Posted September 6th, 2006 by Matt
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Want to check out what simulations and data think of this weekends matchup of #1 versus #2? Well then this if for you. Below we have a game forecast from Everything from the simulation looks pretty tight and has the average score at Texas 27.0 and Ohio State 25.9.

It also looks like Jamaal Charles has the edge in the running back spot, but Troy Smith has the edge at quarterback. I guess if you are a gambling man it is telling you take Ohio State. Personally, I think it is too close to call.

Thanks to Ryan Jackson from Orion Data Analysis for the hook-up.


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    Ryan Jackson

    Just wanted to let you guys know a little bit more about how the forecasts are generated…

    StatShark is the most comprehensive and accurate sports forecasting and data analysis anywhere.

    StatShark gathers every statistic for every single play for each sport. StatShark spends hours or even days carefully reviewing every play and evaluating how different game conditions influence 1) coach/team play calling 2) individual player performance and 3) team chemistry. StatShark determines each coach, team, and player’s Condition Response Patterns (CRP).

    For example, for Football, there are over 80 different variables used to describe a single football player. Some of the 80+ variables include:

    – % of time a player is a receiving target
    – % of time the ball is deflected by a defender
    – % of time a player drops the pass

    To read more about the simulator go to:

    Or you can drop me an email anytime.

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