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Texas Tech crying babyWhat is apparently a very nearsighted Texas Tech fan has created two videos as “evidence” that Texas Tech lost the game to Texas last week because of the officials. The narration is hilarious as the guy has very little grasp on the NCAA rule book and half the things he thinks are penalties are perfectly legal plays. Pretty funny stuff. I like how he says “clearly” every three seconds despite the video rarely backing up what he’s saying. The conspiracy theory at the very end is hilarious.

Obviously not every call was correct but anyone who actually watched the game saw that it was an evenly called game. You could show a replay of every single play in a college football game and find something somewhere. I could make a video of the fact that Texas Tech held on every play or the several times the Texas receivers were hit early, but then I’d be as dumb as this guy. The biggest thing he needs to learns that the fact that the TBS announcers agree with you is usually a sign you’re really wrong. Those guys were terrible all night.

Check out the videos (found thanks to the Wiz) and a few responses from me after the jump. Videos removed by YouTube because they don’t like it when people actually like their site.

Pass interference: He keeps talking about whether the ball was catchable, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not pass interference. Michael Griffin hits the Tech WR just at the same time the ball passes over him, meaning it’s not early and not a penalty. I don’t know what “the pass is clearly thrown in the direction of the receiver” has to do with anything. I’m not sure what he thinks these replays prove.

Unnecessary roughness: Just because the punt returner didn’t signal fair catch doesn’t mean he can nail a guy. You don’t expect a punt returner to hit you while you’re waiting for him to catch the ball. The football was 20 yards away and the hit was completely unnecessary… you know the exact definition of “unnecessary roughness.”

Holding: Holding? Are you freaking kidding me? Wow. I could make a video that showed every single Tech play and show blatant and uncalled holding on every one of them. I really like the part where he says “the left guard number 64 proceeds to put his hand on the defenders back thus warranting a holding call.” What rule book does this guy have? How embarrassing.

Face mask: Half the fouls he thinks Texas should be called for involve a Texas player just touching a Tech player’s face mask or maybe a hand on the shoulder. There were a coupld of 15 yarders that probably should’ve been 5 yard penalties though.

Couple of thoughts on this one… near the end of the video on the pass interference call just because he’s in position to make a play doesn’t mean he can use his body to knock a guy out of the way. The WR (Billy Pittman) is trying to make a catch and the Tech DB bumps him out of the way, which is the definition of pass interference.

My favorite part of the whole thing is that he somehow concludes that the USC loss to Oregon State is the reason for the difference in penalties called on each team in the second half. Despite the fact that USC lost before the game had even started and the penalties were even in the first half. Why didn’t the refs conspire to screw Tech earlier in the game? One of the dumber things I’ve ever heard.

Update: The TBS announcers issued a mea culpa on the controversial incomplete pass call that came from the replay booth. The Big 12 officials explained that the receiver must hold onto the ball all the way down to the ground for it to be a completed pass. Just one of the many calls the refs got right that Tech fans and the TBS announcers were wrong about. (11/4/2006)


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    They are really passionate about this whole Big 12 conspiracy. All over the web OU and Tech fans are talking about leaving the Big 12 to go to the Big East to excape the TX conspiracy. After last night, I wonder if they still think it’s a good idea, as if it ever was…

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    This video is no longer available.

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    Damnit YouTube sucks lately, they’re removing pretty much any reason for people to go there.

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    thank you for your definition. btw, i have more than 1600 entries imported from blogger.

    i heart u.t.

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