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The Big 12 this year makes the Big 12 last season look like a juggernaut. Texas Tech spanked by winless Colorado, undefeated Missouri repeatedly throws the game away against the Aggies, and Oklahoma just lost Adrian Peterson for the year. The Longhorns will have to continue to win and win convincingly this year if they plan on holding off any one-loss teams from the SEC or an average Notre Dame team.

Today against [tag]Baylor[/tag] the Horns will have to battle through some injuries and beat an improving Baylor team. If the Horns play solid football and protect the football they should be able to beat the Bears on talent and depth alone.

First Quarter
  • Selvin Young running down the field looking back at Quan Cosby instead of blocking on the kickoff return. Horns start off with bad field position.
  • Apparently the Baylor coaches watched some Texas game film this year. Every single time a team makes a play action fake our safeties bite hard. Good fake by Baylor’s QB and the receiver runs wide open for a long TD on their first offensive play. They beat the two backups in the secondary that are starting in Deon Beasley and Matt Melton.
Baylor 7, Texas 0
  • On the replay it looks like Melton didn’t bite on the play fake but just didn’t get enough depth. He flinched a little when he saw another receiver but it wasn’t the play fake.
  • Longhorns getting their ass kicked right now. No fire from the offensive line at all. A three and out on the second offensive series.
  • Finally a solid play for Texas. Both defensive ends got into the pocket quickly and Tim Crowder comes up with a sack.
  • Looks like Baylor’s picking on Beasley. He needs to make smart plays.
  • Nice call by the ref 200 yards away. Probably the right call but was way late and not from anywhere around the play.
  • Huge early play for the Texas defense. 3rd and 4 for Baylor inside the 20. Texas needs to force a field goal.
  • Brian Robison on the coverage as we bring a big zone blitz brings up 4th down.
Baylor 10, Texas 0
  • Let’s get under center and run it down their throats.
  • I don’t hate Greg Davis as much as most people, but that stat TBS just threw out there is probably a little misleading. I think the last ten years has probably been the weakest schedules Texas has ever played and they play more games and scoring is up all over the country.
  • Just like the first half of the OU game, Davis is trying to be too smart in my opinion. We just came and ran three straight pass plays when our strength is clearly our running game.
  • That may be the worst personal foul call I’ve ever seen. The Baylor punt returner drops the football and they call us for diving on the pile.
  • Beasley looked like he was in trouble there. He made a good play on the receiver but he never turned around and looked for the football.
  • It wasn’t exactly pretty but the Texas defense forces a three and out and gets the ball back. Let’s hope the offense figures out what the hell they’re doing quick.
  • Good block by Neale Tweedie but the Horns are probably lucky holding wasn’t called. Texas’ tight ends have been called for a ton of those this season and that was a close one.
  • Hey look what happens when we run the football?! First downs!
  • And we get cute again and McCoy throws an interception. Baylor football. We need a turnover and some momentum.

