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I’m not even watching TBS yet, USC is about to get upset by Oregon State with seven seconds to go after the Beavers stop Booty and the Trojans on a two-point conversion. That would of course be huge for the Longhorns as a loss would likely drop USC well behind Texas in the human polls and behind them in the BCS as well. Definitely a big help since Nebraska getting spanked by Oklahoma State today probably going to hurt the strength of schedule.

As for this game, Texas is on the road for the second straight week against a tough opponent in [tag]Texas Tech[/tag]. Last week the Longhorns were solid but inconsistent. The offense has to punch the ball into the end zone and the defense has to stop the big play. Can the banged up Texas defense stop the Red Raiders offense? Should be a good game, hopefully Texas plays four strong quarters and wins in solid fashion.

First Quarter
  • Scott Derry and Robert Killebrew both on the sideline early in a passing situation. Drew Kelson in at linebacker.
  • Defensive end misses a chance at a sack. Can’t let Graham Harrell step away like that and give him a chance to throw.
  • Red Raiders holding like crazy already. Got called for it on one play but getting away with it on the inside.
  • Mike Leach goes for it on 4th down and the Texas defense doesn’t make them pay. Gives Harrell all day to throw and he completes a long pass.
  • Tech RB takes a screen pass and there’s nobody around. Easy drive and easy TD for Tech.
Texas 0, Texas Tech 7
  • Texas offense has to respond and put together a solid drive. Get some points and give Gene Chizik some time to figure out what the hell to do the next time Tech has the ball.
  • A couple of good solid passing plays for the Texas offense to get started. Don’t forget about the running backs.
  • First running play is the GT counter and Selvin Young has to try to bounce it wide. Nothing there.
  • Colt McCoy really does throw the ball well when he’s moving around. Looks like Greg Davis knows that as he’s had a designed roll out or two already.
  • Couple of actual zone read plays and looked like McCoy had room to keep it both times.
  • Terrible call by the refs as none of them actually saw a fumble. Looked like Charles was clearly down. Then he recovered the ball himself while he was down again. Bad call.
  • How the hell does the replay booth not freaking replay that. I say it every week, but man is replay on college football the most worthless thing of all time.
  • Bad call. None of the refs actually called it a fumble till 20 seconds after the play. Charles recovered it himself, had control, and was down. Certainly close enough to review without forcing Mack Brown to call for the replay. Terrible job as usual.
  • Texas defense blitzing guys and not getting any pressure at all.
  • On the scoring play it looked like we sent about 7 guys after the QB and none of them got within 5 yards of him. Easy touchdown pass.
Texas 0, Texas Tech 14
  • Good drive before the “fumble” last series. Offense can’t panic. Put together solid drives and see if the defense can pull their heads out.
  • 3rd and 2 and we freaking throw the football. Get under center and run it down their damn throats.
  • Crap. Cheap shot on Mike Griffin and now we’re another damn player short in the secondary.
  • Griffin back in there. “How did Harrell get that pass off?” Because the officials don’t know how to freaking call holding. You can’t grab a guy’s jersey and hang on when he’s rushing the QB.
  • Ball clearly came loose. What the hell is wrong with the announcers? Pretty close play needing review of whether he had possession.
  • He bobbled the ball and never really had possession. Not sure they got the call right, but it was close. I like that all the replay guys are like 80 years old.
  • Announcers are making themselves look worse and worse. First they couldn’t see anything that happened and wanted to know why there was a review. Then they thought it was clearly a fumble. Every time you watched another replay you saw something new, so clearly there was nothing clear about it.
  • McCoy throws it right to Tech for a pick 6. Right freaking to him.
Texas 0, Texas Tech 21
  • Plenty of time left still against this defense. Let’s get 10 – 14 back before the half and then win the damn game in the second half.

