Posted May 30th, 2006 by Brian
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Sports Illustrated has posted a laughable list of college football’s all-time greatest plays. In honor of this list and almost as bad top 25 moments of the year, I should compile a list of the worst lists I’ve ever seen. But that sounds like a lot of work, so I’ll just bash their work.

An illegal play amassing a single yard in the middle of the season is bigger and better than “The Play” with Stanford’s band on the field and Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary to give Boston College the upset over Miami? A twelve yard touchdown run by Iowa State’s Seneca Wallace against Texas Tech that I’ve never heard of let alone seen over a play like Tommy Lewis’ “sideline tackle” of Dicky Maegle during the 1954 Cotton Bowl? The 2005 – 06 college football season was a fantastic one (especially for Longhorn fans) but I find it very hard to believe that this season featured 20% of the game’s all-time greatest plays.

As for their number one overall play, the “Bush Push” wouldn’t even be a sane person’s top play of this year. Vince Young’s game-winning touchdown run in the Rose Bowl was a bigger moment, in a bigger game, on a bigger stage and was a much more impressive play. Plus it was legal and seven yards longer.

The media lovefest for all things Notre Dame and USC is getting a little embarassing.

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    I was also appalled when I read this list. The push has no place in the top plays of all time and even Vince’s scramble is debatable. The only play of the year that I am convinced should be in this list is Prothro’s unbelievable catch, and SI puts that right at the bottom. (Disclaimer: I am a Longhorn fan, and Vince’s scramble was one of the most exciting moments of my life. However, the question was which was the best play of all time, not the most exciting.)

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    Yeah Derek I agree, I wasn’t really sure whether Vince’s game winning scramble deserved to be so close to the top either. I’d argue it was one of the top 5 games of all time, but there weren’t any absolutely amazing plays. It was certainly a better play than the Bush-Leinart yawner though.

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    tommy o

    The Seneca Wallace play was pretty ludicrous, and I find it hard to believe you’ve never seen it if you are actually a college football fan.

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    Thanks for the link Tommy. I probably did see it, it just wasn’t that memorable. Not a bad run and maybe a play of the year candidate, but there’s no way that’s one of the top college football plays of all time. Of course I feel that way about half of the plays on the list.

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