Second Quarter

  • That’s exactly what we needed!! Huge play by the entire defensive line and Crowder forces the fumble. Texas football at the Baylor 30.
  • Horns go for big play right after the turnover and Limas Sweed was open but McCoy threw it well behind him in the end zone. Nice play call and route though, just poor execution.
  • There we go. What a great catch by Billy Pittman. Not a bad pass on the crossing route but Pittman almost lets it by him snags the back end of the football. Texas gets their first points of the game.
Baylor 10, Texas 7
  • Texas has the momentum and now Baylor is shooting themselves in the foot. Three penalties and now they’ve got third down and forever near their own goal line.
  • Texas brings tons of pressure and comes close to a safety.
  • Smart play by McCoy as he looks a long time for an open guy and eventually tucks in under and picks up 7.
  • Not good blocking on the outside for the WR screen but Nate Jones fights hard and picks up some hard yards.
  • Jermichael Finley might have gotten his hands under that ball, I replayed several times including in slow motion. It was close but worth a review.
  • Perfect job by McCoy running the option. Patiently takes it as long as he can and then flips it nicely to Jamaal Charles.
  • An absolute ton of contact by the Baylor corner on Sweed but no pass interference call. He can’t just impede Sweed’s path to the football.
  • Jermichael Finley saves McCoy’s ass again. Holy cow that young kid is a freaking man!! The second time this season where Finley just goes up and grabs the ball out of the air because the ball is his damnit.
Baylor 10, Texas 14
  • Hunter Lawrence has a great leg. I wonder what the wind is like but the true freshman making his debut has boomed two kickoffs.
  • Jailbreak blitz on the Horns and Baylor tries to dump the ball for a screen and it ends up right in Matt Melton’s hands. Great pressure, great coverage, good catch and return for the touchdown. Looks like the Longhorns just thought the game started at 6:45 and not 6pm.
Baylor 10, Texas 21
  • Looks like DT Ben Alexander could lose a few pounds. Kid might make a heck of a 3-4 nose tackle some day.
  • Another great kick by Lawrence but a big return by Baylor. They’ve got good field position now let’s see if Texas’ D can respond.
  • Baylor coaches try to get cute and it turns into a big loss for Baylor. Aaron Ross makes the sack on the attempted double pass by the WR.
  • What in the world is taking so long on this review? Looked like it was pretty clear that it was a catch and then a fumble by the Baylor WR. I’ve got no idea why some plays are reviewed and others aren’t.
  • Sweed scores if he doesn’t stumble after the catch on the slant. Ball was a little behind him and as he spins he falls.
  • Maybe we need to roll McCoy a little more on pass plays because I just don’t like what we’re doing in our passing game. Seems like we do nothing but check down to running backs who aren’t exactly open anyways. If they’re going to take away things downfield we need to run more short crossing routes with WR’s.
  • It’s a fake!! What a play call! Jordan Shipley rolls out with the football and picks up the first down and more. Clock is under one minute though and Texas doesn’t have any timeouts left. We need to get up to the line quick.
  • And another nice play call on 1st and goal. Jumbo set with all the fat guys in there and we fake the lead and have just about everyone wide open. McCoy lobs an easy pass to Peter Ullman and he pulls it down. I don’t know why we didn’t do that with Vince Young more often, but I’m pretty sure Ullman’s only other career catch and TD came on a similar play last year.
Baylor 10, Texas 28
Third Quarter
  • All Lawrence’s kickoffs have been the same direction but they’ve all looked good. The kick to open the second half was way out the back of the end zone.
  • [tag]Rashad Bobino[/tag] and [tag]Robert Killebrew[/tag] both come on the blitz untouched and neither lays a hand on the QB. Luckily the secondary did a good job in coverage or that could’ve been a big play.
  • Horns are playing with just a little less fire on this opening drive and Baylor’s taking advantage of it by putting together a long drive.
  • Great play by Baylor. WR reverse and the Baylor QB leaks out the backside for the wide open touchdown catch. The defense did a great job covering the WR’s and the reverse, but had no one the QB when he slipped out. Probably the backside corner’s responsibility since his man went on the reverse the other way.
Baylor 17, Texas 28
  • Time for the Texas offense to respond with a drive of their own.
  • Miami and FIU should both forfeit the game. This one should be a loss on both of their schedules after that display. Tons of long suspensions should be coming as well and possibly something coming down from the universities as well. Pitiful.