Second Quarter

  • Big 3rd down conversion to start the quarter. Wasn’t an overly pretty play.
  • Good 10+ yard scramble by McCoy but it looks like he’s a little antsy back there now. We need to roll him out some more so he’s more comfortable and doesn’t have all these guys in his face.
  • First good run. Same play we’ve been running (not that the TBS guys noticed) but this time Charles hit the whole a lot quicker and didn’t run sideways.
  • Good play action boot but Sweed drops his second pass of the game. McCoy put the ball in there nicely but the Horns are now in a 3rd down.
  • Touchdown Nate Jones!! Wide open in end zone and McCoy puts in right in there. Whew. Good play calling by Davis.
Texas 7, Texas Tech 21
  • Now the defense needs to step up. How bout a 3 and out??
  • Announcers still harping on that replay call despite the fact that they immediately scored on a turnover afterwards and it had no impact.
  • Nevermind that 3 and out. Another big pass play for Tech with bad coverage and bad tackling.
  • No pressure on the QB and bad coverage again. Texas defense is looking terrible. Some sort of adjustment needs to be made and it needs to be made soon.
  • 3rd down and short run makes me think Leach is going for it on 4th. Watch the fake field goal.
Texas 7, Texas Tech 24
  • Horns catch a break as Tech only kicks a field goal. Starting to be a little more pressure on the offense since the defense hasn’t shown any ability to stop the Tech offense.
  • Run that play to the wide side and maybe Billy Pittman can turn it into a big play.
  • Someone needs to let Roy Williams know that that is one ugly Longhorn cap. It’s green and for some reason has a four leaf clover on the back. Nice to see him at the game though.
  • Jamaal Charles looking good again on this drive so far.
  • Not a bad pass, Pittman has to pull that one in.
  • Looked like a pretty obvious screen call to me but luckily the Tech defense didn’t see it coming. Long play to Jermichael Finley.
  • Great play to Jordan Shipley! Touchdown Texas on a great route and catch by Shipley. Got to give Greg Davis credit for that series, several great play calls. I love seeing McCoy under center and bootlegging. Use that great run threat to open up the pass.
Texas 14, Texas Tech 24
  • Every time Tech throws the ball they’ve got guys open and every completion seems to also have a missed tackle. Man could we use a turnover right here.
  • [tag]Rashad Bobino[/tag] is down, the last thing we need is another defensive injury.
  • Ha… Bobino was just faking because he lost a shoe. Smart play.
  • Turnover!! Aaron Ross grabs it out of midair and now Texas is in business with 2:36 to go in the half.
  • Touchdown Limas Sweed!! Texas goes for the bomb on the first play after the turnover (just like last week) and McCoy hits Sweed in stride with a beautiful pass.
Texas 21, Texas Tech 24
  • I think Chykie Brown is redshirting but man is he fired up on the sideline. Just screaming with/at Sweed after the TD.
  • Texas has to make stop. Can’t let Tech get points before the half.
  • At this point I’m just hoping Tech runs out of time because I don’t know if they can make the stop.
  • That’s a weak call. Looked like Ross maybe barely made contact on a terribly thrown ball. Refs bailed out Tech there.
  • Brandon Foster was the corner in coverage but that play was Mike Griffin’s fault. Safety has to get over and help out his corner on that play.
  • Somehow 8 seconds went off the clock after the TD. Horns will probably take a knee and go to halftime.
Texas 21, Texas Tech 31
  • Not sure what the point of those two plays was. I understand the first one, but if you’re going to hurry and get off a second play before the half you might as well just go deep and take your chances.
Third Quarter
  • I can hear the Tech bell ringer.
  • Not a good start to the half, 3 and out from the offense. Let’s see if the defense has made any adjustments.
  • Pressure from Tim Crowder, must’ve been a screen play because that’s the only time we’ve gotten to him.
  • Finally a sack! Texas only brings four but two or three of them got to Harrell on 3rd and long for the huge sack. Good job by the defense and now the offense should get the ball back with decent field position.
  • Crap. Long (in duration) punt return by Aaron Ross but they make a pretty weak call and call holding and the some of those yards will come back. Happened near the end of the run though so should still be out on the 30 or so.
  • I-formation and play action pass gives McCoy time to find Finley for a good first down.
  • McCoy is sneaky fast. I worry a little when he runs because he fights for yards and I worry he’ll get hit late and lose the football.
  • Love the offensive play calling again. Mixing up runs and throws as well as I-form and 5-wide gun on back to back plays.
  • Important 3rd down here. We need six.
  • Was that Vince Young out there??? McCoy with a fantastic scramble for the touchdown.
  • Wait a sec… McCoy stepped out about the 2 or so. Looks like the ball is at the 1 though when he stepped out. TBS announcers missed it again and were shocked/pissed that they’d dare stop for the replay.
  • If they reverse this, get in the jumbo set and run it down their throats four times in you have to.
  • Holy cow I can’t believe we got that back. McCoy fumbled the football on the QB sneak but Horns catch a break and get it back.
  • Selvin Young over the top for the TD. Ouch. He went up in there to get in and looked like he landed hard on his head.
Texas 28, Texas Tech 31
  • Man I hate playing on TBS. Just bad mojo. I thought it was going to be cool since they said there would be “limited commercial interruption” but it sounds like they’ll take just as many breaks. Instead of commercials we’ll just get to see the announcers chilling during the TV timeouts.
