complete QB.

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    John is great talent and he will be a big impact on longhorn. Longhorn already has one of best offensive line and used to be option format play. With another great running back, he will be very tough to defend.

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