  • McCoy needs to learn he can’t lob the ball on the screen play. It’s all about timing and misdirection, by lobbing the ball in there you give the defense time to get there.
  • The Horns run the ball well to start the drive and then go to the pass again. Why give up on the run when it’s working so well? This is only an 11 point game.
  • Two more good runs and then we go with an empty backfield on first down. Ugh.
  • Another blatant pass interference goes uncalled. The DB was there early and the refs let it go.
  • There’s the crossing route I called for earlier. When you protect McCoy that’s such an easy play and can be a big one when you’ve got playmakers.
  • And the Texas coaching staff listens to me again as they roll the pocket and McCoy has all day to throw. He waits and waits and finds Sweed open for the touchdown. Probably could’ve run for 10 yards too.
Baylor 17, Texas 35
  • Texas defense does a good job on the first play as the Horns get pressure with only four rushers.
  • Yikes Bobino has to cover a WR on third and long because of a blitz. If you do that you better get to the QB in a real hurry.
  • Couldn’t really see anything on that replay but that wasn’t pass interference. Looked like Beasley forced the WR out of bounds before the ball was in the air.
  • Baylor might want to block the DT instead of letting him untouched in there for a big sack. Two lineman picked up Bobino on the blitz.
  • I love the four DE look when it’s a sure passing situation. Crowder and Brian Orakpo at the ends and Robison and Aaron Lewis rushing on the inside. Both Robison and Lewis have the size and strength to do well on the inside.
  • That may be a catch and a fumble by Finley. If that’s reviewed Texas could get the ball right there since the whistle blew. Nice play call to get him open down the middle of the field.
  • The announcer keeps calling him McColt. That’s incredibly annoying.
  • Pittman breaks a tackle and takes it to the barn! Short out route where Pittman makes a good catch and then runs 62 yards for a TD.
Baylor 17, Texas 42
  • Undisciplined defense on two plays in a row results in a quick score for the Bears. Baylor RB goes up the middle almost untouched for 56 yards.
Baylor 24, Texas 42
Fourth Quarter
  • The Smithson Valley coach Larry Hill is a bit of a jerk. Good coach, but a jerk.
  • McCoy gets bailed out by a really bad late hit on a ball he threw right to the Baylor defender. Dumb penalty.
  • Finley didn’t catch that one but I’m loving the fact we’re calling plays for him. He made a great effort and almost came down with it.
  • Hmmm… I wonder if that TBS poll was unbiased? 80% of the viewers think Texas will return to the BCS National Title game. I’m guessing that means about 79% of the viewers are Texas fans.
  • Auburn is up over Florida by 1 in the middle of the 3rd and Penn State is within 7 of Michigan to start the second half. Go Tigers and go Nittany Lions!
  • Great job by Sweed on the deep route that was underthrown by McCoy. Don’t know if it was intentional or not but that was a perfect spot for the pass as Sweed puts on the breaks as the DB CJ Wilson flies by and then Sweed strolls in for the TD.
Baylor 24, Texas 49
  • Colt McCoy now owns the Texas record for most touchdown passes in a game. The TD to Sweed was his sixth of the football game. He can think the defense’s spotty play for the opportunity to keep throwing the ball late into the game.
  • Another sack and forced fumble by Tim Crowder and Robert Killebrew picks it up for the score. Touchdown Texas and the second one for the Texas defense in the game.
  • The ball was coming loose before his knee hit. That’s a fumble. Probably a play that did need to be reviewed though. And the refs agree.
Baylor 24, Texas 56
  • Matt Melton was about half a step away from his second TD of the game. Baylor fumbles the kickoff return and Melton takes it down to about the 7 before being tripped up.
  • All the backups are in including Jevan Snead and Henry Melton. Melton takes two straight handoffs and punches it in for the score. It was all Meltons on that drive.
Baylor 24, Texas 63
  • Backups on defense too. Sergio Kindle sighting. Kid can fly to the football. He’s gonna be a good one.
  • Freshman safety Robert Joseph looked like he got a stinger in his shoulder. Didn’t move it after the hit but was moving okay as he ran off the field.
  • Let’s see if the backups can’t keep the Bears out of the end zone here as the clock winds down.
  • The refs gave that one to Baylor as the guy was down at the 1 and they don’t review it either. Not a big deal but sometimes it’s good for those young guys to get a stop at the end.
Baylor 31, Texas 63 (Final)

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