Posted September 23rd, 2006 by Brian
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Does any team choke more often than the Michigan State Spartans? Not only do they choke often but they find varied ways to do it. Year after year they find away to blow a good start to a season or choke away a big win or blow a big game after an upset win. Tonight they’re running the ball down Notre Dame’s throat and once they get the lead they stop giving it to their tailbacks. I guess it’s was probably for the best, as just like Ohio State fans Michigan State tends to burn things anytime they win a football or basketball game.

Notre Dame is a decidedly average football team. Their below average defense from last year has returned and improved to be just slightly below average this season. What’s surprising is how much worse their offense has become this year. They can’t run the football and they can’t protect Brady Quinn. And Quinn seems to make poor throws when he’s under a decent pass rush. The Irish are an overhyped, middle of the pack football team and nothing more.


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    how dang refreshing to hear somebody tell it like it is. Notre Dame is perennially overrated in support of their media contract. MSU indeed is the saddest of sad sacks, with a new way to lose every year. Good luck Horns!

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