  • Defense should be well rested.
  • Mike Griffin just got ran over by a WR. We’re not tackling well tonight at all. The coverage issues aren’t a huge surprise, but I thought we’d tackle better.
  • 4th down Mike… punt it damnit. Watch the fake.
  • Three point game… let’s go offense.
  • My guess on the AFLAC trivia question is Wes Welker.
  • I-form running game looking better. Charles looks real good and he actually is running down the field instead of sideways.
  • Play action passes and bootlegs should be good thanks to the running game.
  • 4th and inches. Go for it. Whoa they call it a first without a measurement. Yellow line must’ve been off. Wait… here comes a replay.
  • TBS announcers again looking incompetent. Looked like Young was half a yard short and the spot gave him an easy first down. Hopefully the replay is inconclusive but I thought it was definitely a generous spot.
  • Great job by the offensive line and McCoy sneaks for the first down on 4th and short.
  • First dumb play on the option I’ve seen from McCoy this year. He got tripped by a d-lineman he didn’t see coming and made a dumb pitch.
  • Shoot. Selvin Young drops the ball and Tech recovers. Looked like Texas was going in for the go ahead score too. Crap.
  • Defense needs to come through again and pick up the offense. Let’s go D.
  • Mike Griffin had a chance to make a pick but had to just knock it down because the Tech WR was coming at him.
  • You’ve got Tech backed up in 2nd and long. No big plays. Force the punt.
  • Great play by Ross and Tech is going to have to punt.
  • Oh my gosh!! That’s a freaking penalty. Ross fair catches the punt and the Tech defender runs up and hits him. How in the world do you not call that??
  • After gashing Tech in the I-formation we’ve gone away from it. Right before the fumble on the last series we switched to the gun and we stayed in it to start this drive.
Fourth Quarter
  • Ahhh! Sweed was wide open but McCoy missed him. Again out of the gun. Hmm…
  • Texas is bailed out by the personal foul face mask call. In good shape now. Let’s go score dangit.
  • 3rd and 4. Let’s get under center and try to run for it twice. Too far for a field goal so let’s get those four yards right up the gut.
  • Texas Tech’s little foam guns actually look more like little foam gas pump handles.
  • Great throw by McCoy and Quan Cosby takes it for an easy 6. Touchdown Texas. Great play call again as they roll McCoy left and he hits Cosby square. I bet Tech didn’t expect that one.
Texas 35, Texas Tech 31
  • Great kick coverage but Texas was offsides. A little breeze at Hunter Lawrence’s back let’s see if he can put it into the end zone.
  • Incredible holding. Geez. Looked like two or three guys were being grabbed pretty bad.
  • Interception by Ryan Palmer. Good coverage and then a good catch as well. Smart play by Mike Griffin to not try to block the guy it probably would’ve been a penalty. Good return and good field position for the offense.
  • Looked like Sweed should’ve made a break on that ball.
  • Texas in 3rd and long now. Big play.
  • Great job by McCoy to scramble and make a play but Jermichael Finley can’t hold onto it. Big guy almost had it for a huge play. No yards for the offense after the turnover but at least they turned around the field position battle.
  • Too much time for Harrell to throw.
  • Finally some pressure but Harrell finds a guy wide open and they convert for the first down.
  • TBS announcers finally noticed a holding. They’re doing every play guys.
  • Huge 3rd down for the defense. Tech takes a delay of game. Now a little longer 3rd down.
  • Finally a holding call. I’d been tempted to decline it and force 4th and 15. And we do decline it after all. HUGE FOURTH DOWN!!
  • He’s short!! Come on replay booth. Of course the TBS guys now think it’s a good thing that they’re reviewing it. Whew. Huge replay call now.
  • Craig Sager made up that entire story. No other official came running over. And the guys on the field can’t call for a replay, only the booth can.
  • Texas football!! Let’s go offense. Don’t get too conservative… we need another touchdown.
  • Let’s go o-line. Big boy time.
  • Son of a b*&@$!! Charles fumbled it again. Let’s go defense. Pick us up.
  • Shades of Matt Leinart and the Rose Bowl!! Harrell sneaks and didn’t make it. No way he got the first down.
  • Tech is challenging the call. If anything they got a fortuitous spot and the ball should’ve been even further back.
  • Replay booth confirms the call, first down Texas.
  • We need a first down here guys. Hold onto the football Selvin. (Notice Charles isn’t in there.)
  • Yikes Selvin almost fumbled that football. Wow.
  • 3 and a half minutes guys. Let’s go.
  • Not a good decision by McCoy but he gets bailed out by the pass interference call. He should’ve found someone short or kept it himself on that one. 2:26 to go and Texas is at the 46.
  • 1:31 to go and Tech uses their last timeout. 3rd and 5. What do you do? Run or pass? Same situation as Nebraska was in last week.
  • Stop talking about comebacks. The game isn’t over yet damnit.
  • What a run by McCoy. Third and 5 and he bolts for 30+ yards. Real smart job at the end too to just fall down in bounds and keep the clock running. Colt McCoy for Heisman!
  • Two kneel downs and Texas wins.
  • Man Colt looks exhausted physically and emotionally. He just made it sound like that 3rd down was a called run for him.
  • I hate TBS and Mack Brown does too.

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    Could an announcer hate Texas any more? God they sucked………..

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